The biggest disadvantage of this seal array is that once a large number of ghost red ants attack the array, it will detonate and then the seal will be lifted.
When sealing the array, the crack will bring a strong sense of crisis, and the array will be limited to enlarge, which will naturally discourage the red ants with ghost stripes
The wizards rushed to a region after sealing the array.
Ten wagons full of sulfur powder drove into the camp of Dark Worm Valley.
The sulfur was originally used to make black powder. The man riding the wagon was a young villager in Wall-Gilte, who was sent to the Bailin plane by the old village chief Brett.
I’ve seen a lot of novelty along the way that I’ve never seen before.
It was the first time that he knew that the world could be divided into several lands.
According to Uncle Brett’s request, he will send sulfur powder to Lord Surdak’s barracks, which is considered complete. When he entered the barracks with the motorcade, he found that this barracks was ten times smaller than Bivol Village, and even the tent mushroom trees in the barracks were very neat.
Pairs of soldiers marched out of the barracks, stepping on the snow and heading for the forest covered with huge mushroom.
Gilte had fantasized that he would be able to meet his friends in the village when he got to the military camp, but now his illusions are gradually disillusioned. This camp is really too big.
He looked at the soldiers going in and out of the barracks, and some of them envied them in their hearts. When they passed by the training ground in heavy armored carriages, they really wanted to jump out of the car and see how sharp the spears were. When the carriage passed by a drying yard in the barracks, they saw the clothesline with bandages and white sheets. Gilte swallowed his mouth and lowered his head …
Stopped in front of the motorcade, Gilte hurriedly jumped into the truck and walked quickly to the front to take out the voucher brought out of Walvillage from his pocket.
Finally, when the truck carrying sulfur powder arrived at the barracks, it took Suldak more than a month to send the news back to Woer Village through pustule Mountain.
Surdak looked at the young man jumping out of the truck and looked familiar, but he couldn’t shout his name.
"His name is Gilte," Selena Surdak woke up.
Surdak just strode, and Gilte patted him on the shoulder when he was slightly stunned. He was very familiar with him and said, "Uncle Gilte Brett asked you to ride the car to send these sulfur. Is there anything for you to bring me?"
Without thinking about it, Gilte replied, "Uncle Brett said that the continuous reduction of sulfur mines now allows you to save some sulfur powder …"
"Is everything all right in the village?"
Although I know the recent situation in Wall Village, Surdak still has to bite the bullet and ask.
Gilte said to Surdak with a face of worship, "Half of the villagers in our village didn’t carry out the winter village entrance market this winter. It’s too busy to buy everything, and everyone has a little money in their hands to live a very moist life …"
Hearing Gilte’s introduction, Surdak kept nodding his head and seemed to be in a good mood.
However, Surdak didn’t stay here too long before he was shouted away by two commanders.
Then a few officers who came out of the barren land took the initiative to come and greet Gilte in succession.
Although everyone in the village is not so familiar with each other at ordinary times, it will be more cordial to hear that there is something in the wilderness when you get to the battlefield.
Everyone chatted with Gilte for a while and heard that the family was doing well. This group of people suddenly felt much happier.
When this batch of sulfur powder was handed over to the warehouse keeper in the military camp, everyone surrounded Gilte, leaving the material warehouse, taking him to eat in the camp canteen first, and then taking him back to the military camp tent to prepare him for a good night’s rest in the military camp.
After everything is settled, everyone will sit together and chat.
"Gilte, are you going back to Wall Village this time?" A barren officer asked.
Gilte looked around and replied, "Of course, Brother Surdak also asked me to bring a batch of materials back."
One officer immediately came out and corrected, "Hey, Gilte, you have to call him the Earl."
Look at the deep expressions of those officers around you. Gilte nodded and said, "Got it!"
Gilte smiled again and said to everyone, "By the way, I also saw Selena."
The officers almost got up at the same time and solemnly corrected, "You’d better not call her by her first name after Gilte. You can call her Priest Selena."
“? ? ?”
Gilte looked at this group of fellow villagers with a puzzled face. He was a little puzzled about how Selena became a priest …
Bags of sulfur mixed with charcoal are filled into the hole of the ant nest, and then a large number of dead branches are thrown into it until the hole is completely filled with dead branches and rotten leaves. Then those dead branches are drenched with some kerosene, and the torches in their hands are conveniently put into the entrance of the ant nest. After the dead branches stained with some kerosene are ignited, someone takes the opportunity to throw a metal plate of wind protection runes into it, and then the hole is reburied by frozen soil.
Thick pungent smoke kept coming out along the cracks in the frozen soil until these heavily armored infantry soldiers buried a small mound at the entrance of the ant nest, so as to completely seal the pungent smoke inside.
Just now, these ant nests filled with sulfur powder have not moved.
At night, I feel that the whole valley is shaking violently …
Chapter 1296 Night Killing
The huge body of the ghost-striped male ant breaks through the hard rock and drills out the snow-covered ground. Many sharp teeth have cracked due to forced excavation of the hard rock. The dark hard armor surface is also full of depressions and scratches. They are half exposed to the ground, and thick pungent smoke emerges from the cracks between their bodies and rocks.
Some ghost-striped male ants broke through the ground directly from the roots of huge mushroom, and the top was covered with a lot of snow. huge mushroom lost the support of these rock formations and became crumbling. In the middle, several huge ice cubes fell, and some huge mushroom even fell.
Follow that ghost-tattooed soldiers, they stagger out of the nest. Some soldiers dragged him. After the worker ants curled up their bodies and rushed to the ground, they couldn’t wait to climb the umbrella cover in huge mushroom.
Hundreds of ghost-striped red ants crawled out of the nest.
On a snowy night, the whole dark insect valley was steaming and brown with smoke.
There is a rolling fog in the dark worm valley, which covers the whole land and hides some clouds from the moon.
Even those huge mushroom seem to want to raise the umbrella cover as high as possible. It seems that they can avoid these dense fog that seems to have life. These dense fog are too thick, and no matter whether human soldiers or ghost-striped red ants fall into it, they will soon be blocked from all perception.
Of course, there are also some soldiers who are just exceptions. A Lord Suldak probably dressed up knights to gallop freely in this fog. They can even avoid the horse pit hidden by snow.
Now this insect valley is full of ghost-patterned soldiers who are choked by smoke, and those soldiers who are as heavy as chariots. These soldiers are surrounded by males and quickly gather around them to form a ghost-patterned male ant center team.
But obviously, they are shielded from perception, shivering in the dark, losing the queen’s mental control, and these soldiers become at a loss.
And those ghost-tattooed males have become more violent in the fog. They drag this heavy body forward, and it doesn’t matter whether there is a ghost-tattooed soldier ant on the side of their legs. Anyway, they are trampled by one foot, that is, their bones are broken and their bodies are broken, and some acid and body fluids are released, and then they will die miserably.
Climbing out of the cave, the number of soldier ants gradually decreases, and those flying ants who can’t spread their wings dare to come out of the cave. Their size is about the same as that of worker ants. Because of a pair of insect wings, they have become extremely fast. Now they have been smoked in the stuffy ant cave for a long time, and some flying ants’ wings have been smoked a little. They barely spread their wings, stumbled and flew, and their dark red claws sneaked into some huge mushroom umbrellas. Obviously, their own perception was limited, which made them dare not fly at will.
Some ant hole seal arrays have also been constantly broken through, and more soldiers and workers have rushed out from the inside.
Obviously, those ghost-tattooed worker ants are at the bottom of the ant family. They are dragging their rickety bodies out of the thick smoke, and most of them have become dying.
As a large amount of pungent smoke filled the whole valley, the lords rushed out of the camp, and all the soldiers wore masks so that they would not inhale too much smoke and fall to the battlefield.
Union lords soldiers rushed into the battlefield, and the dark worm valley filled the world looking for ghost-striped red ants.
Lord Surdak’s army is divided into three teams, led by Andrew and Wolf Knight Tiger, and the cavalry in the cavalry camp are marching towards the east line. This cavalry is the strongest force of Lord Surdak’s army, and the knights’ fighters are raising their hands. The knight pike Andrew Wolf Knight Tiger’s blade refers to their charging direction.
Samira and Kerry Dacker, with 21 armed thunder rhinoceros and nearly 1,000 archers and 2,000 heavily armored infantry soldiers, formed a second team to March to the southeast. The main force of this crossbowman will be dispersed into 21 isolated islands and enter the battlefield. Forty-two bed crossbows will kill all ghost-patterned soldiers in the field of vision.
Surdak, Selena and Aphrodite led the 5,000 Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment to form the third team. They will March to the east-north direction. Although Surdak led the heavily armored infantry soldiers to resist the ghost-striped soldiers, they are now in extreme weather conditions and have been sealed into the ant nest by the Lord army and smoked into a semi-coma state. The most important thing is that Selena who can control the’ fog of war’ and Aphrodite who can master the’ sleeping cloud’ in the team.
The fog at night swallowed everything along the way.
There are constantly ghost-tattooed worker ants falling asleep in the smoke. Heavily armored infantry soldiers put heavy tower shields behind their backs, and put emphasis on swords in their hands. They cut the heads of all ghost-tattooed red ants to discuss life and death …
Mainly due to the heavy soldiers also can’t tell the difference between those lying ghost tattoo soldier ants whether they are completely dead or in a coma, so they simply slay all the red ants who meet ghost stripes again.