It’s not that Yang Guang doesn’t give his face, but that he really didn’t shake hands with a mature man like Qin Lv.
"It’s okay, it’s okay, but I’m abrupt."
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Don’t love owe human feelings
Yang Guang knows very well why this wealthy nephew Qin Lv of Qin Hai is so polite to himself. He is not a martial artist, but Yang Guang is a martial artist.
But this is not the main reason.
Because Qin Shu’s strength is not weak, it may be that he is a good tutor and everyone he talks to is more polite, or it may be that Yang Guang is good with Qin Hai.
But no matter what, reach out and don’t smile. Business people had better have a good temper.
After all, the world has changed, not the age of force, but force.
Gossip doesn’t go straight to the point.
"Please take me to see the car first."
Yang guang currently has a fighting capacity comparable to that of a senior military commander, and he knows very well how great the charm of budo is. Now, naturally, he likes to practice to a higher level.
But Yang Guang’s dream in his previous life was to own a luxury car and mansion.
This can be called Yang Guang’s own "past life" dream.
What do you want a luxury car and mansion? Naturally, it is vanity, which also represents this success, and the luxury car is just an artifact to force girls to soak up. For single dog Yang Guang, owning a luxury car to those KV bars can be a groom every night with a generous hand.
However, people always have inferior roots or "base" genes.
Yang Guangqian is easy on many girls who beg but can’t leave first, but when she does, she doesn’t care.
Think about how it is fun for girls to practice.
Buying a luxury car now is a demand of its own, and it is just a dream.
"Yes, Mr. Yang, please come with me." It’s not surprising that Qin Law is straightforward to Yang Guang. Anyway, the strong in the level of martial arts have their own personalities and quirks
Even if Yang Guangxian asks him to be accompanied by beautiful women, he can understand.
Car owners are used to it.
"Don’t call me Mr. Yang. It sounds strange. Just call me by my name." To be honest, Yang Guang really doesn’t like it or get used to it.
Of course, he should be polite when he is weak, but he can be more casual when he is strong in reality.
But even so, Qin Law didn’t really call Yang Guang by his name, but it was still Mr. Yang.
Yang guang also too lazy to tube.
Soon two people arrived at the garage.
It’s covered by a black cloth, but it’s hard to hide the streamline of this sports car model
"How much is this Ferrari F12?" Yang guang saw the car belongs to hongcheng license plate and immediately asked about the price, speed and engine performance like an outbreak. He didn’t want to ask.
It’s not his fate, but his toy is just a means of transportation.
In addition, Yang Guang also found himself not as excited as he thought. This car is no longer an artifact of Yang Guang’s bubble sister. He is not a sports car enthusiast and doesn’t know much about many functions of sports cars.
Qin Lv has naturally seen many customers similar to Yang Guangliu. Besides, this car is not from his garage but from Rongcheng, but it is a bit like him.
"If the market price is 5 million."
The price of a sports car like this is nothing, but the configuration problem, plus tens of millions is nothing.
Yang guang doesn’t understand the specific problems here, but he doesn’t like to take advantage of others.
"Thanks a lot, but I still need a big Ben. Buy it from your garage every day."
This Ferrari Hong city is ok, but in some places, it is not possible to go to the ultra-low chassis of sports cars, so it is not bad to change two cars
"Well, no problem. Welcome." Qin Lv smiled.
Next, Qin Law told Yang Guangyu about Ferrari’s various key methods. After all, it is a little different from ordinary vehicle driving methods.
And some buttons can’t be casually used, otherwise there will be big problems.
After Yang Guang became familiar with some basic buttons, Qin Lv ran the sports car with Yang Guang for several laps, and another car came when they returned to the garage.
Moreover, the license plate category has been fixed, and it is still a four-serial number.
A Ferrari and a Benz.
Add it up to about a million.
"Let me swipe my card." Yang Guang put his hand in his trouser pocket with that, but actually he took out a bank card from the object and handed it to him when Wan Tao entrusted him.
Directly swipe the card and spend millions on the purchase tax category, and Qin Law will take care of it.
Yang Guangting is very happy that the money and goods have been paid.
However, there is still one thing that needs to be solved, so he asked Qin Law, "It seems that you are also the pinnacle of martial arts. Why don’t you break through?"
Qin Lv gave Yang Guang a rather awkward smile when he spoke frankly: "I was not sensible and loved to play when I was young."
He was born as a dude again. Now he may have changed, but he regrets that he can’t come. After all, Qin Law is over 30 years old. Generally, it is difficult to achieve martial arts after he is over 30 years old.
"I see that you and Qin Zhu are uncles and nephews, so your background is good. Why don’t you break through?"
Breaking the Qiao Dan is to break through the Qiao point for the martial arts, but we must also understand one thing. The martial arts achievements are to attack the first single point.
"I passed, but I failed, and even our Qin family is a scarce thing. How can I have too much weight?"
There is still a word left unsaid in Qin Law, that is, it is impossible for Dan to have extra money to give him, the brother of Wan Ku, a martial arts hero.
And the Qin family forces to protect his life wealth or no problem.
But then again, what can Li Jinbao hit the realm of martial arts in middle age? That’s another matter.
The other person’s physical foundation is solid enough, and it is also a thick accumulation, while Qin Lv’s words should be regarded as resources piled up to face the bottleneck of military warfare, which is a fast knot.