Lord Ma raised his hands like a divinatory sign, and his right hand was in the front, and his left hand was at the right elbow. As soon as he touched his right hand, his right hand immediately made a whirl, turning from his right face to his left face, and at the same time, his left hand circled like a snake, and his left shoulder closed to the right arm. It was the hidden flowers at the bottom of the divinatory sign palm that closed the door. This was not because of his quick reaction, but because of the boxing frame! The two men touched the right side of his body, and the left and right virtual positions changed, that is, the left and right were sealed. Moreover, this time, the horse king did not regress, but added a spin at the same time when he closed his shoulders. This is the characteristic of the palm of the hexagram. The small circle of the person has become a tangent movement, so Guo stepped on the other side and gave him this spin when he hit the horse king’s heart in front of him. At the same time, the horse king’s body squeezed in and lived in his arms, and his legs were already stepped into the body to seal Guo stepped on the fall.
Guo stepped on Lu’s right hand and left the center line with a spin from the horse king, so he was going to open his chest.
This is absolutely not allowed to happen when you put your elbows on your shoulders and your hands on your arms. When you leave the center line, you can immediately follow your body and hands. When your left shoulder sinks, you will chase your right elbow. Obviously, both of them are often hands-on, and they all know the truth that you can’t get your hands off the gun.
So Guo Tread Lu and Ma Wangye both collided with each other with their right hands in their left hands on their left shoulders, and when they slammed, they retreated from each other, but obviously Ma Wangye took an extra step. Obviously, he ate some losses. At this time, his eyes narrowed and Ma Wangye’s kung fu exceeded his estimate. Although Guo Tread Lu took an extra step on the surface, he was better than others, and the most important thing was that Guo Tread Lu suddenly hit Ma Wangye when he was distracted. It was extraordinary that he could fight so hastily.
But this is not the moment when heroes cherish each other! After all, the more hostile the two men are, the more unfavorable their own side is. However, at this time, he has already turned over Brother Maitreya, which is a good time to get out of trouble. At that time, he took advantage of Ma Wangye’s shaky foothold to drink "Watch your hand!" Step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward, step forward.
In the martial arts, the crowd loves to shout this "watch your hands!"
Drinking this is a matter of paying attention to the chaos in the group fight. It is difficult to take care of people’s hands and eyes. If you can’t come over, it is difficult to sneak attack on the other side. When you make a move, you should drink it to attract attention and show your openness, but it is beneficial to others to say something about watching your hands without yelling.
Most people are used to listening to people’s words. Your side is called "Watch your hand!" Often people’s attention will be attracted by your hand, which is a habit. Thanks to the official’s mouth, he said, "Look at your hand, then hand in your left hand and hold it high to attract the attention of the horse king."
What a horse prince! He deserves to be a leader in the hexagrams circle in Beijing.
Although the attention is attracted by Xie Cunguan, he can turn his head to the left when the shadow covers his face, and he can shuffle around to avoid Xie Cunguan’s palm. He walks in a secret way, and the drag knife is ready to make a twisting back. When he twists his body, his right palm sticks to the back of his ribs, and his palms are tied up, and his shoulders are closed after dragging his hips.
At this time, Xie Cunguan stepped out of the step. Just now, when he held his left palm high, he fell down and hit his shoulder and swept his back, while his right palm closed his eyes and sealed his head. This kind of play did not come from personal reaction, but from the principle of boxing frame change, which made a left hand in front of his right hand naturally empty, and the speed of the left palm fell sharply to seal the center line, but as the left hand fell, it was empty to prevent the right hand from picking up and sealing the road.
This one is exactly the trend of four Chinese harriers entering the forest.
A set of four hammers at the Mind Gate is the essence of Tianquan Fan and the epitome of boxing frame. Every move is a fist root, and a million buds can be extracted to make a thousand pieces of mind. be adept at has achieved the change of boxing frame by practicing four roots and four strokes.
Once you practice martial arts, once you punch yourself, you are in the door.
Every move in the four handles is reasonably transferred from one boxing stand to another boxing stand. With this standard, every move will be protected when boxing is right. In this way, relying on the change of boxing stand "structure", the boxing stand can be closed and beaten. The boxing stand is standardized, that is, the five elements have not practiced physical training and manpower, but the other five elements have been closed. Whoever wins will not suffer big losses first.
The horse king was about to turn around. The left palm of Xie Cunguan had collapsed with a wind seal and was splitting when he wanted to turn around. His right arm snapped and his left leg hooked into the horse king’s left leg. At the same time, the left palm twisted, collapsed and pressed straight into the horse king’s right hip.
The horse prince made a secret attempt to drag the knife and took a step to help others. When he twisted his body, he dragged his right leg back, so that when he went out again, his body, feet and hands would be combined to play an unstoppable momentum, but he gave Xie Cunguan a foot seal and two steps to tie the whole person in step by step, and his palm collapsed in his crotch. He immediately became unstable and fell backwards.
At this time, Xie Cunguan has entered the right step again, and the wind blows with his left hand to protect himself. The right hand has clenched his fist and twisted it, and it has been wrapped in a slap in the shoulder. When the body strength is unstoppable, it will be heard that the horse king’s body will be smashed to the ground.
It’s the most poisonous thing to wrap your muscles and twist your bones!
Xie Cunguan smashed Ma Wangye’s eyebrows and couldn’t help but pick what he was about to say. Xie Cunguan had already shouted, "You rush in front of me and others are walking in the back!"
Guo tread Lu at this time to save this is not a tournament! I can’t help secretly calling "shame!" It was a heavy drink and a big step straight out at him. As soon as he stepped into the corridor, his body could not help but stagnate. At this time, a group of men with strong arms, wide waist and round body lines were crowded in the corridor.
Chapter 10 Step by step cold chicken step by step collapse
When those Han people saw Guo Tread and others coming out, they immediately gave a shout and rushed over. The cold light in everyone’s hands flashed, but it was not the pipe forks and machetes when ordinary hooligans fought, but the uniformly triangular scraper.
At this time, Xie Cunguan and others have rushed out to see this situation. Dandan can’t help but scream. Shi Jinyun and Zhang Shasha are pale. Compared with Wu Yankai and Zhang Miao, Wu Yankai is more calm. Wu Yankai is dragging Zhang Shasha with one hand and Zhang Miao with the other, but he is far away from Dandan. He wants to hold her comfort but dare not look at Xie Cunguan for a while.
Seeing that the fleeing Han people will collide with Guo Trelu.
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help but feel anxious. Once surrounded, there are knives in each other’s hands. Once surrounded, it’s a dead end. The triangular scraper is no better than if it were a machete. Although it’s a knife and a flesh wound, it’s really not easy to kill a person without a seventy knife. But this kind of knife looks different. If you go in, the wound is not big, but the copper coin is big. But if you go in, it will kill you. Because of this kind of knife, the machete cuts the meat and damages the bone. Xie Cunguan knows that it’s dirty bleeding if
Guo Ta-lu’s kung fu is the kind of person who believes in the spirit of Wulin. They tend to confuse Wulin with Jianghu, but actually Wulin is Wulin, Jianghu people overlap with Wulin people, but it is not the same circle. It is different to thank an official. In those days, Huang Shihong walked the Jianghu to the sea, but he was a real Jianghu person. After liberation, he retired from Jianghu. Although he practiced martial arts with him, he learned a lot of Jianghu experience.
It’s a close call to thank the official for drinking. He’s already gone from Guo Tread Lu to meet the first one and rushed to the forefront of Han Dynasty. People stepped on each other’s groin without legs, blocked each other’s progress, and then stepped down along the groin and entered each other’s arms. His hands were wiped from each other’s shoulders, and a hammer hit each other’s face at the same time, and then his hands came out from his heart and the horse hit the groove at night. His fists hit each other’s heart and horse’s shape. This style was a collision.
Double shoulder-wiping is to limit the opponent’s shot, that is, to take care of the other side, and at the same time, regardless of whether he hits the hammer, he will wrap his hands around his ribs and hit him on the ventral side, and then he will hit it out while that reaction is strong.
The first one in a group fight is often the so-called expert.
Kung fu is not necessarily the highest, but it is the most daring, and it is often the most difficult to admit defeat. A person who deals with such a person must not be soft-hearted and fantasize that the other person will be merciful because of your mercy.
Such people are often more prestigious in a group, and knocking down one can shock a lot.
When Xie Cunguan took the shot, he didn’t feel straight. This Han, who was more than ten kilograms heavier than he looked, knocked him out and fell into the crowd, followed by Han, who was in a mess. Xie Cunguan shouted, "Get out!" At this time, Guo Ta Lu has already woken up from the shock. He is a proud man. His kung fu is not lower than that of Xie Cunguan, but he is timid for a while because of his inexperience. But how can he be a fool if he can practice kung fu to his degree? At this time, he has woken up. This kind of Jianghu struggle is different from martial arts. There is not much reason to say that being alive is not harmful. It is the king who drinks a lot and rushes over Xie Cunguan and rushes to the crowd.
Guo Tam Lu is a kind of footwork that tightens the legs and strengthens the cold chicken.
This kind of footwork is the method of boxing in the xingyi gate, which evolved from the step of boxing with two legs and one leg running with an arrow. However, the jumping in the practice of boxing with the mind is missing, and a steady and concrete footwork is added. The front leg is stepped on one inch to adjust the distance, and then the back leg is stepped over the front leg to the other side, and the back leg is followed by a step where the feet don’t fall to the ground and become a cold chicken’s foraging step, and then the back leg is punched step by step. This boxing should be practiced quickly, but it must be clearly explained one by one, otherwise it will be easy to make a
But there’s another trick when this punch comes out.
In Xingyi five elements boxing, the drill belongs to the aquatic wood Collapse Institute. For the old hitters who know how to shoot, they all hit each other with one punch step by step. However, for the general boxers, it is often the same drill at first. Specifically, when they move manually, they grab one hand with their right hand, then drill with their left fist, and then collapse with their right fist when they step for food with the cold chicken.
The advantage of this is that you can defend yourself in front of you, even if you can’t hit the other side, you won’t be taken by the other side
However, practicing hard to collapse boxing is the only way to practice Xingyi Boxing in Shenzhou, because there was a half-step collapse boxing day. Guo Yunshen was there with Guo Treading. Although he was not straight, he couldn’t get out of the branch of the five or nine families. He really worked hard in the collapse boxing. He practiced ten-way kick boxing at the age of 12 and didn’t practice until he was twelve. When he practiced a split boxing for two years, he didn’t enter the drill until he hit his hands and feet. He practiced for half a year and then entered the collapse boxing for one year.
Collapse boxing is simple, but in fact it is extremely difficult.
You should know the meaning of taking over the boxing, otherwise it will be easy for people to take advantage of the node, and it is not just a direct hit to practice the boxing.
Of course, it’s a straight shot at the beginning of training. This situation is a natural trend of practicing a punch like an arrow! This way, we have to practice until the wind blows, even if we are just beginning to practice, we have to practice one punch and three strengths. This one punch and three strengths are straight and straight before touching people, but when it comes to touching people, there is a struggle, and then it is inclined to collapse.
Even if you get started with one punch and three strengths, you will definitely not be able to eat this punch. Because this punch comes out, it will directly destroy and hurt people and lead to the other party’s resistance. The other party will be flustered, and then it will be hard to pull out the other party’s roots and then it will collapse. At this time, the boxing will have indestructible power. Often, one punch can fly people, but it is not the highest realm. In the boxing, there will be a wave-turning effort.
This wave-turning effort is to get the meaning of the tide and the waves.
Specifically, in the boxing collapse, one punch, three strengths, and an endless series of broken knots and stagnant places can be issued. At this time, it is no longer a simple one-arm issue, but there is a snake python strength all over the body, and it is also a bundle that develops and does not issue. At this time, the boxing collapse will have a little bit of Guo Yunshen’s half-step collapse and punching the sky.
This is the secret of the Guo family’s mouth-to-mouth boxing.
This, of course, is what Guo Tanlu later told Xie Cunguan in the boxing change. However, Guo Tanlu can’t reach the wave-turning situation at this time, but after five years of hard work, he has already reached a flourishing situation.
At this time, I saw Guo Tread and March. The strength of the hand was like being tied in the body. I punched the meat step by step. For the other hand, the scraper was like not seeing every step of the cold chicken foraging. I just stepped on the front half step of the other side and punched it before the scraper came out, and I jumped into the other side’s heart.
Boxing is like a human being. At this time, he deserves the title of "Little Guo Yunshen" …
In front of the brake, a dozen Han people all fell to the wall of the passage.
Xie Cunguan looked a little dull for a moment. Although he couldn’t see the subtleties in Guo Tanlu Boxing, he had a feeling that Guo Tanlu Boxing seemed to be tied up, but at this time it was not easy for him to give Wu Yankai a push and call "Go!" At that time, Wu Yankai was tearing Zhang Shasha Sasha, pulling Shi Jinyun, holding Dandan and pulling Li Bo Zhang Miao, but walking alone, Xie Cunguan shook his head. This "literary" woman is really unsociable.
A line of people stumbled through the crowd.
When I fell to the ground, I didn’t want to stretch out my hand to thank the officer, but I stepped on my leg without feeling.
This tea show was on the second floor. Everyone rushed out of the stairs and rushed to the parking place. At this time, a group of bald men suddenly appeared in front of them, and they immediately accelerated their steps. At the same time, everyone reached into their waist and pulled out the scraper with cold light.
Xie inch officer they nai turned a direction and fled in another direction.
At this time, Brother Lou Maitreya has woken up from the fainting, gnashing his teeth and pulling out his mobile phone number one by one, all with the same sentence: "Call everyone to bring guys to Laitai Building!" Over there, the horse king also touched his right arm with one hand and put his right mobile phone to his ear with a very calm voice, reaching the command "Don’t start work in the street and try to force the kiln shed area as far as possible …"
Houyaopeng area is a remote place near the Summer Palace.