But they were too happy.
Those indestructible Jin Leihong Lin Yushen not only didn’t blow Lin Yu into dross, but seemed to be absorbed into the body by Lin Yu, covering Lin Yu’s body with golden light.
"How did this happen?" These three people look like they’ve seen a monster with three heads and six arms alive. It’s hard to understand what this is.
The real reason is very simple. Their metallic attack to bombard the body is a metallic body. Lin Yu’s behavior is like adding fuel to the fire. It is purely stupid.
"It’s my turn!" Lin Yu hey hey smile two hands magic sword with a wave of his hand a huge golden circular sword arc toward three people to cut.
Three people immediately a teleport to hide to the sword arc cut a through the red isolation array sword fell to the cloud broken mountains near the city.
Although everyone can’t see the situation inside the large array, Lin Yu can see clearly the sword arc.
Everyone saw that the sword arc fell and a hill hundreds of meters high was cut by it from the middle and collapsed instantly!
"Who is the man who flattened a mountain with one sword?" Judging from the attack style, everyone knows that this sword can’t be issued by three people in Los Angeles.
Since it’s not them, can it be Yuan Lan? But now yuan LAN can have such strength?
"Dad, do you want to ask his elders for help?" Luo Tao’s father Luo Ronghua frowned and asked
Luo Zhong shook his head and his face was extremely pale. "Wait and see that no one came out from the inside and said that people are fighting that nemesis for the time being."
Luo Zhong, this decision is extremely correct. If he calls his elders here to deal with a large array of powerful enemies at this time, I’m afraid he will be ruined by the powerful Luo family.
Isolated from the large array, the three men hid from Lin Yu’s sword and waved it, but the afterglow of this sword arc reached them, and they cut their bodies into dozens of tiny incisions.
Look at yourself for a long time without bleeding, and the flesh bleeds today. These three people will know that they are in trouble today.
Three enemies and one fight like this. Lin Yu, this demon shura is too strong!
But they have their pride, even if they die, they will not give up automatically, let alone think about running away.
"Geng Jin is cracked!"
A strong Luo family’s hands danced rapidly, and several golden vitality knives appeared from the virtual to brush and cut to Lin Yu.
Lin Yu’s rapidly vibrating wings turned into a red light that shuttled through those dense knives.
Poop, poop, poop …
Red light and golden light cross, and the golden light breaks up and the golden light particles disperse little by little.
"Mixed wave!"
The other two Luo family strong palm root relative palm toward Lin Yu push two round golden ball roar fly out fiercely hit Lin Yu.
"Heaven and man are strong, but that’s all!" Lin Yu’s wings suddenly became bigger behind a contemptuous smile and became a pair of giant kopis, who flew forward and instantly chopped the two golden balls.
"Heaven and man move their fists!"
"A thousand turns!"
"The eternal life is shattered!"
Three Los Angeles strong men kept attacking Lin Yu, and Lin Yu was also willing to cope with resolving their attacks one by one.
What people can see outside the isolation array is that the ground around the red isolation array gives off a violent shake from time to time, and all the stones on the ground are shattered into powder, not to mention flowers and trees.
Lin Yu’s high-speed flight made him turn into a red light, while the three men turned into three golden lights. When the red light and the golden light were rapidly strangled together, the vitality fluctuations emitted by them were pushed out layer by layer, all of which were blocked by the red isolated light array.
If these vitality spread outward, the whole Yunduan city, tens of thousands of villages and towns in Fiona Fang will be pushed to dust!
In the four days, atrix was still tied for dozens of minutes. After a clear "bang", the three men pulled away from Lin Yu
"If you decide the outcome with one move, you must eradicate this scourge of Cangyu mainland!" The three men fought with Lin Yudou for so long that Lin Yu failed to kill one of them, which greatly increased their confidence.
If the demon shura is killed by the three of them, it will be hoped that they will all rise to a higher level in the mainland.
This kind of opportunity can’t be found by others with lanterns.
Since it’s a trick to win or lose, these three people must be their stunts.
Lin Yu sneered at the ground and faced them. He wanted to see what skills the three strong men in heaven and earth would display.
"Three souls in one, golden soul calling!" Three people in the body immediately out of the three and body exactly the same yuan soul three yuan soul together with a dazzling golden light shining a statue of more than ten meters high yuan soul Jin Ren suddenly appeared in front of Lin Yu!
This statue of Yuan soul gold man holding a pair of golden hammers just appeared is a series of overwhelming vitality hammers dancing towards Lin Yu and smashed up.
Instead of dodging, Lin Yu vibrates his wings and rushes to the Yuan Soul Gold Man!
"ninety-nine swords!" The magic sword in Lin Yu’s hand came out to sell, and the sword was transformed into one to protect Lin Yu.
This skill comes from the feather Chen Cheng in the magic sword of Shura, and Lin Yu will put it to use conveniently.
The golden hammer and the eleven swords collided with each other, full of their fierce collision, tinkling and shining, which shows that the fighting between the two sides is fierce!