Hong Kong is said to be a shopping paradise, which is not a hollow reputation. Moreover, such a place is such a situation that it is a good choice to go to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan at this time no matter what.
Shi Han walked over and said, "This is good. If it weren’t for saying that everyone is still friends, I wouldn’t have known it so clearly. At such a time, I was thinking about it myself."
Think about letting them go to Myanmar at this time. After all, these people like gambling on stones now. It is more appropriate if they go to Myanmar, but after all, it is not very quiet to go abroad and cut Myanmar recently. There will always be some explosions. Then I dare not take them there at this time.
There are also many games in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. I heard that there is also a gambling stone contest in Macau. Anyway, I just went to Macau according to the time schedule, so it is just right to participate in this gambling stone contest. "
Macau claims to be Las Vegas in the East, which is definitely not boasting, but it dominates Asia, and the gaming industry is a pillar industry for Macao’s economy-but I haven’t heard of any large-scale Macau.
Therefore, Wang Haidong is also quite puzzled by such a situation. "I have never heard of such a thing as gambling stones in Macau. Those rich people in Macau prefer to go to Kunming or even go directly to Myanmar, which is not to say that it is impossible. Therefore, it is rarely said that Macau will do gambling stone contests by itself."
Of course, it’s not that Macao can’t do this. If you have money, then there is no problem in making gambling stones at this time, no matter what.
Moreover, if it is strictly speaking, gambling on stone is also a kind of gambling. It is a matter of time before Macao intervenes in such a market. After all, it is called Las Vegas in the East.
Shi Han said at this time, "This kind of thing still has a certain time with you. No matter how it is, such a situation is a thing that you have a ghost face jade."
If it means that there is no ghost face jade like you, then at this time, no matter what, Macau may not be able to pay attention to such a thing as gambling stones
However, with the appearance of ghost face jade, those rich people always say that there will be such a situation that gambling stone is a profiteering industry. Since those rich people prefer Macao, that is to say, such a project was launched at the right time anyway, no matter what, it caters to the psychology of those rich people.
Those people in Macao actually make money from these people. We just happen to meet, and we can also talk about our project through this matter. When we get there, I would like to invite you to go there and help me if you have time. Less words "
Shi Hanshi doesn’t have any helpers, and he needs a professional helper, so Wang Haidong is a very suitable candidate at this time.
It’s not only that antique noodles have amazing attainments, but also that gambling on stones is amazing. Some people say that it’s just their luck for Wang Haidong to get ghost jade at this time, but it’s hard to say that this kind of luck is also part of strength at this time. If Napoleon’s luck is not good enough, will he fail in Waterloo?
So when it comes to luck at this time, no matter how it is at this time, luck is also a part of strength. Even if it is luck, what does it need to bet on stones? What bet stone needs most is luck.
Of course, experience and technology are also one aspect, but at this time, no one can deny such a situation. Just saying that you can bet on a small scale with your own luck is not to say that it is impossible. On the contrary, it is not impossible for those skilled and experienced experts to fail. Therefore, everyone in the gambling industry is very superstitious about luck. Although it is said that luck is still two things, it is true that luck is indeed very important for betting on stones at this time.
Therefore, it is definitely a good choice if it is to intercede with Wang Haidong at this time, so Shi Hancai invited Wang Haidong to go with him at this time.
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Chapter four hundred ambivalence
Wang Haidong this guy is very serious to say, "Of course, there is no problem when I go. The two of us don’t talk about this, but you have to tell me exactly how you think about it. If not, it’s hard to say even if I want to help. Moreover, such a situation is not to say that everyone can have such a thing at such a time. How do you think about it or whether it is a success or failure?
If it is said that you are really thinking about this matter, then the method you adopt at this time is different, and if it is said that you really want to accomplish this matter, then we will not be able to show too much detail to Zhao Sirius and others, and it is best to do it to a certain extent.
Anyway, no matter what the matter is, Zhao Sirius knows exactly what we mean at this time. This is a real situation, and he should know at this time.
Besides, if Zhao Sirius agrees to help at this time, you will owe him a personal favor.
At this time, he will also try his best to help you do this thing, and I think if Zhao Sirius is trying to do such a thing at this time, it will be such a situation at this time. This kind of thing often means that it is no big deal.
In such a situation, I think that if you are thinking about doing a proper thing for the occasion, that is to say, thinking about showing you two leaders a word, then we are not very happy at this time.
At that time, that is to say, take a trip with public money. At this time, is it true that this matter can be successful? It is that Zhao Sirius will know that we are coping with the situation when the time comes. Does he say that he will help us? It is also difficult to say at this time.
At this time of such a situation, you may not say how you owe him a favor. What do you think about this matter? You must explain it to me clearly, and I will also improvise. "
In fact, this kind of situation is more at this time, that is to say, this kind of situation is not about what kind of ideas they will have, but about what kind of ideas Shi Han has, which can be said to be about the progress of this matter.
And even if this guy Wang Haidong wants to help, then at this time, no matter what, such a situation will always say that there is such a performance at this time
Moreover, it means such a situation. At this time, this kind of thing does not mean what kind of expression it will have. At this time, this kind of thing always says what kind of expression it will have.
At such a time, this kind of thing is not to say what kind of performance can replace Shi Han’s personal thoughts, but to what extent he can make such things bigger, so it depends on what he thinks.
And this guy Wang Haidong is not saying that he doesn’t want to help, but that at this time, Shihan really wants to have what kind of result to make himself think.
But that is to say, what kind of progress will be made in such a situation? Wang Haidong is not unwilling to help, but how and to what extent. Such things will always say that some situations are hard to say, such a situation is true, and such a thing always says that there will be such an idea.
Moreover, at this time, more people will talk about such a situation, not what kind of attitude people will have, but what kind of performance they will have at such a time and such a situation.
At this time, Shi Hanshi himself is sometimes very contradictory. At this time, on the one hand, he wants to succeed in this way, because if it is said that this thing can be successful, no matter what kind of credit the first-in-command and the second-in-command will get, it is obvious that such a credit is given to him.
In such a situation, Shi Han himself needs to have political achievements at this time. If he wants to be promoted, then he must have political achievements at this time. In such a situation, these young leaders really hope that they can be officials and benefit one party.
In fact, even if he is a corrupt official at this time, when he is an official, he will hold the official for the benefit of one party at this time.
Such a situation is not to say that those corrupt officials are born corrupt officials, but that such a situation may be confused by their own interests