"When he was running away, he suddenly saw a demon carrying a bag of shiny gems and escaping from the ruins in a panic."
"At this time, the tunnel collapse speed is too fast to escape."
"The man inspired the sending scroll, and at last he saw the goblin dive into it and disappear from sight."
After listening, Gu Qingshan asked, "What are goblins and insects-any kind of insects will do, or do they like to keep insects?"
Su Xueer recalled for a while and said, "goblins hate insects. They like beautiful, magical and gorgeous things-in fact, they produced the first bottle of pesticides in the 900 million-story world, and then they silently pushed pesticides to hundreds of millions of worlds."
"Okay, I get it. Cher is great."
Gu Qingshan touched her head and pulled out her sword and walked to the corner of the secret passage.
"Is this it?" He pointed to a ground and asked the attendant.
"Just this one, I just don’t know how to go," said the attendant.
Gu Qingshan Jian struck a piece of floor tile hard.
The ground shook when he hit the eleventh floor tile.
Then the slate turned Gu Qingshan and fell directly.
There was a commotion.
Su Xueer exclaimed and rushed over to jump.
Half way through, she pulled out her card and was ready to fight.
But there was no fighting.
A pair of strong arm caught her.
"Relax here," Gu Qingshan said.
He guessed everything but forgot Su Xueer’s reaction.
Fortunately, the strength and reaction speed in the body have been improved, otherwise you may not be able to catch Su Xueer.
"The 100-meter-long worm-"Su Xueer said as she looked down Gu Qingshan’s line of sight.
Two people didn’t speak at the moment.
That’s not a bug.
It was a dusty steel train with a long track leading to the lonely and dark depths.
"Castle Peak"
"What’s the matter?" Gu Qingshan eyes staring at the steel train mouth asked.
Su Xueer whispered, "… My map is activated."
Chapter sixty-seven Xinghui origin war orders
"don’t move"
Gu Qingshan holding Su Xueer slowly from the edge of the track back to the road.