Zhang Yang impatient avenue "Don’t sleep, don’t sleep today. Brother tells you a story. Little tadpole looks for his mother …"
"But Rongrong is so tired and sleepy!"
Suddenly, another thunderbolt fell, but it surpassed the previous thunderbolt. The ninth hot white thunderbolt instantly landed and hit Zhang Yang on the back.
Zhang was hit by lightning, and a big blood spurted out and dyed the deck red.
His bones and muscles were damaged at the same time, and the cracks in his bones made it difficult to get up again. His skin was also blackened and gave off an unpleasant smell.
With the ninth day of thunder, the thunder suddenly stopped, and the dark clouds stopped surging and fell into stagnation!
"I was beaten! I have suffered a blow. God is still good. "Zhang Yang was hit by lightning, but his heart was very happy. Because he accepted a blow, the little guy was less dangerous.
A thunder went to Zhang directly and was badly injured. It was difficult to sit up and hold the little guy Zhang’s sunburned face with a gratified smile.
"Nothing is good."
But I feel my hands are cold, and my little body Zhang feels that the exuberant life of the original hand has gone out, and I still can’t feel the breath of life.
Zhang Yangxin instantly freezes, and a tingling sensation gushes from his heart!
Zhang spit out one mouthful blood again and fell on his back.
"ah! No! It’s impossible to die, it won’t die, it won’t die! " Zhang was furious and didn’t believe his eyes. He shouted at the sky and was unwilling to let his emotions fill his mind.
With the roar loud, Zhang Yangkou rushed out of a black tiger head, but it was a few days ago that he realized the tiger’s artistic conception.
At this time, Zhang Yang was extremely angry, and Zhang Yang’s body element was released and officially entered the Half Step Martial Arts! Enter the peak warrior!
It’s hard to raise Zhang’s interest now, and all his thoughts have been put into the body.
Zhang Yang is running wildly, and JingXie constantly rushes into the velvet body.
Zhang Yanggen doesn’t feel that the little guy’s meridian velvet body is a misty margin, and the essence and blood that Zhang Yang enters will disappear.
Zhang Yang doesn’t know how to help the little guy, but he has this kind of treatment method, and he keeps eating the spirit to treat the velvet.
So he is even crazier, transporting the spirit-eating sea JingXie into the little guy’s body. Even though his mouth is still flowing with blood night, the injury is even heavier. Zhang still doesn’t stop!
At this time, Zhang Yang thought of a voice in his mind, "Would you like to wake him up with half your soul?"
Hands on the little guy, feeling the cold little body, Zhang Yangxin is more painful
His eyes firmly high way "I do! I am willing to give my life! "
Suddenly Zhang felt that his brain was about to be torn apart, and he roared.
"Ah …"
The brain gave a crunchy Zhang Yang instantly felt that the spirit was in a trance, and many memories were incomplete.
"If you are willing to wake him up with half your soul force, then sincerely pray with your mind." Zhang Yang’s brain in a trance rang again with that life partner in Chapter 54.
Chapter 54 Life partner
Although Zhang Yang’s consciousness is in a trance, his heart is still full of velvet.
His heart prayed, "wake up quickly!" Don’t you want to eat Lingguo? Brother Hou will find you a lot of spiritual fruits to eat. Wake up quickly! "