He probably got the most out of all the people present.
Well … these people will return to other bodies one day after upgrading to gain true spirit and skill.
And through this experiment, many things that he was not sure about before were proved …
Mainly due to the problem of making players more happy, Su Wei feels more experienced.
Cong don’t abandon and don’t worry about two people look at Feng Buping Feng Buping has moved the line of sight …
From the moment Feng Qingyang appeared, he had made up his mind to stay with the former Jian Zongqi.
He can also turn a blind eye to those two younger brothers.
Two people even dare not say more malicious words, pick up the brokeback and flee to the mountain in a hurry.
Until I escaped to the mountain.
Two people just breathe a sigh of relief gently know oneself this time is out of the jaws.
"I really don’t know where the Huashan Sect found this group of crazy brothers … one by one, they were so fierce that they were not afraid of death that they were killed by more than a dozen brothers. As a result, they didn’t have any feelings at all."
Cheng Bu was annoyed and said, "Hateful, is this the case?"
"Of course, we can’t just forget it."
Cong don’t abandon looking at his cut off arm coldly, "what are they going to kill Liu Bai? I’m not afraid that Lu Bai will send a message to Songshan … But now that Lu Bai is dead, we are still alive. Let’s go to Songshan and ask Brother Zuo to do justice for us! "
"Good idea! Go! "
The two men supported each other and walked up the mountain together.
After the mountain, I stepped into a secluded jungle according to my impression.
It’s walking.
Two people look weird … Strange mountain should have a village soon.
How did it become a secluded forest now?
Especially in this forest, there is a lot of light.
Pair of greedy eyes stare at them intensely.
Although they didn’t see a strong enemy, they were still uneasy and unconsciously ran to the distance regardless of their injuries.
In a moment, I have fled for dozens of miles, but I can go deeper and deeper. The jungle is getting more and more dense, and I can’t see any people.
Especially the more you run away, the more uneasy you feel.
Ear seems to hear the wind whisper more …
It seems that someone is whispering in his ear with a lot of salivating.
"Really … real …"
Two people can’t help shuddering at the same time.
Chapter 53 You should learn to be like krypton, right?
As the two people leave each other, they will never give up.
This disaster is completely over.
Feng Buping is still quite guilty … He came here to retake the head of Huashan.
At the beginning, Jian Zong did not know how many brothers died in the hands of Qi Zong, so he didn’t treat those Huashan brothers as one of his own. Liu Bai killed many Huashan brothers, and his heart was actually quite hearty.
But now he has become the elder of the sword Sect of Huashan School!
So I think of Huashan, and it’s hard to accumulate such a little money, but it’s lost in the hands of that Liu Bai he brought …
I blush at the thought of Feng Buping so much that I can’t find a hole to drill in.
And I am thinking of confessing to Su Wei.
He may not be angry with Su Wei’s status now, but since even Uncle Feng is willing to recognize this position, it can be seen that he must have his own uniqueness.
Feng Buping, who is not stupid, will not argue with him at this time.
But before he opened his mouth to speak, he suddenly found that several younger brothers came outside the hall one after another, and these younger brothers were familiar with each other.
It was the first time we met.
But when they dragged the bodies out skillfully, Feng Buping found something that he would feel familiar with.
These bodies look exactly like these activists …
A couple is ok, but all of them are exactly alike. Feng Buping is horrified.
Before ready to apologize, I suddenly got stuck in my mouth … I became faltering and afraid, and the Huashan Sect suddenly became haunted in his eyes.
The wind is clear and clear, and he sighed. This kind of scene is really not uncommon, but now it seems that he still has some discomfort.
Is it okay to clean up your own bones?
On the contrary, Yue Buqun has a natural face. He is used to it.
Wait until all the bodies are disposed of
Brothers gathered in the hall, and their faces were hard to hide their excitement …
Although many younger brothers died once because of their strength, the level is not too high now, and the loss is not too great once they die.