"It’s necessary to identify our cousins like this. It’s necessary to be close and close."
Ye Ting is a rogue. Two people are drifting away from each other.
Li Su-wan looked at Xiao Huang with a surprised smile. "What do these two mean?"
"Love each other and kill each other"
Xiao Huang spoke concisely, then reached out and picked up Su Wan, and walked to the side of the drawing room. Two people talked in a sweet nest.
Xiao Huang is very guilty about the eye condition, holding Su Wan’s kiss and Wen Daoqian. "Ladies, we can get married smoothly after we return to Beijing. I didn’t expect such an accident, but don’t worry, I will take care of it as soon as possible, and then no one will stop us from getting married."
Xiao Huang’s eyes flashed with rage, but when she looked at the charming little girl sitting in her arms, her eyes were full of tenderness, and her lips were more tender than a smile.
Su Wan is not in a hurry these days. Xiao Huang smiled sweetly in her arms and said, "Don’t worry, don’t worry. How much have we suffered? Even God, what else can stop our marriage? But the eyes are too close, and many of them are not right. He suppressed the aristocratic family and then he took it away. I am afraid it is not a good thing."
Xiao Huang leaned over and kissed Su Wan and said, "Don’t worry about these things and be a new bride. Everything has been arranged in Jing Wangfu before, and it has been arranged in your side. We will get married as soon as I get rid of my engagement."
When it comes to getting married, Xiao Huang’s little people jump and shout, and finally they can become meat. Eat meat. This time, I must have a good meal.
The villain was jumping badly when Yu Ge came in. "The Lord Shiye was sent back by Chen Jia, and Chen Si’s adult said that he would make peace with the monarch."
Yu Ge couldn’t lift a pair of eyes, and he knew that Master Shi’s face must be dark.
Xiao Huang is not only black in the face, but also horribly gloomy in the eyes of the pupil. This damn woman is weak and weak.
More than enough, when she married Chen Jia, it was the time when they wooed Chen Fu in Jing Wangfu. I didn’t expect that now, not only did it fail to woo Chen Jia, but the old emperor of Chen Jia was jumping around happily. For a while, he rewarded things to appease Chen Jia, and for a while, he rewarded beauty to enter Chen Jia’s house, and because the old emperor showed that Chen Jia looked in vain, the emperor wouldn’t dream of the monarch.
What is it to lose the emperor as a backer, princess? Make trouble again and get out again.
It’s not that the Chen family directly sent Yunmeng Princess back to Jing Wangfu, and it’s straightforward to say that the Chen family can’t stand such a daughter-in-law
Of course, to say goodbye is to give Jing Wangfu face, otherwise it is to divorce his wife directly.
After grinding her teeth, Xiao Huang in the drawing room looked at Su Wan’s spoil and said, "Wan, go to bed early. I’ll go back to Wangfu to deal with things first. Don’t think about everything. I have everything."
"Yeah, ok, you go and deal with things, but don’t be angry."
They were tired of it for a while, and Xiao Huang finally let Su Wan go and motioned for her to have a rest. She led Yu Ge out.
In the drawing room behind her, Su Wan looked at Xiao Huang with a sympathetic face. It’s really pitiful to have such a worried sister Xiao Huang, but I believe he will handle it well. It’s late at night, and she still goes to sleep. I believe Xiao Huang can handle her hand soon, so she can marry him. It’s natural to take good care of herself and be a beautiful MengMeng bride for a while.
Su Wan went out and led Ziyu to rest. It was peaceful here.
However, there was a falling out in Jing Wangfu. In the reception hall in front of Jing Wangfu, Yunmeng Princess was crying and cursing the surname Chen. Finally, she scolded even the old Chen Ge, the cabinet records.
Chen Si, the elder of the pavilion, is already dark in the face. He looks at Wang Jing and Princess Jing in the main hall. Although Chen Si didn’t speak, his eyes * * told the report and princess in the drawing room. See, this is the image of your princess Jing Wangfu who is a bitch and scolds the street.
Jing Wang Ye and Princess Jing are all black in the face. I didn’t expect the monarch of Jing Wangfu to become this bitch.
What a scandal! King Jing angrily pointed at Yunmeng Princess, "Kneel for me."
Princess Yunmeng’s eyes are red and her face is stubborn and proud. She doesn’t kneel, but she is wronged by her father. She cries, "My father is not my fault, but he is their Chen family’s fault. The Chen family is cruel. The bride took a concubine less than a month after she entered the door. What do you say? I bah, even that ordinary people can’t do such a thing."
Chen Si was so popular that he was blue in the face, pointing to Xiao Qiao and couldn’t say a word "you, you, 111"
To say that the Chen family is indeed a model of literati, Chen Ge rose to the top of the cabinet when he was old, and his words and deeds were deeply supported by the clean faction. Chen Dagong, the elder of the cabinet, was quite fatherly, and his words and deeds were very gentle at ordinary times, and he rarely said a word. It was really an excuse to meet Xiao Ao’s provocative work.
He was also full of expectations when he first married Xiao Qian. Although he heard that the princess of Jing Wangfu was unruly, he thought that if he married him, he would get better after a good education.
Who knows that on the first day of the wedding, Chen Si was kicked out of the new house. Although he lost face, he thought about teaching slowly. Who knows that Xiao Qian is getting more and more outrageous? The next day, he even disrespected his daughter-in-law’s tea. He said that she was a bitch and cursed the street. In the last three days, she made trouble with him at both ends even more than even scolded his father.
Chen Jia tried to cover up this matter, but it was forbidden that there were many people in the house. It was leaked out as widely as possible and finally reached the palace.
The emperor had always loved his father, and when he asked, his face turned pale, and he immediately gave him a small official daughter to be his concubine.
What can the emperor give his father to marry? Give thanks and go back to the house quickly. Who knows that this is like poking a firecracker, which provoked Xiao Qi. She scolded Chen Zuzong for ten generations all day.
This Chen Ge old man can’t stand that his father was scolded even though he was not filial by the younger generation, which immediately bored Chen Sihe from Chen Si, so Xiao Ao immediately agreed, which brought Xiao Ao to Jing Wangfu to discuss and leave things.
In the drawing room, Chen Si said, but Xiao Ao turned around and looked at Jing Wang Yeshen and said, "Wang Ye, you also saw that my daughter-in-law Chen Jiashi put up with this, and also asked Wang Ye Princess to agree with us to make peace and separation."
When Xiao Qian heard Chen Si’s words, he disdained to say, "I’m afraid of you and me when I leave."
As soon as Xiao Qian’s words fell out of the door, a cold sound went up and "shut up"