A beautiful man with a face of righteousness said sternly, "I didn’t know people’s good colors before. Since my wife smiled, I missed my wife day and night, and I have a wife since then."
Su Wan directly gave this shameless man a look.
Two people flirt all the way back to the room, and they can’t tell that love is sweeter than honey and drunk than people.
Xiao Huang dressed Su Wan carefully and put on a suit for himself, so he called people to prepare dinner.
After dinner, two people lie on the bed cover and chat purely. Xiao Huang intends to do this.
Huang is going to leave Su Wan alone this night and let her take good care of herself.
Three days later, Xiao Huang personally took Su Wan back to Anguo Houfu, and the East China Sea Huang Feng Linglong and others waited for two people to see how their daughter was doing.
At first glance, I saw my daughter Yan Ruo Tao Li’s son-in-law was all smiles. At first glance, I saw that two people were more loving than Feng Linglong and Feng Linglong. They were completely relieved. After lunch, they took the East China Sea guards away from the place where Feng Linglong took Xiao Huang’s respect and entrusted Su Wan to Xiao Huang.
"Xiao Huang should treat her son well. It is not easy to meet someone who loves herself and loves her in this life."
"Mother-in-law’s adult can rest assured that I will treat ladies well and don’t let her hurt a little."
Xiao Huang is very respectful to Feng Linglong, and his attitude is naturally more respectful than sincere marriage to someone else’s daughter, but not so respectful to his father-in-law, because this guy always takes a bite.
"Be nice to your son when you are young, or I’ll break your leg."
Xiao Huang left their two people all the way to send the East China Sea Emperor and Empress away from Anguo Houfu.
Su Wan suddenly gave up, and she was deeply attached to Feng Linglong, which really hurt her. It’s a pity that this mother is extremely difficult to see.
Side Xiao Huang stretched out his hand and took Su Wan’s shoulder temperature and said, "If you miss her later, I will take you to visit them in the East China Sea."
"Good deal"
"It’s a deal"
Two people laughed at the same time, Xiao Huang and Su Wan excused themselves from Anguohou, Hou Su Peng and Bai Qin, and took their hands back to Jing Wangfu.
The next day, the two of them would never leave the pale blue yard, and there was not even a step at the gate except for a walk in the toilet yard.
Everyone in Jing Wangfu knows that Shi Ye and Shi Fei are more in love than each other.
The news in the house slowly spread out, and the whole city people talked about this marriage in succession, about the love between Shi Ye and Shi Fei, and about Xiao Shi who was as cold as before, and finally fell in love with someone and was so infatuated.
The whole city said that he was a rare man, and the whole city envied the dead woman.
The news slowly reached the Orient Taifu and TaiXiao Ye’s ear. Since Xiao Huang and Su Wan got married, Xiao Ye has fainted in a fit of anger. These days, he has been groggy and ill, and he has not completely heard these words again. He almost fainted with anger.
However, anger gave birth to a driving force, and people who had been lingering on their sickbeds for many days suddenly got up and went all the way into the palace to see the emperor
Emperor Chenggan was also very angry in his heart, and his father and his son saw Xiao Huang as a thorn in his side and a thorn in his flesh, but he did not get rid of unpleasant people.
Because there is such a common character, the father and the son have a kind of solidarity, so they are very United.
"Father, we can’t let this guy be so arrogant any more. It’s hateful not to look at us."
Too Xiao Ye whole person can’t say how gloomy the whole body is full of haze.
Emperor Chenggan knew that his son was so angry because he was robbed and liked women, and then he agreed to nod. Then he slowly said, "Xiao Huang is so arrogant because he is in charge of the soldiers. The first thing we have to do is to get the soldiers back from him."
"Take back his soldiers."
Xiao Ye eyes lit up with a calm nod and then looked at the first ChengGan emperor in the hall and said quickly, "Father can rest assured that if he does, he will definitely take this guy’s soldiers."
Emperor Chenggan laughed coldly. "If he doesn’t have a soldier in his hand, what is it? It’s easy for me to charge him with Jing Wangfu. You must take the soldier in his hand."
Xiao Huang has two gangs in his hands. One group is the imperial soldiers, with a total of 100,000 people. Because Xiao Huang can recruit good fighters, these 100,000 people are secretly regarded as the private army in Xiao Huang’s hands.
He wants to show Heaven and Man that these soldiers are not Xiao Huangbing, but court soldiers and his soldiers.
In Xiao Huang’s hand, the other 30,000 military forces were originally some remnants of the army. At that time, he didn’t think that these people could succeed, so he agreed to Xiao Huang’s idea of compiling these remnants of the army into a private army. He couldn’t succeed because many of these people were disabled at first, and they didn’t succeed in anything. But even so, what if these people were willing to follow Xiao Huang into rebellion? He took 100,000 soldiers in Xiao Huang’s hand first, and then took 30,000 soldiers in his hand, and then treated Jing Wangfu as a capital crime.
Xiao Ye had the motivation in his heart and immediately revived his fuels with all his strength. "Son, do it at once."
"Okay, go."