For example, some people can fly to a long distance without being attacked by biological aircraft.
If there are any living things on the surface, it will not work, such as microorganisms sticking to the surface or if the aircraft system is intelligent, it will be regarded as living things by them.
Hope that the broadcaster will test the rover’s criteria for judging creatures.
It thinks that if it can completely disguise itself as abiotic things, it can definitely escape. Although the rover will also drag those abiotic things back, it can fly far before dragging it to the farthest distance and suddenly accelerating, so it can escape their pursuit.
I hope the broadcaster recognizes its test subjects so much, that is, those creatures that it wears armor
It finds that the parts it falls off will be judged as inanimate, but it can’t control the inanimate parts.
So the broadcaster hopes to adjust the memory and body of these creatures by decomposing the wearing creatures and then let them escape for testing.
Qianlin met those creatures in the hope that the broadcaster would release them for testing, and of course they were also attacked.
I hope that the broadcaster will always let a large number of creatures fly out for testing. Although it has always claimed that its armor can protect every creature, in fact, it never cared about biological life until it met such a group of creatures.
That is, the people of Ershi
To be precise, a land mass’ breeds’ a group of species like Ershi people.
They were originally broadcast by the hope broadcaster’ Hope’ and wore armor. The difference between them is that they noticed their abnormality.
That is, armor breaks down your body.
Hope broadcasters didn’t care that they didn’t notice this, but this group of’ Ershimin’ went to hope broadcasters. At first, they wanted to kill the hope broadcasters who cheated them, but after discovering that the law resisted, the two sides talked about the conditions.
After learning about the overall situation of this area from the hope broadcasters, the’ Ershimin’ once showed despair, but they quickly recovered their composure and made some suggestions, that is, to communicate with the wanderers.
Roamers must be intelligent creatures, and there must be communication possibilities, so I hope broadcasters will let them try and not send them out for the time being.
So they tried to get in touch with the rover, which really succeeded, that is, as Lin saw before, there was a kind of salamander who communicated with them, so they also learned some purposes of the rover
It is difficult to persuade the rover to let them go.
Chapter 15 Ideas
Although collectively referred to as a rover, there are actually many kinds of this creature.
Most of them will not respond to the’ Ershimin’ communication request, and a few species are willing to communicate.
And different kinds of statements are somewhat different.
For example, a kind of rover thinks that a large number of creatures here follow some kind of’ circular system’. Simply put, after the death of creatures here, the bodies will be recycled by the land and then the creatures will be reconstructed again, which is also the reason for the continuous breeding of creatures.
So they think that if they want to kill a lot of creatures far away from the land mass, it will be sooner or later because of insufficient resources to breed new creatures.
Qian Lin has seen that the communication with the’ Ershimin’ is somewhat like a salamander rover, but they think it needs to be’ extinct’
There are many kinds of terrestrial creatures. Newts think that if a species is to stop’ breeding’, it is necessary to kill everyone of this species and make them extinct. After that, these terrestrial blocks will not breed this species again.
There are other rovers who also have some other opinions, some think that it is necessary to form a’ religion’ to make this creature spontaneously destroy, and some think that it is necessary to investigate the breeding source species.
Although these rovers have different ideas, they all intend to destroy the creatures that breed here.
Of course, most rovers communicate with each other, although they all do the same thing, that is, they always attack the escaped creatures here.
In the process of communication with them, the people of Ershi also noticed that these rovers seem to treat these land blocks for a long time for some reason. They will not directly come to the land blocks to attack creatures, and those who can communicate will only stay for a short time.
This seems to be the reason why they are willing to communicate with the people of Ershi.
The goal of the Ershi people is very clear, that is, to let the rover release them and the small group of creatures that hope to broadcast. They will help the rover … destroy these breeding creatures.
Then the deal was made. In fact, they did the same as before, that is, they kept putting some creatures in armor and then sent them out.
A little different from before, this time there are rovers’ guidance’, such as salamander rovers, who will let them send out some specific creatures, some of which are rarely sent out and some will become extinct.
Just like the salamander said, when a creature is extinct, these landmasses will not breed this creature again.
So they tried to destroy many species, but soon found a problem, that is, the land mass is still breeding new species.
Although it will not breed extinct species, it will breed new species. No matter how you do it, the number of these land creatures will not be small.
Newts, on the other hand, let them continue to send endangered species, and they intend to study the’ mystery’ of the overall breeding rules
Other creatures have similar transactions with them, that is, let them continue to send out creatures.
This has been going on for a long time. In fact, these people are not the first generation to communicate with the wanderers. It seems impossible to leave them if they continue to do so.
Of course, they also study the method of separation themselves. In the long-term investigation, they found another possibility of separation, that is, with alien species
In addition to rovers and breeding creatures, there are occasionally some exotic species here, all of which have strong mobility to move in the virtual shadow, so this creature has the opportunity to take them away.
However, this kind of opportunity is very rare, and these people have never met this kind of opportunity, because they have seen other species so far away
And now they think the opportunity has come.
For a long time, these’ Ershimin’ have been sending a large number of creatures outside to be killed and studied by rovers. A small part of them hope that the broadcaster’s original method is to trick some creatures into wearing armor. This way, few creatures can be found, so those who want to catch them in particular will adopt other methods
In addition to compulsory arrest, they also send out some things to deal with difficult creatures, such as the’ sad fluctuation device’, which can send signals to a variety of creatures and make them feel very miserable.
Lin Rongqiu saw this Ershimin here and immediately tried to make Lin feel that it was tragic, so that Lin could take it away. It was because Lin found out that her real idea was not to leave.
Because I don’t know what will happen after I leave, I want to do some land life more.
Some landmasses have relatively complete cities and resources, which are very suitable for them if there is no biological breeding.
So Lin learned about the specific situation here through it.
Here’ biological breeding’ is an interesting mechanism. It seems that no living thing knows how to do it at present. It seems that it can breed a lot of species, and some species are not from these landmasses, such as this group of people.
It may be that the data is obtained from somewhere and then’ bred’.
Although many creatures have been investigated, there is no result. These creatures seem to grow, but they are more like being assembled from unknown places.
Of course, it is initially assembled into a small part, and then this small part is quickly grown into a whole creature.
The rover is very disgusted with biological breeding and these landmasses, and has always wanted to get rid of them, but I don’t know why they can’t directly contact this landmass gathering area.