Breathing gently, Yang Ye can even hear himself snoring slightly. He knows that he is about to wake up, but he doesn’t want to keep his eyes closed so that he can fall asleep again soon.
He told himself like this
Suddenly open your eyes. Yang Yeyi rolled up from the bed and stared around. Why? Still feel the same? Do you really keep repeating this day?
Rush out of the hut after washing the bed-the bicycle saddle has been stolen!
My heart sank, and I knew that I was really yesterday. Oh, no! Experienced everything the day before yesterday!
Running madly in the downtown luxury shopping mall, the ideal beautiful fiancee, Yun Xin, once again appeared in a red Ferrari with a sky-blue skirt and a sweet smile to say hello. Young talents walked through the Yang night and ran head-on to their colleagues, Xiao Pi, who had the same conversation …
Yang Ye is afraid that he has really repeated the day. Does that mean that he will suffer the same humiliation and pain in the car yesterday?
Sure enough, everything happened as it happened yesterday. I personally inspected the factory leaders, all my colleagues, the car owners, Fan Jian and the damn broken machinery and equipment!
Yang Ye felt that his heart was tense and he was about to jump out. One minute passed by, and one knew that he was going to experience the most embarrassing, embarrassing and humiliating scene in his life, but he could not escape it. It was really a kind of torture and destruction to face and endure it.
Well, when the owner came over and took the wrench from Yang Ye’s hand and handed it to the fan Jian’s hand and pushed him, Yang Ye made sure everything was true!
I really repeat myself every day. What do I really have? I distinguish myself from the guy in the photo frame. Everything is true!
So it’s true that she said she took away my memory? Is it true that that beautiful woman named Eun-shin is my fiancee? Is it true that she said that I should hold my left wrist and jump into the mirror to restore everything?
Yang night brain is a mess, but also a little closer to his heart’s true thoughts or forced himself to make a decision.
Yang night has completely understood that everything is true at this time, that is to say, when I go to sleep tonight and wake up again, I still have to experience the same thing, and I still have to be humiliated by the owner in front of the workers.
And I don’t know how many times this experience will be repeated!
Do I have to repeat this day every day? Repeat this torture every day? Waiting for such humiliation every day?
That’s terrible!
Yang night head waves roar at the same time eyes look a little fierce.
No one wants to be humiliated again and again like this. Yang Ye has decided to believe the sound in the photo frame of Mrs. Yang’s portrait and tell him to try everything even if it is false. Otherwise, repeating it every day is either crazy or suicide! It must be!
And at the same time, Yang Ye made another decision. He had the most courage in his life …
Yang’s mind kept hesitating, thinking and cheering himself up, and at the same time, he repeated what happened around him and everything went on.
There has been a lot of cynicism in the surrounding noise.
"What the factory needs is a talent like Fan who doesn’t want you to be such a waste! You don’t come to work today! "
This sentence of the owner just got into Yang Ye’s ear when he regained his mind.
"What did you say? I am a waste? " Yang night twist a head coldly looking at the owner talking suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the Fan Jian hand pure steel pull around without looking at a fierce smash Fan Jian temple of cutting.
"Pa"-that Fan Jian should fall to the ground, and his temple burst out with blood, and his eyes were blown off by this blow, and his eyes were terrible.
In an instant, everything around was quiet, and everyone was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe what was happening.
"You call me a loser?" Yang night talking raised his hand pull intensely staring at the owner.
He has seen the shock of the owner, and at the same time, his eyes are frightened and afraid of death, but everything is too late. Before the owner can say a word, Yang Ye’s hand wrench has been smashed.
Instantly, the head of the owner’s head burst and the whole frightened face was completely smashed. From his head, he was deeply immersed in a fresh crack, and the red and white sticky flesh and blood were blurred, and his body fell straight like a dead pork.
The crowd around finally screamed. I don’t know who shouted first, but the crowd fryer came!
For a moment, I exclaimed, stunned, fainted, turned and ran away, and it was a mess.
No one is not afraid of death, and no one is not afraid of such a murderous guy.
In the chaos, Yang Ye was particularly awake, and he didn’t know why he killed someone in such a cruel way. Instead of being afraid, he felt that everything was familiar, as if he had repeated this cruel practice several times before.
Taking advantage of the chaos, Yang Yefei quickly got out of the car.
The whole factory has become a mess. Such vicious killings are terrible in the eyes of these people who live in peace. Everyone runs and hides, while Yang Ye easily runs out of the factory while taking advantage of this mess. No one chases and no one finds out.
I can’t stop. Although I don’t have the fear as I thought, I stayed up all night until I killed someone. If I don’t run home soon, the consequences will be unimaginable.
All he can think of at the moment is to hurry back to his hut and go through the mirror of the big closet to find himself according to the person in the photo frame.
After all, now that I have burned my bridges, there is no turning back.
Except for the location of the incident, the factory, everything was as usual. No one noticed Yang Ye or even saw Yang Ye, a guy covered in blood. It was thorough for more people to finish!
Fei ran back to his apartment building and didn’t meet any acquaintances or neighbors. After all, even if he stayed in the apartment building, no one would have thought that a vicious murder had just happened and the murderer was fleeing back to his home. The murderer was their neighbor. A horse would make them disappear.
A little flustered. Yang shook his hand several times when he reached for the key at night, and almost dropped it.
Finally, the door of the hut, Yang Ye, flew a few steps to the front of the mahogany square table, grabbed Mrs. Yang’s photo frame with both hands and cried excitedly, "Hey! Hey! Come out! Tell me if it’s true! You didn’t lie to me! Come out quickly! I killed someone and killed me! "
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang’s expression has not changed at all.
Yang night was so anxious that she was about to cry. She hesitated to put the photo frame back on the table firmly, and when he would not destroy the portrait of Mrs. Yang.
Put away the photo frame. Yang night turned to the front of the wardrobe and looked at the mirror with a face of fear. He bit his teeth and stretched out his right hand to hold the left wrist tightly. The dark red birthmark on the left wrist was hot and at the same time the mirror was shaking like a water wave.