Gu Xi Xi secretly scolded me from the bottom of my heart. Is she a little eunuch and should she understand these messy things?
I don’t know if she is a little eunuch now! It’s normal to be "traumatized" physically and mentally, and deliberately not to study and not understand, okay?
After all, there is no one in the palace who wants to wait on the emperor and so many empresses. If you don’t know something about this, you can’t do it, but now it’s different. There is an empress in the harem who wants the father-in-law of Longyin Palace to know those quarrels.
And it’s normal for him to be with people around him since childhood, even if no one teaches him these things.
So the thought of Gu Xi is enough.
She blinked. "I should die in a hurry, but I don’t know enough about some aspects … but I can tell you how to make you feel better?"
Ask him to say that even at the risk of losing her head, she will definitely throw herself down!
Jun Yi’s thin lips pulled out a faint radian, and his usual expression was cold and abstinence, and it was a Uber’s near-re-embodiment.
Yingying’s twinkling eyes fell on her in an instant. He smiled in a low voice. "Nobody taught you anything about men and women?"
Gu Xi Xi swallowed water "… no no"
No one in the palace really taught her. She taught herself.
The man nodded as if he didn’t want to dwell on this topic. She whispered in her ear, "So the palace will kindly teach you so that you can wait on Gong En later?"
Hot breath spray from Gu Xi Xi head dizzy consciousness just nodded "good".
For a moment, she wondered if this was the end of her life. It was simply because she left her first time to a man without feelings that she could survive. She was afraid that she would never get married, right?
But maybe it’s just the eye atmosphere, maybe the man’s body is light and belongs to him, and the smell is good, and her brain is short-circuited, so a more ridiculous idea comes out vaguely …
Actually, he’s fine
Perfect gods, ordinary people are always so tall and spotless. In ten years, she has been used to looking up to him, and if she can continue to live like this, it is not bad.
If he can accept her strange identity, she is willing to treat his next generation as a little eunuch.
Gu Xi Xi was startled by the idea of himself.
This is ridiculous.
How can a man like him stand being cheated by others?
After detoxification, it will take dad and mother great efforts to protect her life …
Later, with a close kiss on her face and neck, her thoughts were interrupted, and she had time to think about those messy things and immerse herself in his tenderness.
He has neve had such a tender moment in memory.
The two men clung to each other’s bodies and gasped for breath for a while, which was higher than that of a man. The big palm was holding her back, and the intertwined flow was not a direct blow to her heart and him.
The incense in the incense burner seems to smell particularly good tonight. Chapter 1454 How can you vomit blood?
When those big ignition palms came from her slender waist to her shoulders and then slid from her shoulders to her chest, Gu Xixi’s body was soft and became a ball. She clung to him hard and almost exerted her body with her own strength.
At first, she was passive and experienced in theory, but it doesn’t mean that she can really bear the guidance of these self-taught men, and she is still clumsy and attracts men to laugh like a child.
The skirt is messy, Gu Xi Xi closes his eyes, and he is ready to be found to be a woman …
But when the eunuch was about to slip from her shoulder, knocking at the door suddenly sounded.
Very abrupt
Jun Yi-han frowned, as if he had ignored the bad guy, but as the drums became more and more urgent and heavy, he finally let go of his arms.
"who?" His voice is slightly hoarse with a hint of falling in love and lust, but his tone is like freezing human bone marrow with ice and ice for thousands of years
Gu Xixi’s eyes blurred for a long time after he put them away, and it was not until the man frightened her that she suddenly recovered.
After waking up, she naturally couldn’t keep that posture. The man’s arms coughed awkwardly and retreated slightly from his arms. His face turned red and his head couldn’t wait to drill underground.
"Taidian is a slave or a slave!"
Xiaofu’s breath sounds from the outside. You remember that the eyebrows are getting colder and colder. The cold sound reveals a deep unhappiness. "The palace is already in bed. If it’s nothing important, get away!"
"Aunt Moxi in Taidian, she … she doesn’t seem to be well …"
The words sound just fell and Gu Xi Xi saw that the man in front of him had disappeared. As a black robe crossed him, he was wearing a robe at the door.
And the closed door has been beaten by him.
Gu Xi Xi frantically glanced at his disheveled appearance and bent his lips to reveal a faint wry smile.
Sure enough, Mohi is the most important thing in his heart.