"Brother Feng, can you let me join you? I’m familiar with this mountain range, so it’s convenient for you to kill others." The first boy asked tentatively.
"Oh?" The wind Yang looked at the boy in doubt.
"How about it?" The first teenager stared eagerly at the wind and saw it as if he were a little moved. He couldn’t help laughing at the wind and the fighting capacity, although tough, was just a straw bag after all. I didn’t expect that I would be tempted by a little deception. It would take some effort to follow him and take the opportunity to sneak into Feiyun Gate. Isn’t it very simple?
"Tell me about what you know first," Feng Yang said.
The boy thought to give this straw bag a little sweetness first, and he wouldn’t be afraid of not having a chance if he followed him.
The young man who read here said with a smile, "As far as I know, there are still fewer than 30% people in Feiyun Mountain. These people are all powerful and high-powered, and they must all be samurai, and there are many masters of the martial arts. Even these personal entry marks will not be less."
"Yeah, I know." Feng Yang suddenly revealed a strange evil smile and stared at the opposite teenager. "That waste like you doesn’t have to stay here."
"Feng Yang has something to say." The young man didn’t expect this Feng Yang to suddenly start work without any warning. He had a small plan in his heart and Feng Yang was a straw bag.
I didn’t know that his heart was full of flowers and intestines, but I got some information before I waved a little bit with him.
The young man’s body was not light or seriously injured. Facing the swooping wind, Yang also instantly entered the fighting state.
But in the face of the wind, Yang Li cast Xuanjie intermediate Wushu’ the sky were to fall’, but he failed to go through three moves. He was hit by the wind with one leg in his chest and body, and Ling flew out to kill God. The landing ribs have been shattered, and he even vomited a few mouthfuls of blood, fearing that he would die.
I touched out all the signs of participating in the competition, and I walked up to others and searched out all their signs of participating in the competition myself.
"Don’t roll?" The wind Yang robbed things around these young cold so drink a way.
Those teenagers were all wounded by arrows, and three of them died. The other seven teenagers had to lift their dead companions and help each other to leave.
See everyone leave the wind Yang put the sword tied up and walked beside Downing and others.
Don’t wait for them to say their doubts in their hearts. Pass them three mixed grass and say, "This mixed grass can quickly replenish the power and heal first."
"Well" LiuMan startled looked at the wind Yang eyes is much a few minutes grateful.
It’s generous of him to easily take out three mixed herbs for his three sisters.
This move made Liuman Downing and Xiyu all grateful.
Three women nodded and swallowed the mixed grass one after another, and suddenly felt the vigorous energy in the belly of the mixed grass quickly supplemented the consumption before.
After Yuan Li recovered more than half, Liu Man started to transport Yuan Li’s wandering body, and the wound healed quickly, and the sword wound was healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The wind Yang see zheng immediately laughed in my heart this life element water element plus treatment wushu healing indeed as expected has a miraculous effect.
When the injury healed, Liuman walked behind Xiyu. Her palm was light and shook, and there was a soft halo. The palms were like crawling with water.
Liu Man’s white palms, which glow like water, cover the wound on Xi Yu’s back that was pulled by a long sword, and the soft water element energy constantly passes through their hands to quickly heal the wound on Xi Yu’s back.
Fortunately, they were not seriously injured. After some treatment by Liuman, several people were cured.
As soon as the injury healed, Downing immediately recovered his energetic posture and jumped around Fengyang with a look of torture and said, "Sister Fengyang asked you where you were just now and what did you show up at the end?"
Feng Yang was teased by Downing’s lovely expression and smiled. Such a pink and tender girl has a serious and fierce look, which is really lovable.
The wind Yang also did not hide the situation briefly just now.
However, Tang Ning doesn’t believe how sincere Feng Yang’s look and tone are. She finally believes that Feng Yang ate too much last night and caused diarrhea today.