Liu Yifei stared at the waves for ten seconds and said, "Good! I believe you! "
Zhan Yan laughed, "That’s right!" I got up and took the bottle. Both glasses were filled with wine and said, "Let’s take it to the next level!" "
Liu Yifei laughed. "Let’s drink to the collusion!"
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Yougong said there would be another chapter in half an hour.
At the entrance of the wave "Rosin Villa", there are two rows of bodyguards at the entrance of the villa, all of whom are fierce and cunning. When they see the waves, they respectfully call each other "Hai Ge"
They are fierce, the waves are more fierce than them, they are cunning, the waves are more cunning than them, and they are more ruthless, more poisonous and more intelligent!
The waves are the most cruel, poisonous and intelligent. These people are all waves, even if they don’t face in their hearts, they should pretend to look good or they will die and look ugly!
The waves nodded and walked straight to the inside, crossed the front yard and entered the backyard, and walked to Liu Yifei’s small white building.
Liu Yifei seemed to have known that the waves would come early and waited for the waves in the living room.
Shao Yifu and Liu Yifei’s assistant Xiaoxue are all different. There is Liu Yifei alone in the whole small building and the waves that just came in.
After the waves came in, I sat on the sofa opposite Liu Yifei and looked at Liu Yifei and said, "Manager Lin should report to you, right?" A killer came to assassinate me last night. "
Liu Yifei looked at the waves quietly as if he didn’t hear what the waves said. He looked at the waves with strange eyes.
The waves were a little scared by Liu Yifei’s eyes. I wonder if there was a flaw there and Liu Yifei saw it.
However, the waves are not ordinary people calm down and sit on the sofa without fear. Looking at Liu Yifei shows that he is ashamed.
Liu Yifei suddenly smiled and threw an envelope in his hand to the waves and said, "This was sent to you by one of our brothers early today."
The waves are as white as a mirror in my heart. It must be the constant rain and the affectionate photo of the handsome man sent by the "Star Gang". Pretend not to know. Take it out and have a look. It really is the constant rain and the photo of a handsome man. It’s quite comfortable and enjoyable to see the expression of constant rain.
The waves frowned and said, "Who is this man?"
Liu Yifei said, "The brother who sent this photo casually checked the background of this person. He asked Guo Qingren to call Guo Juhua a small role in the Star Gang. Because of his good looks, he usually works as a suicide bomber when things are mixed up in the hotel set up by the Star Gang. Some women and some men with special hobbies are confused."
The waves said, "That’s right. Heng Yu is in a mess with this Guo Juhua. Even if she didn’t mean to betray me, she is also a leaker. Why haven’t you taken action?"
Liu Yifei said, "Shao Wang doesn’t have the heart to kill Hengyu. He said Hengyu has fought with him for more than 20 years, and he can’t kill her because he was cheated. He still has to find out slowly before making a decision. Shao Wang is now going to Chen Jinqiang to discuss with Chen Jinqiang about how to deal with Hengyu."
The waves nodded and said, "I can’t believe that Shao Wang is still a person who values affection and righteousness!" I am afraid that people will hurt the tiger and the tiger will eat people’s hearts! "
Liu Yifei smiled and said, "What do you mean?"
The waves said firmly, "If you betray me-kill!"
Liu Yifei got up slowly and walked around the table, looking at the waves with a mysterious smile on his face, and his eyes came up to the waves
The wave sofa doesn’t move and laughs. "You don’t want it here because you laugh so lewd, do you?"
His eyes flashed and he smiled. "It is said that this living room is equipped with a camera. Aren’t you afraid that the old man will watch the live broadcast between us?"
Liu Yifei smiled and said, "I’m early for the camera."
By this time, she had walked beside the waves, leaned over, put her face close to the waves, leaned over the waves’ ears and said softly, "I never told Hengyu where you were hiding!"
After that, I slowly pulled myself back and stared at the waves carefully. My face was still smiling, but there was a needle flashing in my eyes!
Liu Yifei’s words are as powerful as throwing an original bomb in his heart when listening to the waves!
The waves are thousands of calculations, but it doesn’t count that Liu Yifei actually left a hand and didn’t tell Hengyu about his plan. If so, the so-called "evidence" that the waves did imposed on Hengyu couldn’t be established!
-If Liu Yifei didn’t tell Hengyu the hiding place of the waves, would it be leaked to the "Star Gang"? What about the "Star Gang" sending killers to assassinate the waves?
-this proves that everything is directed and performed by the waves, and the purpose is to plant and frame Heng Yu to take the blame!
-It is also proved that the waves are in cahoots with the "Star Gang" or that the waves are sent by the "Star Gang" to the "Fulong Gang" undercover!
The waves didn’t expect Liu Yifei to be so calculating, but they underestimated her!
In less than a second, the wave brain turned hundreds of thoughts. One of them was that the horse killed Liu Yifei to kill him!
But he immediately overturned the idea because he knew that he could still sit here and talk to Liu Yifei because Liu Yifei didn’t tell Shao Yifu about it!
At the same time, he also dared to confess to Liu Yifei because Liu Yifei had already made a plan to deal with it, and the plan to kill her by the waves would fail!
The waves are what smart people think of, and they quickly calm down and think of a plan in their minds.
Liu Yifei is also a wise man, not only wise but also accurate enough. If she misjudges, the waves may kill her. Even if she plans to destroy the waves, it will be too late to die first. Fortunately, her eyes are accurate enough to see that the waves are a wise man and will not act rashly.
The waves looked up and looked Liu Yifei in the eye. They looked at each other quietly for five seconds. Suddenly, Zhan Yan smiled and said, "Why didn’t you tell Shao Yifu about this?"
Liu Yifei smiled and was in no hurry to answer. He took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet, poured two glasses and gave the waves a glass of himself and drank a cup of elegant waves. He turned around and said, "Remember when you asked me if old Shao really didn’t know that we were having an affair?"
The waves took the red wine and cocked Jiro’s feet and said, "Yes, I asked you but didn’t say."
Liu Yifei sat on the sofa opposite the waves and looked into the eyes of the waves and said, "From the moment we contacted, it was arranged by Shao Yifu! He wants me to control you! "