Leaf weight explained with a smile.
"Zhou Fugui, you said that Zhouyi is Zhou Fuguier, the chairman of Huanyu Group"
Ye Qingcheng was surprised when she stopped her grandpa’s words.
Leaf weight didn’t say anything but gently nodded his head.
"This kid is still riding a bike to learn how to dress. What’s his personality?"
Ye Qingcheng said, "Grandpa, I didn’t intend to ask you to be the squad leader of Zhouyi except Zhouyi Institute. You have to promise me that you can’t bully me."
"Grandpa can promise that he won’t come to my trouble unless he and my granddaughter help Zhou Fugui educate his children."
Leaf nodded his head.
"Long live Grandpa"
Ye Qingcheng smiled and thought, "Zhouyi, I want you to regret your trip today. Is your girl so easy to handle? There’s plenty of time for your class to do something wrong, and I’ll hold on to it and teach you a lesson slowly. "
Zhou Yi was called away by Ye Qingcheng when he returned to class, and many people were also noticed. Zhou Yiyuan just knew what Ye Qingcheng thought and approached Ye Qingcheng to inquire about some things about Ye Qingcheng. You know, there is always no shortage of students who want to soak up teachers in Japanese universities, which are the second generation and the second generation.
However, as soon as Zhouyi returned to the classroom, the bell rang, and those animals who wanted to inquire about Zhouyi temporarily gathered their desire to move and had to return to their seats.
"When I transferred to class, no one paid attention to me, but my heart was paid attention to by a woman. This is really a little sad for my mother."
Zhouyi at this time, of course, I don’t know that Ye Qingcheng planned everything. He sat by himself and remembered Ye Qingcheng’s office just now. He said that Ye Qingcheng had not only disappeared, but also some smugness.
"Girl, oh, no, it should be called Teacher Ye now. Since you want to play with me, I will play with you. My previous plan will not change. I must levy a woman like you with a sense of accomplishment."
Zhouyi thought
This is a geography lesson, so Zhou Yigen is not interested. He thinks that the teacher’s knowledge of geography has nothing to do with his roots. What’s the point of studying and studying this? There’s nothing to do with his life.
The only thing Zhouyi thinks is that there are still some maps, but it’s a pity that the Ministry of Education doesn’t have a military map. When Zhouyi was less than fourteen years old, he was taught by his grandfather Zhou Shan, and the whole class wanted to find a breakthrough to levy things on Ye Qingcheng.
I have to say that this matter is very difficult and challenging, and Zhou Yi is very interested in it. That’s what he is. The harder his personality is, the more he has to find ways to do it.
It’s not just that Zhouyi didn’t attend class. It is estimated that few people listened to the fat geography teacher’s lecture that year. Because there are many boys in the class, these animals are thinking about asking Zhouyi about Ye Qingcheng.
However, Zhouyi seemed to have the foresight to wait for the geography teacher to leave, and he got up and fuels. "You teachers called me to go because I didn’t feel comfortable with her today. I just called me to ask questions. Like everyone else, I didn’t know anything about him until today. Don’t ask me about the masculinity in Chapter 3.
"It’s ok to rely on this. If I’m not comfortable today, I can talk to Teacher Ye alone." A mean man said shamefully after hearing Zhouyi’s words.
"I’ll tell Mr. Ye that it’s me first. Don’t argue with me. Don’t blame me for what someone is doing behind my back." Monitor Wei Zhang lit a cigarette and threw such a sentence when he went out to the classroom door.
Wei Zhang’s father, Zhang Haotian, is the deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee. All the boys are only Wei Zhang. After listening to Wei Zhang’s words, they suddenly stopped talking about Ye Qingcheng.
"You also call me Wei Zhang. You are not Tang Jiasan, but the hero in fantasy novel. Are all your women you this day?" (Note that Tang Jiasan, a great god, is less famous than Wei Zhang)
Sitting on the edge of Zhouyi, the short Jingge said that he didn’t put Wei Zhang in the eye
Zhouyi naturally heard this sentence, and Jing Ge didn’t take a look at it. At the moment, he felt that this little boy was still a little manly compared with his boys.
In Zhouyi’s heart, it’s not that a tall man with a gun in his crotch is called a man with a hard bone and a straight waist.
Zhou Yi was noticed for a few minutes, and then he was regarded again, because those who noticed others found that he was not familiar with Ye Qingcheng’s teacher, and Zhou Yi was valuable in their eyes, so they ignored Zhou Yi in the corner of the classroom and ignored him again.
In the afternoon, Zhouyi was quietly eating a delicious meal in a corner of the canteen. There was a chubby beside him, panting and sweating on his forehead. Zhouyi remembered Guo Yunfeng, his former friend of Hangzhou Institute of Business Administration.
Zhouyi remembered that his former classmates were not lonely because of the university in Japan, but that Zhouyi was suddenly worried that Guo Yunfeng would be bullied by others after he left.
Guo Yunfeng is honest, long and plain, but he is a brain genius. He often plays the game "You program the virus and I’ll crack it" with some famous hackers, and he wins more than he loses.
It’s not that Zhouyi doesn’t like making friends, it’s that he doesn’t want to make ordinary friends. Some people are doomed to be mediocre, and no loyal people are qualified to be his friends.
Zhou Yi knows that Guo Yunfeng is definitely going to get ahead in the future, so it is particularly weak. No one dares to bully Guo Yunfeng in Zhou Yi’s Hangzhou Institute of Business Administration. When Zhou Yi transferred to another school, Guo Yunfeng said a heartfelt word to Zhou Yi. Brother, you are loyal enough to cover my younger brother for more than a year. If you need my help in the future, please call me. Even if you want me to invade the US Department of Defense network, I will certainly help you.
"Xiao Pang lives in school. After school, I go to his little stubborn personality and won’t ask me for help even if he is made into a pig’s head."
Zhouyi thought that he would eat the last bite of food in his stomach, get up and go outside the canteen.
In another corner of the canteen, Jingge, a short boy, was wolfing down Zhouyi, but when he put three meals at Jingge’s table, he didn’t take a look at Jingge.