"Kitten! Tell grandpa who you want to talk to! "
"I …"
"Don’t be afraid." Tezuka shook her trembling hand and dried her tears.
"What will force me to choose …"
The kitten ran out angrily with glittering and translucent tears!
Traces and tezuka room produced an apology in my heart.
"Grandpa is so excited today …"
"Don’t be careless"
"Go find a kitten? Huh? "
Chapter 51 Tragedy of Kittens
The kitten wandered angrily down the street, suddenly blindfolded, unable to see anything, and her heart was full of fear.
I was dragged to a dilapidated warehouse!
I felt dizzy and opened my eyes to see that it was a red stag!
The red stallion slapped the kitten’s right face and immediately swollen with a five-finger print!
Tears in my eyes seem to flow in a second.
"Let you seduce tezuka! You dare to rob my man! Huh? !” Red Bull picked up the kitten, dragged her to the corner and tied her up.
"I didn’t seduce Tezuka!" The kitten looked up and shouted stubbornly. "
"no? You said no, no? ! Hey! Do you eat for free? ! Do it for me! !” The red stag shouted to the side, a few gangsters immediately before.
The gangster walked towards the kitten with a thick whip in his hand.
The kitten’s eyes were frightened, and tears fell when she looked at the whip in those people’s hands.
"pa!" A heavy fall on the kitten.
"pa!" Another kitten’s coat was broken, which can be said to be rotten, revealing the scars and white skin that were swollen by the whip, which was particularly ferocious.
One after another …
The kitten shouted one to one hysterically, screaming with charming little face and trembling with fear!
"Does it hurt? I don’t think it’s enough! Rest assured that I won’t let you die so easily! " The red stag toyed with her nails and said gently
"Don’t leng to continue! I haven’t stopped yet! "
Almost a hundred beatings in 3 minutes!
The red stallion suddenly got up.
"You know what? I heard that it seems very painful to prick people? " The red stallion said it gently as if it was particularly easy to say a joke.
Lifting the kitten almost collapsed, her face was pale and there was no trace of blood!
Those hooligans brought some sewing needles and handed them to the red stallion.
"Boss, do you need any help?"
"No, I’ll do it myself!" Red bull sneers and pulls out a needle.
The face looks a little ferocious and stung the kitten! At this time, the kitten couldn’t stop moaning, and even the moaning sound just because of pain seemed so powerful.
"Don’t don’t …" He fainted.
The red bull has fainted, and the kitten continues to mercilessly trample on her body. Every needle is so deep that it is full of hatred and venting!
The pale face of the kitten can’t tell whether it is tears or sweat.
Cry for a ticket ~ don’t come again, let the kitten continue to be severely abused!
Chapter 5 Wound Salt
It was not until 11 o’clock in the evening that the red bull stopped torturing her!
In the cat’s sleepy sleep, the devil devours everything.
Is she going to die? No way! She hasn’t eaten octopus roast yet! If you die less, you should be a full dead fool!
At 9 o’clock the next day, the red stag came near with a handful of salt and whip.
qu; I heard that it hurts to sprinkle salt on the wound? Miss really wants to try it! qu;
qu; Are you trying to eat me? It tastes bad to sprinkle salt. Just sprinkle sugar! qu; The kitten mourned for herself …