Xia Ying’s face, however, has no worries. The pure and abnormal face is still calm. It seems that there are no three attacks at all.
"Death" is when three people attack, a cold hum comes from behind them, and they are appalled, but they haven’t found anyone with a sword, and they have taken three people out of their arms from Liao.
Three blood arrows were splashed, and then three arms were thrown away. Zhongpeng, three people were each cut off with one arm, and their mouths were opened so painfully that the boss made a terrible cry.
Leng Yue didn’t stop. When the three people went backwards in pain, Leng Yue’s arm turned a sword and stabbed it straight out like a flash into Rizo’s mouth. Then he even stabbed two swords like a stunning speed, which made Wang Xuzhi and Peng Gen not respond and was stabbed in the mouth by a sword.
Almost at the same time, Rizo, Peng, and Wang Xuzhi’s eyes suddenly stared at each other and screamed, and their mouths quickly closed. The blood sprayed in their mouths was contained and did not flow out, and they retreated two steps. The three people looked painful and ferocious, and their heads fell to the ground and hit the ground, which immediately blew up the whole head.
"Kill him for me." Qi Zheng roared with anger.
A sudden explosion of the whole house stirred up a figure from the house maser and fell like a ghost in the house. Leng Yue stood opposite, and a group of people saw this man appear and immediately retreated to the back of the man.
"It’s great that the sword is brave at last."
"Brave boss killed his brothers for revenge."
The whole Gulai Empire may not be well-known, but the name of Gulai City is well-known. Among many powerful experts in Gulai City, his sword is among the best, and countless people have died of it, and it has been raised like a bodhisattva.
The family spared no expense to spend a large amount of money to cultivate things and martial arts constantly, so that the brave can practice with peace of mind. When a family encounters a strong enemy, the brave will make a move, and every move is a big victory, which leads to the strong family card. It is also a very important factor that the family can stand out from many family snobs.
"Xiao You Jian Ting" is brave and proud. In front of Leng Yue, like an elder to a younger generation, he holds a black iron knife. The long knife has not yet been drawn, but it has revealed a domineering sword that exudes the vigorous momentum of Wu Huang’s strong people. The spread of the compound has deterred a group of ordinary members from breathing difficulties and chest pain.
"Can" Leng Yue said lightly.
"Never give me a knife again." Brave sneer. "If you can pick me up three times, I’ll let you three go."
Leng Yue didn’t speak. The palm of his hand tightly held the sword blade and gently turned for half a circle. His eyes were cold and he stared at the valiant body, the sense system and the valiant momentum, but there was nothing strange at all.
Brave right arm holds the hilt of the darksteel knife like a flash, and the speed of holding the knife to the extreme is also domineering. However, before his knife is drawn, a sword awn has passed like a epiphyllum.
No one saw the situation clearly at that time. He just held his famous combat knife in his right hand, but a cold sword had already pierced his throat. He pulled out his knife and stopped abruptly, but he could never pull it out.
With many complicated eyes of horror, horror and surprise, he bravely kept his sword drawing posture and fell to the ground, bleeding like a spring.
At that moment, it seemed to be straight. Everyone felt that the picture in front of them suddenly solidified. The indifferent young man’s sword pierced through and kept his sword drawn. The brave throat picture was clearly branded. Everyone’s heart made people forget to breathe, and they stared at this incredible scene with their eyes wide open.
Gulai City’s famous sword is brave. Today, facing a young man who doesn’t know the origin of his sword, he doesn’t even have a chance to draw it. This incident has brought shock to everyone. Even seeing the head of the family strip in public is not so shocking.
Some people in the place are not stupefied, and no one dares to make a sound, which causes the house to hear the sound of trouble for a while. Everyone forgets to be afraid and forget to scream. The mind is still echoed with just that amazing sword to the extreme. The sword is just an ordinary move, but it kills a Wu Huang-level knife master.
The valiant sword is very true, but Leng Yue’s sword will kill you with a malicious blow, which makes the valiant even pull out the sword.
The breeze blows over the withered leaves and falls with the wind. Leng Yue seems to have done an unremarkable thing. Generally, when the fallen leaves are still ten feet away from the ground, Leng Yue moves.
If you don’t move like a mountain, you will rush to thunder.
Rushing into the crowd like a ghost, their eyes can’t see clearly. The figure of the cold moon has a road that passes like an epiphyllum. The flash of the sword fern will inevitably take away one person. The sword fern has not dissipated, and the blood has already splashed out. The white sword fern and the red blood complement each other, and it is as bright as a touch of summer sun setting.
Bowing and archery in the face of more than a dozen people in the distance
Leng Yue suddenly flies, leaps and sweeps the sword, and draws a light arc. However, the light arc actually flies out like a crescent moon towards the dozen archers.
Half-moon sword Gang, when a dozen people just pulled the bowstring, they shot through their waist, and their arms lost their strength. However, at the moment when the arrows were shot out, the bodies of a dozen people had already broken into two parts from their waist.
Leng Yue wielding a sword in the body is exquisite, absorbing and cutting off more than a dozen arrows. Immediately, the body falls to the ground, and the body suddenly rotates. The sword follows the body to draw a series of arcs like ripples, and it stirs out from a position three feet above the ground.
The person who was hit by Leng Yue’s long sword with an arc was not a body "bang" and vomited blood.
In an instant, dozens of people showed a lotus flower flying around, and Leng Yue was like this lotus lotus nut.
More than a hundred people in the house have fallen into a pool of blood, and only one indifferent young man stands out with a sword.
A hundred people beheaded. This is a real hundred people beheaded. It is a short time to finish the hundred people beheaded, which makes people feel a strong panic when they think about it.
Although there is no gorgeous martial arts, there is no change in the sky, and there is no colorful element martial arts, but the combat effectiveness shown by killing hundreds of people with one sword has also brought unparalleled shock to people, which is even stronger than that brought by those gorgeous martial arts.
Especially, it’s unforgettable that your opponent will kill the sword before he sends out brilliant martial arts. How splendid your martial arts are, it can’t match the impact of his sword killing.
"The luck has been exhausted. This is" Qi Zheng looked bleak and looked at more than a hundred bodies. A deep sense of force came from the indifferent young people in the center, which made him realize that he was lucky enough to return to heaven.
But he hasn’t woken up yet, and he has no remorse, and he doesn’t know that he will be reduced to this step.
Because of the wind family’s mess, Jn bought land and built a house and made a fortune, which made the family’s power expand rapidly. Not only did it not restrain its own people, it was rampant, and this family power was always prosperous for a while.
Although Qi Zheng is a Wu Huang level, it seems vulnerable before Leng Yue. Without blocking Leng Yue’s sword, Yuan Li’s protective cover is like tofu. Generally, Leng Yue’s sword easily pierced the sword through the body. Leng Yue’s sword arm suddenly shook Qi Zheng’s body and was smashed into pieces and bones.
Tsing Yi, Sword and Beauty, which have become the symbol of Leng Yue, N characteristics. Leng Yue destroyed the whole family in one day and completed the deeds of a hundred people. Gulai City caused an uproar.
These days, the story of Leng Yue’s downfall has been flowing in Gulai City, which has made many people clap their hands and say that the residents of Gulai City are cheering for the removal of a big moth in Gulai City by Leng Yue.