Chen smiled and ignored the Terran Venerable Master. He moved his mind and put Su Yu into a three-flowered sitting posture.
Then a venerable master watched Chen Conghuai and took out a wooden box.
This wooden box is of primitive simplicity as if there were traces of mottled years on the surface of ordinary things.
As Chen hit this small wooden box, the brilliance bloomed in an instant!
"Hum! ! !”
As if from ancient times, the vibration resounded through the heavens and the earth, and the gods overflowed, and the extreme terror and rich life breath flowed out of the small wooden box and instantly filled the whole star field, making the universe source tremble clearly.
In an instant, the flower Xinghai on the other side bloomed beautifully and made several Terran venerable people dumbfounded.
What on earth is this thing so terrible!
The breath of God’s splendor is so strong that it is as strong as that of the venerable. Those pair of eyes that can see through the truth and falsehood can’t see clearly what is in the small wooden box.
"The end of life is death"
"The end of death is life"
"Life and death intersect, Yin and Yang blend"
Chen Nan muttered to herself, waved his hand and scattered the strong radiance of heaven and earth, and the small wooden box clearly showed everyone’s eyes.
"What is this?"
"A drop of blood? !”
Fox nine people can’t help but exclaim indecision and look at the small wooden box and see that the small wooden box contains a drop of glittering and translucent blood red, which is full of monstrous qi and blood to the extreme. The qi and blood just overflowed and let the venerable one kneel down.
That’s terrible! It’s horrible!
Whose blood is this? What kind of biological blood is this?
How terrible it would be if a drop of blood could suppress the venerable sir after several years!
Terran venerable people are afraid, poor fox and other people are frightened, and they feel a strange and extremely familiar smell from this drop of blood, but they can’t believe it.
Is that man really so powerful?
"What is this?"
Ann’s heart can’t help but tremble and ask that just a drop of blood has blossomed into several cosmic visions, as if a drop of blood could suppress the whole universe!
"This is a drop of blood."
Chen smiled and looked a little nostalgic, muttering, "This is the real blood of the Great Emperor, this is my master’s blood."
162 Chapter 162 Cosmic furnace! Soul of the people! Sun moon heart! Star body!
Is this the real blood of the great emperor?
This is foreign mythical blood?
Several Terran venerable persons shocked them and stared at the scene.
This drop of emperor’s blood is endless, and the breath of poor terror and life is full, which makes the virtual energy of the whole star domain universe slightly tear.
This is just a drop of blood!
Have such a terrible power!
How terrible it would be if the alien myth came here in person, and what kind of state he has reached!
A few terran venerable people’s hearts shake for a long time.
The red leader’s finger was glittering and translucent, and the blood of the terrible poor emperor floated and quickly sank into Su Yu’s mouth.
This drop of emperor’s blood instantly turns into poverty, and energy flows down Su Yu’s throat into the limbs and bones fill Su Yu’s body.
If Su Yu is now a dry sea, then rushing into the body of the emperor’s blood, hand-kneading and strategical control will turn the most quintessential source energy into Su Yu’s dry sea.
Great blood energy is too essence! Too many!
If Su Yu is the ocean, then the blood of the emperor is enough to fill the whole universe!
This is the essence of Daoyuan energy, which is really too much!
It’s a magical thing that can come back to life and change its life. At this time, there is an unpredictable reaction
Su Yu’s body has undergone visible changes, and pieces of red tide have appeared as if she had a huge stove, refining and burning wildly.
Like the essence of the hot flame billowing around Su Yu, Su Yu looks like a red-hot iron block, and the situation is extremely bad.
Su Yu’s whole body is full of too many breath of life, and the blood and blood are terrible to the extreme.
Everything is the opposite, even if it is essential for ordinary human breathing, if too much oxygen is inhaled, it may lead to oxygen poisoning.
Su Yu’s present situation is that Daoyuan is an indispensable foundation for every practitioner, and Su Yu’s present Daoyuan has not only been completely restored by the Ministry, but also has a few more essence Daoyuan breath!
"Feather son he"
Ann’s heart turned pale and vaguely regretted letting Chen help Su Yu. He wouldn’t cut off Yu Er’s last chance, would he?
"Elderly, do you think we should do it now?"
Master Wu Shengge looked nervously at An Jun and made a gesture to stop robbing Su Yu.
"Wait and see"