The archduke took the letter and read it and handed it directly to Goethe.
It says-
Rebel leader Yin Nuosi announced that thousands of people in two mines were unfaithful to her father, and they were going to execute more than 1,000 workers and miners at sunrise.
Goethe frowned at the latest news brought by Xinying.
Although I don’t understand the army, what does the other party want?
Goethe is know.
According to the letter, it is not difficult to guess!
The other side announced the execution of thousands of people so aboveboard, just to attract their support soldiers’ attention to those two mines, and then the other side will seize the opportunity to seek the’ Snow Ridge City’, the largest town in Svetla!
Just talking to Gejil, Goethe already knew that unlike the second largest city in Jianping, Snowfield City, Snow Ridge City is to build mountains.
Not only is it easy to defend but it is difficult to attack, but it is also well prepared to form a tug-of-war with Kejia when the other party occupies Xueling City.
Even dragged the gram family into the quagmire!
You know, the gram family is now fighting on all sides!
Bear castle!
Svetla collar!
Apart from the absolute advantage of the battlefield in Harrist, the northern territory, Svetla is slightly dominant, while the remaining two places are not dominant, especially the’ border battlefield’, which is in an absolute wind
Once there is a "decline" in Xiongbao, Svetla and Harriet, then the "border battlefield" may have a chain reaction and collapse
Goethe licked his dry lips.
At the moment, he went to the border, Bear Castle and Harrist.
What he can do now is to quell the rebellion in Svetla as quickly as possible.
"Is there any news of’ Xueyuan City’?"
Goethe inquired.
"Yin Nuosi completely blocked the news of’ Xueyuan City’"
"This woman is as bold as ever!"
Gejil evaluated the cold mountain in each other’s eyes.
Goethe frowned.
I am very curious about how Yin Nuosi occupied Goethe, the’ Snowfield City’.
Although’ Xueyuan City’ is a small town with a population of less than half of Rust, there should be soldiers, militiamen, etc., but there are also two permanent extraordinary people. Even if it is raided, it is impossible to send no news.
Unless …
The other party took control of’ Xueyuan City’ in an instant.
But it’s impossible!
Even with the help of Tesin’s royal family, it is impossible to have too many people without being discovered in the north. The biggest possibility is that there are a small number of elites and a certain number of soldiers with fewer extraordinary people.
Only these people can launch a surprise attack on the’ Snowfield City’, relying on the superiority of the transcendent to take the’ Snowfield City’ by surprise, but it is impossible to block the whole’ Snowfield City’
Throw this impossible
There is one left in eucalyptus.
Inside and outside!
Xueyuan City has the other party’s response!
Goethe looked at Gejil at the thought of this.
The archduke three also happened to cast a look.
"The consul, tax collector and sheriff of’ Xueyuan City’ are all fathers and adults. It took more than two years for Svetla to become the direct leader of the Kejia family before he was sent to assist in governance."
"The two resident extraordinary people are even more selected from the guard-the father’s adult guard is cultivated from an early age and it is even more impossible to betray."
"There is only one left …"
"Ken Diels!"
Gergil gave a name that was strange to Goethe.
Ken Diels’s guardian knight of the Yinuosi family is a noble and more loyal gentleman. After the engagement accident, this guardian knight is willing to give his life to compensate for the humiliation of the Kejia family and ask his father to let Yinuosi go.
"Even when the father’s adult said that he was not willing to forgive Inos for cheating, the guardian knight cut off an arm to apologize."
"After Yin Nuosi disappeared, the guardian knight lived in’ Xueyuan City’ and stayed at home."
"If Yin Nuo silk inside, the guardian knight is the first choice-when the other person’s name can be the shortest, gather a wave of Svetla-led veterans in Xueyuan City and …"
"He is a swordsman."
Dagong San stressed