Many people say that Lanxi is a romantic country, and Liba, the capital of Lanxi, is a romantic capital.
In fact, there is shit all over the street, and there is a smell of urine everywhere. Pedestrians run red lights everywhere. Wanderers, drunks rob pits, abduct black brothers, rude tramps.
It is said that there is a survey that asked people to fill in your own favorite and most hated state. What are your favorite places? But the state that 4% people hate most is Lanxi.
Every place has its advantages and disadvantages, but there must be some reasons why people hate this state so much. Now Dad Zhuang is probably white.
Dad Zhuang stood by and looked at everything in sight.
Dad Zhuang is a sincere man, and he is a little ashamed of handing the official a bill directly.
Although this kind of thing doesn’t mean lifting a finger, how can you make money by saving lives?
But at the moment, he feels that he should have ordered more, and he regrets his hand just now.
It seems that not everyone in this world is worth saving.
The Lanxi state official said a few words beside him, but his voice and attitude gradually became arrogant, waving the bill in his hand, shaking his head and saying a few words, and handed it to a man behind him.
Then two policemen came over and clicked and handcuffed Dad Zhuang.
"What are you doing! This is that superhero who save you! He is not a crime! "
"We are all winemakers, you damn guys. I want my lawyer to sue you!"
"Damn you stay away from me get away from me! Don’t touch me, I am a guest of your business department! "
“shi! These damn Lanxi people will feed you foie gras when you are there, and shit when you are not! shi! shi!”
Although Dahu struggled desperately, he was handcuffed and then pushed by the police to the back seat of a police car.
A few reporters from Lanxi state are shooting this scene crazily. It is being broadcast live on various TV stations. I am afraid that there will be news that "the terrorist points from the state were taken away by the police" immediately.
"Zhuang these people have gone too far! I want to sue them! " Dahu roared angrily.
"Don’t worry, it will be fine." Dad Zhuang said.
"We want to escape later? Are we anti-heroes? " Hu’s eyes lit up at once.
In this commotion, no one noticed anything crawling in the ruins of the former collapsed warehouse.
Then "Hua" a few oak barrels rolled from the ruins, and a dizzy and wobbly figure emerged from the warehouse.
"Hey, hey!" The figure found a mess around and sent out an angry roar, grabbed an oak barrel next to it and threw it out.
"Boom" A news car was hit by an oak barrel and almost rolled over to the ground.
The loud noise attracted everyone’s attention and everyone turned to look.
The figure staggered out of the ruins and roared at all.
"There is still!" Hu was dumbfounded and suddenly laughed. "I know this guy is drunk and has been lying in the ruins just now!" I wake up now! "
As soon as the reporters were still shooting hard, some people leaned over to the drunken drudge.
Hammer a hammer to suddenly brains burst body fly out dozens of meters away.
Only then did other reporters and others present realize what had happened.
"There are terrorist points!"
"God help!"
"Where are the police?"
"Help, run, run!"
Officials also cried, "Soldiers, protect us! Soldiers! "