The old man stopped talking and smeared the tobacco, and then he blew and burned the fire media. He smoked and smoked, and the thick smoke filled the air as his mouth slammed.
Everyone in the room stopped talking. Xie Cunguan quietly looked at the old man, while the two Han people stared at Xie Cunguan.
A moment later, the old man went in and came out and handed the ID card in his hand to Xie Cunguan. Xie Cunguan took it and saw that the old man was Yueshan. At that time, he returned the ID card to the old man and gave him a deep hand. "Please forgive me for being disrespectful!"
The old man nodded and said, "Let’s get down to business. Who sent you?"
Xie Cunguan hesitated at this moment and turned to look at the other three people. The old man said, "This is my son and two grandchildren. I don’t know this without them!"
Xie Cunguan smiled apologetically. "A lady named Yan Pei gave me a note with the name and address of the old gentleman written on it …"
The old man looked at him and said, "Just write my address and name?"
Xie Cun officer then saved the string of numbers behind his name that he didn’t know. At that time, the baggage and take the journey "There is still a string of numbers …" At that time, he made up the string again.
The old man took one look at himself and said, "Guilin, go and see if this is the box. Take out the box …"
Just now, the old man who got his ID card got up and faced the two Han people. "Baolin came in with me!" Han got up and followed his father. Instead of going to the wing, he bypassed the nave screen and went to the back.
This time, when I went in, it grew longer, and the old man walked in front. That’s Paulingham, holding an iron box behind him. The old man asked Xie Cun, "Did you see this thing and then leave it here or take it away?"
Xie Cunguan realized that it turned out to be a place to send things, similar to a bank safe, but the bank safe is officially estimated to be the one who detained Yan Pei and handed them over with an order, and people here recognize this string of codes
Chapter 52 Friends walk slowly
"I’ll watch it here!" Xie Cunguan thought about it. Although he didn’t know what was in the tin box, Yan Pei could put it in Yuejiaxiang instead of the bank safe. Naturally, there were secrets in it.
If he takes this thing with him, who knows if there will be any trouble
Since Yan Pei believes in her knowledge and ability here, there must be something extraordinary in this place.
Let’s see what it is first. Maybe Yan Pei will put things here and have other arrangements. Maybe after all, he hasn’t said a word with Yan Pei since he entered ga7.
The old man Yueshan nodded to his son and said, "Guilin takes him to his room!"
The old man made a gesture of please to Xie Cunguan, and Xie Cunguan followed the old man to the right side door. When he entered the door, it turned out to be a room surrounded by a wall, but when he drilled a hole, he saw that all seemed to be thread-wrapped hemp paper, and there was no modern one.
Xie Cunguan glanced at it briefly, just as the old man comically sat in a corner of a lonely small table by the window.
The old man carefully put a pot of tea together with a cup on the small table and put the box in front of him. "Take your time to see that I have work outside and I won’t accompany you …"
Xie Cunguan nodded gratefully and brought the box to him and found that there was a affairs box in the iron box.
At this time, the old man had left the room, and Xie Cunguan took out the box and covered it. There were several kraft paper bags inside. Xie Cunguan picked up the top one and called the bag and pulled out a pile of paper. The top one was a form, a colorful photo of a person’s crotch, and an ordinary old man with a confident smile on his mouth.
Xie Cunguan flipped through a thick stack of printed and handwritten materials.
Zeng Chusheng is a 70-year-old Han native of Wuhan, Hubei Province … Xie Cunguan became more and more frightened when he looked at it all the way. It turned out that Yan Pei put it in here. In the information, Xie Cunguan saw that this was a man who had done business in the sea in the early days of reform and opening up and achieved great success.
As early as the early 1900′ s, when 10,000 yuan was still rare, this man already had tens of millions of assets, but kept a low profile. Few people in his hometown knew that he was a millionaire.
Then this Zeng Chusheng entered the capital with millions of assets that could shock the world at that time.
Specially looking for someone who was interested in doing business at that time but didn’t have access to funds, throwing money at him, taking you out of contacts and resources, and I out of funds. The human business was divided into six ways: you, me, four, and even you, seven, and me. At one time, a large number of extra spare money surrounded him.
I can’t help but say that this investment is very insightful.
With the deepening of the reform, Zeng Chusheng left the road of government and business, and made money like running water for a while. Of course, he spent money like running water, so he accumulated quite deep contacts in the first generation.
Later, with all these connections going up, Zeng Chusheng became a man who can call the shots, although his name is not obvious.
It is said that one year Zeng Chusheng’s business in a place was done with a provincial and ministerial official. As a result, the public was jealous of the huge sum of money and gave birth to the idea of taking it all. Through his father’s pressure, the local public security law threatened Zeng Chusheng to give up his share of dividends.
At that time, Lao Zeng chuckled, "I can’t stand this tone if I don’t give up the money!" Is the provincial level great? I will change you in the day … "
As a result, I don’t know if it’s true. He influenced the deputy provincial official, and the next day he was transferred to another post by a paper transfer order, and then he was secretly detained before he could. Finally, although he was not convicted, he was idle at home from then on.
Yan Pei’s pile of materials is a lot of evidence that this ugly old man interfered with officials’ orders and participated in smuggling.
Xie Cunguan is shocked to see that the old man’s flag Yixin group is a smuggling and money laundering company as a whole, and the annual capital throughput is always more than 10 billion yuan
This information Xie Cun officer didn’t look at it carefully and turned it over and hit the second bag.
In the second bag is a middle-aged man who looks gentle, and the name next to him shows the words Xu Jingsheng.
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help but think of it as if Ye Zhunsheng had said that Xu Jingsheng was dealing with Yan Pei. He couldn’t help but feel that this person’s resume is not complicated. After several years of hard work, he has been promoted from the director to the mayor and the municipal party Committee, and then transferred to the province.
Finally, he was transferred from the province to the capital and then faded out of officialdom.
However, in the last line of the resume, the person in charge of ga7 is now … This person is the person in charge of ga7, Yan Pei, who is currently in ga7.
Then there are many photos, but there are dozens of photos of Xu Jingsheng and Zeng Chusheng. Of course, there are some other people in the photos, and many photos are marked with names. After seeing many strange names, Xie Cunguan is the person in charge of a province, a city or a bureau. Obviously, being with two people is either rich or noble.
Then there were people Xie Cunguan had never heard of or seen, most of whom were Cao, Xu, Ma, Shen, Wang and Zhang. Among them, Xie Cunguan also saw Zhang Miaoer’s father Zhang Keqin.
It seems that Yan Pei doesn’t know anything about these people’s actions, but the bosses behind her suddenly made her lose her counterattack ability.
Xie Cunguan combined all these materials one by one and left the materials of Xu Jingsheng and Zeng Chusheng to watch it again.
He put the information of these two people at the top, and they also have the most information. Obviously, these two people are the core figures of these people.
In particular, this Zeng Chusheng is a big man with special energy.