"thank me?" South glory magic ran one leng.
"Thank you for believing me!" Yang night yi tooth a smile "can you give your father’s life to me that we are what friendship hahaha …"
"You are small!" Nan Rong smiled, "My heart is sarcastic!"
"Well, Nanrong Fantasy will go to a foreign country through the mirror door after you receive the signal from the domain owner in two days. I won’t come over and wait for you directly in a foreign country!" Yang night ran twist a head and said
"See you in two days, then." Nan Rong slowed down.
"I’ll go first!" Yang night accelerated and rushed directly to the lobby on the first floor.
South glory magic stopped and looked at the run away. Yang night laughed silently and was laughing.
"Scratching" a burst of footsteps suddenly rushed over to several male and female servants and the old housekeeper ran over and shouted and asked, "Gentleman, why don’t you chase Gentleman Yang?
The master said he couldn’t leave! "
Yang night has run to the first floor, Wang Cai is chatting and sitting on the sofa in the lobby on the first floor, looking around and thinking about whether to have dinner at the South House. Suddenly, I saw the gentleman come running with a smile but didn’t stop. He rushed past him and ran to the gate and shouted, "Wang Cai! Run! Quick! "
Wang Cai was stunned and turned around to see the servants behind him shouting "Stop!" "Don’t let him get away!" Such words scared the daylights out of Wang Cai, started running after the gentleman desperately.
Out of the gate, Yang’s helicopter stopped not far from the lawn. Yang night ran quickly in front of Wang Cai and played hard behind him, followed by his hands and had to protect the two gentlemen in his waist. Behind him was a "rumble" chasing crowd, and many servants who didn’t know the truth followed suit.
Wangcai took one look back, and the tears scared him out. He swung his legs even harder and ran with tears and cried out, "Gentleman! What’s wrong? What have you stolen from others? ! ……”
There was a thrilling trip back to the Yangjia mansion. Yang Ye first went to see his father, Yang Zhenkui, and briefly reported what happened in the Zhang family and said that he had found a dark room.
"Jialan ore?" Yang Zhenkui shook his head.
"Dad, you don’t know?" Yang night leng one.
"Well I don’t know.
However, this Jialan ore should be similar to Gangjin ore. Yang Zhenkui frowned and analyzed "At present, the Zhang family in these five families did not say Nanrong, but they did not obviously play the idea of Gangjin ore in Jinshi Islands. Now it seems that Zhang Tianshou must have found this Jialan ore and would not peep at Gangjin ore in his spare time."
"hmm!" Yang night agreed and nodded, "I’ll find out about it."
Yang Zhen-kui looked at Yang Yi’s eyebrows and said softly, "Little late son, dad knows that you have changed, and now you finally know how to help the family, but" Yang Zhen-kui stared at Yang Yi’s eyes ",but dad doesn’t want you to have great ambitions and remember that you should not infringe on our Yang family.
It’s none of our business how others do and develop. "
Yang night leng suddenly laughed out "ha ha ha dad when did you see that I have ambition? Now I don’t care about anything if I ask you a word! "
"No, I mean …" Yang Zhenkui hesitated. "I mean, you’re still young to deal with those people. I’m afraid you’ll get hurt."
"Don’t worry, Dad," Yang Ye looked Yang Zhenkui in the eye. "I don’t care if they don’t bother our Yang family, but I will never let them have a good life if they mess with us or plot against us!"
From his father, Yang Ye took two stolen from Zhang Tianshou’s room to find his mother, Bai Jingjing Bai Jingjing. There was no one in the room, so Yang Ye knew everything and went directly to Yang Xu’s room.
Sure enough, the little mother Bai Jingjing, Yang Shan and Yang Xudu were talking and laughing, and it was very lively that Yang Xu still stayed in bed and laughed, and then the horse looked morosely.
Yang Xu had known that he was insane for some time. When people lied to him, it was because of excessive excitement and fatigue that the cerebral cortex was temporarily deprived of oxygen, which led to the regular atrophy of cerebellum, which led to slow metabolism, high blood pressure and abnormal activity of cerebral blood vessels, which led to the wrinkle of cerebral sulcus, which was called "SB5" by international medical organizations. Transient amnesia and mental disorders would occur.
Yang Xu stared and nodded "Oh" in front of the ground for a long time. Don’t say he didn’t understand a word. Yang Ye didn’t even know what he was talking about.
But the problem is that Yang Xu has returned to normal, but he still pretends to be sick in bed every day, dizzy for a while, hallucinating for a while, pretending to be crazy and hugging his wife.