Boom a steel gate again.
The steel door is not like a village not far from grass. Once it is connected, you can continue to go to the steel door. It is necessary to continue to consume energy and not be self-sufficient
In fact, manor connection actually needs to consume time and blood, but someone with deep pockets doesn’t care.
Moreover, the steel door is not very intelligent in filtering effect, and it is impossible to distinguish between enemies and friends. If someone breaks into his factory, it will be bad, and it will be good at ordinary times.
With this steel door connection, White Wolf City is now a "branch factory" of his volcano factory.
This also means that the volcano factory has an entrance on the earth, but it can be directly brushed on the earth without going through the manor.
The steel door was fixed, and a Nathanian reported to Lao Bang, "My Lord, the carrier of Lord Olion is coming soon."
"This is it? Great! Great! Get ready! " Lao Bang licked his lips excitedly and rushed out.
Being a mechanical controller, he is full of curiosity about all kinds of engineering creations on the earth.
Although the earth’s scientific and technological route is completely different from the exile era and the industrial parties, the earth is not short of huge creations
And the aircraft carrier is almost the largest machine ever built by human beings.
How can you not be excited to see this thing with your own eyes or even repair it yourself?
Of course, for Nut State, this aircraft carrier is their most advanced and secret, and not everyone can access it.
Nut state agreed on the one hand, there is no way-the whole aircraft carrier has been sailing in France and may sink directly into the sea. It is better to please a prophet. After all, the combat effectiveness of the prophet is really amazing
On the other hand, because the west coast of Nut State is also hit by waves, almost no dock can accommodate it. Moreover, among the more than ten major arms dealers in White Wolf City, there is this aircraft carrier manufacturer who wants to control the situation urgently, and this is also a very good choice.
Old boom rushed out, and a Nathanian immediately reported, "My Lord’s dock is ready!"
"Good start dock!" With a loud bang, I saw four cylindrical objects being opened.
There was a buzz, and four lights shone directly into the sky, which spread like ripples in the sky to form a huge circular hole.
At the same time, the devout believers outside the white wolf city were curious, and the tourists suddenly felt that it was dark at the moment. They consciously looked up and saw an amazing scene in the sky.
At this moment, the clouds are drooping, and a monster more than 300 meters long is sticking its head out of the white clouds.
"What’s that? !”
"Oh, my God … is that an aircraft carrier?"
"Is this Lord Olion’s car?"
"Oh, my God … this is a miracle!"
Several believers and tourists knelt down and prayed devoutly.
They have already seen the video of the battle between Olion and Indigo (Emperor Yi), but they can never feel the shock on the screen.
But they soon became agitated because the huge aircraft carrier was slowly coming down from it, which seemed to crush them in a second.
"No … no!"
Some devout believers are still kneeling in the ground and mumbling prayers. They don’t believe that their prophets will crush them.
The aircraft carrier is getting closer and closer to the ground, and it is gradually less than 2 meters.
Some unconvinced believers also got up and fled desperately. After all, it was terrible for an aircraft carrier to ride on its face!
Just then, I heard a buzz, and a luminous ring with a diameter of several hundred meters suddenly appeared in the sky.