But she didn’t take it for granted. After all, it matters to her, and even if she cares about the facts, she earned a suit for nothing.
She didn’t go out until she finished eating the cakes and fruits on the house table.
As soon as he went out, he saw a gazebo not far from Feng Jin’s house, with lanterns hanging at the four corners of the gazebo to illuminate the whole world. He leaned lazily against the pavilion column and didn’t know what to think.
It’s true that the more beautiful the lamp looks at the beauty, the more beautiful it looks. In this way, he and the gazebo seem to blend together and become a painting.
"All right?" When Feng Jin heard the door ring and saw Su Lingling’s head tilted, her eyes flashed with the line of sight and swept to the water behind her.
The color of water shook his head and twisted his fingers in front of him. I didn’t expect … The Lord was interested in this girl.
Su Lingling went to the pavilion and said to Feng Jin, "Feng borrowed a carriage less. I want to go to Tai ‘an Temple."
Feng Jin didn’t ask much and nodded to invite Yan Da to "send Sue to Tai ‘an Temple"
Su ling2 han2 didn’t refuse eyebrow eye curved "thank you"
Feng Jin didn’t send her, but looked at her back until she disappeared.
Silently, he walked back to the room without looking at the water color next to his head, but when he passed by her, he faintly said, "Go and get punished yourself."
Water immediately knelt in the eyes across a bit unwilling to bite his lip. "Water doesn’t know what name should be punished."
"I wonder? Then the penalty will be heavier. "Stop, Feng Jin, look back. There is a faint moonlight in the light. I can’t see clearly. He paused." I remember the name of’ snubbing the distinguished guests’ "
"Remember the color of water" Even if Feng Jin’s eyes are very light, the color of water dare not touch each other with her head down almost.
Weak body, half in the dark, half in the light, she trembled slightly, which made her particularly vulnerable.
Feng Jin didn’t take a look at her and entered the room directly.
Water-colored shoulders drooped and pink lips almost bit out of blood. She stayed there for a long time before leaving.
Yan Da was just approaching Tai ‘an Temple when he was driving a carriage and was intercepted by a monk in the temple for questioning.
It’s a relief to know that the car is what they have been looking for.
Su ling2 han2 made a big apology to Yan and followed the monk to the reception hall hosted by Wu Lan and Sinar, where there were one by one and three by three.
"cold sister!"
"Cold sister!"
As soon as several people heard the news from the monk, they got up and went out to meet Su Lingling, who was smiling. "Are you okay?"
I want to ask more, but when I found that Su Lingling had changed her clothes, Xu Lan and sinar were afraid to say more.
"I’m all right. Feng Gong saved me." Su Linghan smiled at them to make them feel relieved, and then turned to the enlightened host. He said sincerely, "Thank you for hosting today."
Although she was arrested in Tai ‘an Temple, if she hadn’t hosted so many monks to find her and put pressure on the masked man to wait for her, the consequences would certainly not be good. After all, the masked man was ruthless and attracted others’ attention, even killing himself.
She should be careful herself in the future. If the man is not dead, he will definitely not let her go.
"The benefactor is polite, and the old woman in distress in our temple is very ashamed. Fortunately, the benefactor is Amitabha."
On one side, the master walked over and said, "Didn’t I say that before? Miss Su’s lucky star will be able to turn the tide. "
Su Lingling corners of the mouth a smoke around Xu Lan and sinar has sincerity full of "master English".
Because it was late and everyone was tired, I didn’t say much when I saw Su Lingan come back one day.
The host arranged several rooms for pilgrims to stay overnight, and Su Lingling went back to her room to sleep.
The next morning, Su Lingling finally got a delicious vegetarian meal.
After dinner, she said to the host who came to express her condolences, "Master, I have something I want to discuss with the master."