Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventy-nine A bloody battle Bayan
Hof Peter thought it was very naive, causing so much loss to the Central Strategic Corps. Now if you want to run, you should ask Wu Peifu and Zhang Yihu if they promised or not.
After the battle, Zhang Yihu came to Wu Peifu headquarters.
Seeing the honor of Chen Hai, Wu Peifu, Zhang Yihu couldn’t help bursting out with a burst of laughter. "I said that you are too embarrassed. What a shame! It’s really embarrassing. It’s not certain that you can return to Beijing alive if you don’t come here. How did you become a bear’s gall after seeing jade for a few days?"
Zhang Yihu teased with a smile. Wu Peifu and Chen Hai Zhang Yihu were qualified, and Wu Peifu was Chen Hai. There was no way to compare them. Even this guy before Zhang Yihu and Xu Huaijin was always so careless that he didn’t have any temper, let alone Wu Peifu and Chen Hai.
However, Zhang Yihu’s words obviously stimulated two people, especially the Chen Hai Tank Division, who suffered serious losses from other people’s tricks. However, Chen Hai was blushed by Zhang Yihu.
Wu Peifu but no matter so many didn’t good the spirit way "fart somebody else but two hundred thousand troops dog yue let you led four or five divisions to fight with them, you try your special yao is not as good as us! “
Zhang Yihu also don’t angry hey say with smile "yo-ho little wings hard also don’t angry that then come to battle to me to command you behind looking at the old teach you how to wanted to teach you how to fight today! “
Wu Peifu pie pie replied, "come on, you and I didn’t know you couldn’t help but be addicted to war. The instructor came running secretly. I don’t know how to tidy up you. I still think about commanding the battle here? Dream on! "
When I arrived at this quarrel, Zhang Yihu sneered, "I know that you are not angry. What is this old thing? Eldest brother and instructor have long known that you don’t have to worry about it. How dare you rob me of command when you are young?"
Say this, Zhang Yihu’s hands shook a little. Wu Peifu just glanced at it and didn’t come to see it. He had already been put away by Zhang Yihu.
Wu Peifu sneered, "Who knows if it’s a little fake? If you want to come, you are bold and arrogant. There is no such thing as you dare to do!"
Zhang Yihu scold a way "* * * Don’t you blind but have instructor seal! This battle is always under command! "
Wu Peifu also want to say what was Chen hai a pull low "okay, chief, what’s the matter with you? Let him command it. Anyway, it’s also his first regiment that has become the main force. My Central Strategic Regiment is now but there’s not much power. Anyway, such an event must be a tiger commander and it won’t be a joke …"
Wu Peifu mercilessly stared Zhang Yihu one eye nai way "well, who let you * * * seniority is older than me? Not to be taunted you? Why don’t you tell me how to fight next? Don’t blame me for turning against you if I can’t say one, two, three. How do you think we can attack the city? "
"Siege? Attack a fart city! "
Zhang Yihu scold a way: "Are you silly? Now the Russian ammunition depot has been bombed, the grain depot has been burned, the commander-in-chief has been shot in the head, and the walls have been blown up a lot! Even if they want to die, they have to show enough confidence. What do they have to rely on to fight with us now? "
Wu Peifu was surprised and asked, "Big Brother, what do you think we should do?"
Zhang Yihu sneered, "It’s obvious that it’s impossible for the Russian army to move forward again. Even if the defense runs out of ammunition and food, we may be wiped out in one fell swoop. We don’t have the strength to besiege Bayan, but we will increase casualties!"
Wu Peifu Chen Hai listened and felt that there was some truth in nodding.
Zhang Yihu went on to say, "The preferred route for Russian troops to escape is to flee directly from the north out of the city to the north and directly into Siberia. His three directions are not conducive to their escape. Now I order the two infantry divisions of the Central Strategic Corps to immediately reorganize and temporarily reorganize a division led by Chen Kun himself to watch the south of Bayan so that they have no chance to go south; The tank brigade of the tank division sneaked into the left and right wings on the north side of Bayan this evening to let go of the troops in front of them and directly killed them from the ribs, giving me two Russian troops; The second division and the third division are responsible for the east and west directions. Once a battle breaks out, they will immediately advance towards the north city, completely surround the Russian army from the rear and strive to eat them in one breath! "
Chen Hai frowned and said, "Panic in the outside? It’s not easy to master. After all, there are still about 100,000 Russian troops, so there are more than 10,000 or 20,000 people more than us who can encirclement and suppression. Afraid that we don’t have such a big appetite … "
Zhang Yihu sneered, "Who said anything about encirclement and suppression of them? Didn’t I say let the troops in front go? Once the Russian troops are ambushed, they will never dare to turn back. They have already become frightened! We have to deal with the 50,000 or 60,000 people left behind! Although we don’t have many troops, we have cavalry, tanks and self-propelled artillery. It’s not too late to let go of that part of the Russian army, so let’s clean up the latter part and settle accounts with them! "
Wu Peifu Chen Hai nodding deserves to be the first expert of the Chinese Revolutionary Army. Although this big black head is sometimes too rough, the key moment is absolutely unambiguous!
Zhang Yihu sighed, "Well, that’s it. It will take us some time to eat the Russian army with about 60 thousand troops. Let’s leave all the time to the preparatory workers!"
The whole Chinese Revolutionary Army took action immediately after receiving the order. Now there are less than 20,000 cavalry in the Chinese Revolutionary Army and more than 10,000 infantry in the Central Strategic Regiment. Together, there are almost 40,000 new reinforcements in the first regiment. Even if it is not certain, there will be absolutely no big mistake. Zhang Yihu is full of confidence and the Russian ghost is waiting for the veteran to break it in one breath!
The ministries of the Chinese Revolutionary Army are moving towards their deployment positions, and the last battle is coming. The soldiers absolutely don’t want to let the Russian army go like this, so eat them in one breath!
Chapter one thousand four hundred and ten A bloody battle Bayan ten
Klimov gave Tosstorff a dignified look and sank, "Soldier Tosstorff, you have gained my greatest respect. Rest assured that I will try my best!"
Clay Moff don’t stay Tosstorff answer big drink a way "cavalry guard company immediately charge with me to break through the tank group armed blockade must meet in front of the army striker! Rush! "
More than 100 cavalry companies charged at the tanks like a hurricane!
Tanks also found that this team was unusual, almost deadly, and launched a charge forward. More than a dozen tanks poured the fire department at this cavalry with a huge amount of bombs.
However, Cossack cavalry riding, the world’s best cavalry, is indeed one of the world’s double bullets. Cossack knights put their horses in parallel to minimize the attack area. The horses with two legs are like lightning, just two miles away, and they are inserted into the gap between tanks!
Tanks are not afraid to see that heavy machine gun fire can’t stop them. More than a dozen tanks directly launched a charge and crashed into the cavalry company!
Poop, poop, poop! ……
Horse after horse dropped the bomb, and the tank directly smashed it into a pool of meat and mud, with people and horses smashed to pieces!
Two minutes later, the cavalry guard company attacked the tank group with less than ten riders left, which was extremely tragic!
Even so, two Cossack cavalry protected Kramov and rushed out of the encirclement of tanks. The battlefield was so vast that it was almost impossible for tanks to seal off the road completely without leaving any dead ends!
Tosstorff watched the cavalry guard company run out with only two or three riders, and his heart was bitter and excited.
But soon Tosstorff perked up since he couldn’t dump the Chinese revolutionary army, then the commander-in-chief of World War I was already dead. His generation commander-in-chief must not fall down the prestige of the Russian warriors!
Tosstorff mind firmly to command the Russian Chinese revolutionary army show a fierce battle!
In the distance, Zhang Yihu watched the battlefield situation with a telescope on the hill in Wu Peifu.
Wu Peifu asked, "What about Brother Yihu? What do you think now?"
Zhang Yihu sneered, "Hehe, this Russian general is not simple. At this time, he can sink his heart and fight to the death with us!"
Wu Peifu frowned and said, "Brother Tiger can’t despise the enemy. There are still 360,000 Russian troops, which are not much worse than our troops! We must not be careless at this time! "