Brother Gan lifted his foot and beat his body bloody and heartbroken. It’s more stupid than pulling a shovel forward and pulling the woman behind him quickly to Hoa. "Take the people back and don’t panic. Give it to me in front!" Say that finish will turn away.
"That … what about me, little brother?" That captain has learned a lot today. He has been drifting for so many years, which country’s warships and special forces have seen it, but he has never seen such a sharp skill. Now he seems to be able to guess the identity of Brother Gan. He must be an agent sent by his country to rescue them, so he took Brother Gan with a full face of surprise and asked
There are still so many pirates who haven’t solved the problem. When I talk nonsense with him here, I am a little impatient and casually replied, "You help these people to retreat!"
"Yes!" The captain replied excitedly, thinking that when he went back this time, he could brag to those old guys. After all, he helped to crack down on pirates. He quickly retreated with the islanders.
I was drinking wine, talking about the meat section, and listening to a woman screaming in the distance. Huang Mao, the boss, suddenly heard the thought of guns and screams, and immediately jumped up and picked up the table. ak47′ s small eyes and several others also grabbed the guy and looked at the place where the shots were fired.
"Get out of here, big brother!" Small eyes listened closer and closer, and the gun quickly suggested that he seemed to understand what the problem must be with the four crew members who came a few days ago, but he dared not say that he had brought those four people.
"Mom a ratio! My god, my ancestors! How can a woman be done if she doesn’t do it! " Huang Mao’s boss blew his nose and stared angrily, cursing that the treasure would be handed over as soon as he ate it. He couldn’t bear to say anything, but he still saved his life at this time, so he ordered, "Get his mother out of here!"
Dry elder brother with Zhang Yang Li Xiaomeng Wang Jun three people searching forward suddenly dry elder brother think of a crop of things arranged "Yang Zi you follow me to the shore that help dog day pirates are better than monkeys will find opportunities to slip away! Xiao Mengjun, you two keep searching! " Said with Zhang Yang quickly rushed to the shore.
"Boss, I have to take that old guy with me or I won’t come back in the future!" Small eyes strategist suddenly remembered the old clan thing suggested.
"Oh, come on, your horse will take a person to bring me the old things!" The yellow-haired boss is now in a hurry, and some impatience commands that he is in a hurry to run to the berth of the speedboat, while his small eyes take a bald gourd ladle and hurry to the hut of the old clan.
If you let one of these pirates escape this time, it will leave a future trouble and the future trouble will be poor, which may bring disaster to Sidao, so the only way is to get rid of these pirates and kill ya! So he took Zhang Yang and rushed to the shore without a moment’s delay. Chapter 57 Crisis lifted.
When Brother Gan and Zhang Yang came to the shore, Boss Huang Mao and several people were about to take the speedboat. When Brother Gan saw the gun, they all got here. If these idiots get away again, don’t call out their own dragon names.
"Bang, bang, bang" bombs hit the outer wall of the speedboat, and the sound was heard. Zhang Yang saw the gun and took it up. He shot it unequivocally. Although he hadn’t touched such a hot guy for a long time, his blood was boiling in the past, and it didn’t decrease at all. The ak47 automatic rifle was his mother’s pleasure to fight.
"Yang Zi can’t let them ship if he gives me a hard beating, otherwise this trip will be for nothing!" Harsh gun dry elder brother shouted ordered
Zhang Yang nodded heavily and opened his mouth and answered, "White! Just look at it, brother! " As he spoke, he kept pulling the trigger, and the black muzzle of ak47 kept spewing and raging, and the flames almost burned the barrel red.
If Zhang Yang is finished with fire suppression, then the dry elder brother is 100% accurate shooting. The seven bald scoops were blown up by the dry elder brother in a few minutes, and Zhang Yang raindrops hit the roots like a blow. No one dared to go near the speedboat, and everyone was lying there lurking and shooting at random.
"My day! Mom is faster than his mother! " Huang Mao’s boss has only two hands left when he looks around him, and they are all timid. Even the head around him can’t take this game. If he doesn’t ship as soon as possible, I’m afraid he’ll have to be planted here this time, so he raised his hand and fanned him with a bald gourd ladle and slapped him with a big scold.
The bald gourd ladle was scolded by the boss, and when he saw the yellow hair boss’s gun, it arrived behind him, so he didn’t dare to resist and fight with one heart. But before he got up, he was shot by the dry elder brother, and his right leg was abolished and plopped down, clutching his thigh and moaning and shrinking back.
Bald gourd ladle eldest brother at this time, the intestines are almost regretful. He can’t figure out how to learn the gun from those stupid than unintelligent goods in Baidao and play it so accurately. He kicked bald gourd ladle, who was injured in the leg. "Mom is a waste! Howl! " Then he turned and glared at another bald gourd ladle shivering behind him. "What are you looking at?"
"Eldest brother … I … I …" The bald gourd ladle a listen to let oneself look down at the guilty glanced at his thigh has been abolished guy stammer cowardice way he didn’t want to die.
"You what you! Let you just! Believe it or not, I’ll shoot you! ?” The yellow-haired boss’s prickly hair glared at him and scolded him for talking. The revolver had been pulled out from the waist and topped the bald gourd ladle.
Bald gourd ladle with a cold sweat watching from the opposite side kept shooting stray bullets hit the beach and sand after the collision, the poor students looked back with a cold shudder and looked at the large-caliber revolver at the back of his head. He knew that he had no choice but to rush forward because he could still escape stray bullets and pick up a life. If he retreated, he almost lost half his head! So he clutched ak47 with both hands, regardless of whether he aimed at it or not, and kept pulling the trigger and running to the speedboat with his eyes closed.
Seeing this, I really want to criticize my mother. I dare to come out as a pirate at this level. I might as well go home and hug my baby and coax my daughter-in-law! Dry elder brother with the wave motioned Zhang Yang to stop. After all, the play was limited. Seeing that dry elder brother didn’t aim at a single pistol, he pulled the trigger decisively by feeling. With a bang, the bald gourd ladle fell flat, and the beach body was two or three meters away from the speedboat.
"fuck! Waste! " Huang Mao, the boss, looked at the bald gourd ladle and it fell short. There were still two or three steps from the speedboat. He hung up in a rage and scolded ak47 in his hand, but he glanced at his feet and groaned. Suddenly, the bald gourd ladle had a point to see him wailing like a dry elder brother just now. The bald gourd ladle blocked his front and slowly moved to the speedboat.
Don’t say he this recruit really quite Zhang Yang that chug kept playing almost all shot into the front of the yellow hair boss bald gourd ladle body, the yellow hair boss essence and a monkey like don’t even show their heads to see the dog day is coming to the front of the speedboat, Zhang Yang can turn in a hurry and look at the dry elder brother shouted "what to do dry elder brother? !”
Brother Gan ignored Zhang Yang, but kept gesturing with a pike in his hand. It seemed to be aiming, but there was hazy moonlight in the dark night. Maybe brother Gan had luminous eyes? Zhang Yang looked puzzled at Brother Gan and held her breath for fear of affecting his thoughts.
After listening to "bang", the elder brother pulled the trigger steadily, and it was "bang" for half a second. When Zhang Yang looked into the distance, the yellow-haired boss was already leaning on the speedboat. A bomb was like peanuts in the middle of the eyebrows. Zhang Yang stared at the elder brother with his mouth open in amazement and patted the silly Zhang Yang. "Come on, don’t be stupefied and clean the battlefield quickly!"
"Oh … it’s coming …" Zhang Yang reacted and quickly got up and followed with a gun, and he clearly felt the heat and sweat on his hand just now.
Zhang Yang, who came to the edge of the speedboat, carefully examined the yellow-haired boss. When he saw that the yellow-haired boss was shot in the eyebrows, the middle finger of his left hand was smashed into two pieces. It seems to be white. How did Brother Gan just kill the yellow-haired boss who was hiding so tightly? First, the thugs let him eat the meat shield and bare the gourd ladle, and then he was not alert. When he thought about it, Zhang Yang said to himself, "What is high is high …" He knew that Brother Gan was a master, but he had never seen Brother Gan make a move. This time was his heart.
"It’s not good that there are two foreigners missing!" Dry elder brother carefully check the beach pirates found small eyes and a bald gourd ladle don’t hurriedly shouted.
"ah? ! No! " Zhang Yang conveniently handed Huang Mao’s big-caliber revolver over and said goodbye. He exclaimed in his waist and looked at Brother Gan in confusion. "Do you really let those two escape?"
Brother gan thought for a while and suddenly shouted "broken!" Old patriarch! " He said, and ran to the hut. Zhang Yang said that he didn’t ask much, so he quickly followed.
At this time, the door of the hut is not peaceful. Li Xiaomeng and Wang Jun have been chasing along the avenue just to find that the small eyes and a bald gourd ladle are swearing and dragging the old clan, so the two sides quickly made a fire. However, because the small eyes and the bald gourd ladle have the old clan as hostages, Li Xiaomeng and Wang Jun did not dare to mess around.