What drove Illidan’s lackeys to give up the imminent victory?
There is one answer.
It was a blue background flag next to the Delaney holy light banner in Shattrath.
No Delaney has seen this flag. It is said that the flag that has reached a preliminary alliance intention with Delaney from another world alliance is also blue.
But that flag is a lion, and this is a tornado.
Is it this flag that scares off the enemy …
That’s impossible, right?
The Delaney garrison officers almost forgot to breathe and looked at this scene with a long-lived expression.
Don’t say they even just personally raised the flag to the Delaney girl Ariel, who was shocked and almost fell off. Her teeth trembled. "It really … scared off those cruel orcs! ?”
Standing next to Thomas is more shocking than shaking him. Of course he knows this flag, or he just grew up listening to it.
This storm duke flag is a symbol of the times and a living wonder!
One flag retreats all hosts!
No one expected that this miracle, which was praised by several bards in the pub, would happen again in Quel ‘Salas Silver Moon City more than 20 years ago!
Blow your own horn. Duke is already a demigod. Of course, he doesn’t bother to do such a thing.
If he doesn’t do it, Thomas and other people who eat melons will tell Ariel about this flag.
Turning the little girl into a little girl in an instant and even looking at the storm flag have become full of some kind of fanaticism
It’s not her fault
In recent decades, Delaney people have been bullied by orcs!
How can an orc from outside Delano give them a good look?
Before Kilgardan, an early orc, tricked Nero Zu into waging a face-to-face war against Delaney, the two sides had long been feuding, and various border conflicts hurt each other, which had already laid the groundwork for this war.
However, at that time, orcs were clan units, and the Delaney people also urged them to suppress themselves as much as possible.
But so what?
Orcs kill Delaney people.
The brave Delaney fathers and brothers were beheaded and marked, and the flags of various clans were hung, and their wives and daughters were fed as food to bloodthirsty Wolf Warriors.
And all this came to an end with the fall of the city of Shattas, which lasted for several years.
Repeated battles, repeated defeats and repeated battles!
This is the Delaney portrayal.
The evil orcs came again today.
Hoping for the light, Delaney people once again tried to defend their holy city, but no one really imagined the taste of success and supported themselves purely with courage.
That desperate struggle easily scared away the orcs, which formed a huge contrast.
Ariel, a Delaney girl, has a strange feeling that she can understand herself. She suddenly becomes more eager to see the owner of this flag.
At this moment, Karazan just strolled to Duke, and Aurelia caught a glimpse of this scene.
"hey! Not bad! I didn’t expect Duke Marcus’ banner to be able to bluff in Outland! " Windrunner elder sister teased Duke.
Duke smiled. "If it’s all those brain-dead evil orcs, there’s really no way to accomplish anything. It’s Kilrog who leads the army opposite!"
If you were another orc commander with no brain, you would probably be frightened and never reach the order of withdrawing troops for a while.
Kilrog is not.
Inherited the memory of his life, and he also inherited the fear of the orcs
That was from the second Dark Gate War, how to struggle, how to succeed, how to change yourself, and how to be tortured by Duke.
The Armageddon of the French attack on Ironforge was badly abused, and the new boss Nero Zu was abused again and died next to the dark door.
More importantly, Kilrog is a rare orc with power. His red one-eyed man has a certain degree of ability to see through the future. Although it can glimpse the fragmented fragments of the future, it has always been by this ability that he has consolidated his strength and killed the four sides.
This time, without exception, he looked at the banner with his usual blind eyes.
If not!
He clearly felt the power of Duke.