At the same time reached a finger smile to ask
"Do you know Zhou Jia?"
"A little heard" Zhou Jia never humbly pulled up a chair and sat down.
"The male nickname of Tsing Yi, Thousand Words Layman, is called" Mountain is in the air ",which is regarded as a unique skill in Shicheng"
"The purple girl was born in the Wangs, and the Wangs have long been ruined, but the jade dragon sword is extremely extraordinary."
"Both of them are famous top ten in Shicheng, and young talents are expected to be in the dark."
"Really good" Zhao Naxu nodded freely and asked.
"Do you think which of them is better?"
Zhou Jia drilling a sweep going way
"A thousand words lay stronger but will end in a tie."
"Oh!" Zhao Nan raises eyebrows.
"Wang Rongrong’s swordsmanship is outstanding, and the Yulong sword in his palm is a black iron xuanbing, but it is obviously less than fighting and can’t grasp the opportunity." Zhou Jia said indifferently.
"Besides, when her root-repairing skill is not strong enough to run swordsmanship, her breath will be blocked for a moment, and swordsmanship will also show flaws."
"A thousand words of laymen show flaws, but they show mercy several times. Plus, some people say that his temperament is sincere. It should not be smeared in public by Wang Rongrong, and the final draw will end."
The two speakers raised their hands and collided with each other, flying and falling lightly.
"Miss Wang’s swordsmanship has won the praise of a small student".
"This game is not as good as a draw?"
"…" Wang Rongrong show some unwilling but know that they are not sure to win continue to fight will fold his face only the cold face nodded.
"All right!"
"We’re tied."
"Pa … pa …"
Lou Zhao Nanxu tapped his hands with admiration.
"Good eye!"
She can also see who is strong and who is weak in her cultivation and realm, but it is impossible to see it in vain like Zhou Jia.
This cultivation and strength are in the realm of martial arts.
Very significant
Zhou Jia’s perception of martial arts is by no means general.
A few months ago, Zhou Jia couldn’t tell the difference, and he couldn’t understand the specific details by analyzing the probability of winning or losing from experience.
After understanding the method several times by Tian Huixing, he realized all the martial arts and the general principles of one law. Although he did not increase his eyesight, he made rapid progress.
Just as once the Yanfa master himself was only a black iron, but even the silver strong should call his teacher.
But we should also remember the lessons of our predecessors.
Although the enlightenment and Tao fruit are good, they cannot be directly promoted to self-cultivation, just like the master of Yan Fa, although the martial arts realm is detached, it is not high.
Because of too much effort, I dragged down my physical life, but I died early at the age of 70.
Zhou Jia doesn’t want to end up like this.
Self-cultivation is the root.
"I don’t know which friend is willing to teach you a thing or two in Tong Guan?"
Another person in the speaker’s courtyard jumped out of this person’s short stature with a large meteor hammer in his forehead.
"I’ll do it!"
One man rushed out with a stick without saying anything about swinging the stick to cover it.
Today, the monarch knows that it is also good for everyone to show her familiarity. At one time, the two of them fought wonderfully in their respective exhibitions.
"Children’s Meteor Hammer Eleven-way Qingtian Stick" Zhou Jia’s eyes flashed, and the changes of the two moves naturally emerged in his mind.
"The meteor hammer combines rigidity and softness. Two heavy hammers attack far and defend near. The hammer head has spikes of hundreds of pounds, and it can’t stop the power when waving."
"The giant stick, also known as the life-and-death stick, is three inches long and seven feet long, and the opportunity to fight back with life and death is exquisite."
Praise him lightly.
"Life and death are neck and neck, which means that they have a better chance of winning than Wudang Meteor Hammer, but the Qingtian Stick has a deep foundation and it is easier to achieve black iron."