A few people can’t help but be surprised in the heart that Feiyun Gate’s name is full of beauty, and there is something fishy about it.
Feng Yang’s heart is also full of doubts. Since Ying Yuehu and Xia Ying had an unpleasant experience, they have hardly said anything to Xia Ying. How did Xia Ying come to find himself this time?
Feng Yang went to the hall of the house and saw Xia Ying’s graceful figure in the hall.
More than a dozen people watched Xia Ying like a monkey, but she still seemed never forced without any embarrassment. Her delicate and moist lips wore a shallow smile, just like the princess who came out of the painting. Her beauty was not the kind that made people feel amazing at first sight, but it was the kind that made people look at it in all kinds of ways, and people couldn’t help but cast their eyes over it and couldn’t take them back at first sight.
There are more than a dozen animals in the hall with wolves in their faces. During the coquettish period, there will be eyes looking at the elegant Xia Ying in the hall, but no one dares to strike up a conversation and flirt. Even a few animals who worship Luo Lin’s wretched animals dare to play from a distance.
Xia Ying has a martial emperor’s own strength plus his own, which makes most men can’t help but feel excited. Feiyunmen’s reputation is no less than that of Hua Sheng Xue, and all his brothers in Feiyunmen have to surpass Rowling in IQ. Everyone knows that Xia Ying and Hua Sheng Xue are extraordinary.
These people secretly fantasize in their minds, but they can go to expect it in person, but they are not so bold
"Elder brother Yang, you are really my idol. I admire you so much." Several wretched guys looked at the wind and winked and smiled. The eyes seemed to have seen it and OO in the dead of night forest in Xia Ying.
"Are you too idle to practice?" Fengyang boulevard
"Hey, hey, brothers, let’s practice. Let’s practice. Everyone understands." An animal understood that a group of people quickly withdrew with ambiguous smiles to kill God.
"It seems that you are quite authoritative as the boss." Xia Ying chuckled.
"I can’t. It’s not easy to bring a team when people are still upset." Feng Yang shook his head. "Look who is a little afraid of me."
"That said, you are close to everyone, so the cohesion will be stronger, unlike a large group of people who are busy all day like me." Xia Ying said, but there was no complaint in his tone.
"It has proved your ability to take care of the forces that can win flowers and snow." Feng Yang laughed.
Both of them are very clever. Don’t just pretend that the unhappy thing never happened, and let it drift with the wind to the distant place where I don’t know the direction.
"Actually, I came to see you this time because I want to ask you for help," Xia Ying said.
"Wait" Feng Yang waved his hand. Just as Xia Ying was suspicious, Feng Yang grabbed a chair and smashed it behind the screen. The chair accurately smashed the screen and immediately heard "Ah, my absolute beauty face"
"Ow, fuck the wind, you’re tired of living like a king, and you dare to smash the strong in the billboard" class.
"Well," Feng Yang looked at Xia Ying again. "Although I don’t know how you asked me for help, you can help me."
"It’s really a big brother thing," Xia Ying said, but when he said this sentence, he didn’t know whether he dared to look straight at the wind and raise his eyes. He consciously dialed to cover his smooth cheeks and temples, revealing a sultry girl’s shy expression.
"Go ahead," the wind said.
"He took one, but he couldn’t finish what he wanted. Please help him," Xia Ying said.
Feng Yang couldn’t help laughing. "What can I do if flowers can’t win the snow?"
"He said that this whole Feiyun disciple can be completed with your help." Xia Ying received a message from Hua Shengxue through communication jade notes. This sentence is really the words of Hua Shengxue.
At this time, the flower wins the snow and can be invited by Xia Ying on the way back.
Feng Yang considered for a moment that Hua Sheng Xue has helped himself three times and four times. He is now taking the initiative to ask for his help, and there is no reason to refuse. Moreover, it is extremely beneficial to the development of Hua Sheng Xue, and there is no reason to refuse.
"No problem. When?" Feng yang asked
"Brother Hua will come to you when he is still on his way back to do it," Xia Ying said.
"Good" Feng Yang promised to be very cool.
The real wind is blowing in my mind, but I’m thinking about another thing. Suddenly, a bitter murderous look bursts out in my eyes. Let’s take this mountain opportunity to settle that feud.
Off the Xia Ying Wu Hua, Rowling and others were just going to tie up Fengyang and torture him. When he had an affair with Xia Ying, Fengyang flew out of the house and went straight to Feiyun Gate main hall.
Waiting for Hua Sheng Xue to come back, he didn’t want the waves to choose the sky.
"Look at the strength of * * to what extent". The first layer of wind blows into the sky. This time, it doesn’t even stimulate the protective force and the energy of soil elements. It directly relies on the constant blaster to attack the wind blade.
The wind blade blaster raises the body, but it draws a series of small blood stains, which causes slight damage to the flesh and does not hurt the bones.
At the moment, it’s like walking in a quiet grove after a full meal. It’s not like facing Feiyun’s younger brother and feeling scared at all.
The first wind Yang almost walked over, but the two huge wind blades did some damage to the wind Yang, and scratched the flesh, but it didn’t matter.
After a moment’s self-cultivation at the first step, I went directly to the second floor.
The second layer is a variety of elements ranged attack wind blade, ice arrow, fireball and other attack directions maser to come over and finish the package with the wind, but the wind still didn’t rely on external defense, but it still relied on * * defense to break through.
This second-tier attack is much stronger than the first-tier attack, and it is an azimuth attack. At this moment, the posture is almost avoidable, and it moves step by step toward the ladder by * *.
The body is hit by elements such as wind blades and ice arrows. Although these attacks hit the body, they will also produce some impact, but the strength of the wind has also made several qualitative leaps so that it will not be repelled by such attacks. It is quite tough.