Brother Tiger’s sharp ears quickly turned to Leng Xiuyun and nodded gently, looking like a docile dog.
Here DiaoJieWei and ambitious, Hu Xinger three people flashing eyes, they saw the tiger eldest brother to LengXiuYun bidding can’t help but slowly rest assured that their life is not in the tiger’s mouth but in LengXiuYun’s hand to LengXiuYun to make them all die.
Not far away Duan Qingyun saw it clearly. He knew that this was Brother Tiger’s similar communication.
Diao Ge’s committee of three people’s hearts are in a tight dark call that an old Diao will be killed this time.
However, after staring at the Diaoge Committee for about ten seconds, Brother Tiger turned around and shook the three evil tigers not far away for a few tiger heads and put a few tiger tails at the same time.
Leng Xiuyun squatted down and put her face close to Brother Tiger’s neck, stroking Brother Tiger’s strong body more softly, as gentle as coquetry. "Brother Tiger, they are all my friends. Let’s go together."
When’ tis once spoken, Diao Jiewei turned their attention to Brother Tiger, lest Brother Tiger yell and order the three evil tigers behind him to come and end his own life.
Brother Tiger listened to Leng Xiuyun’s words and turned slowly, staring at the Diaojiewei three people. A pair of tiger eyes shone brightly. Just now, when facing Leng Xiuyun, his soft eyes were gone.
Even if you leave a message of * _ _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
Chapter 137 escape (2)
During this period, the Diaojiewei three people seem to have experienced a catastrophe of life and death. They don’t know whether several tigers will take their hands or not. They don’t know whether they can walk out of this vast Lingshou Mountain alive. Maybe his bones were chewed up by several tigers when the morning sun rose.
Hu Xinger’s eyes were flashing with fear, and the beautiful and soft body trembled involuntarily. Because when Gu Song fell from that broken tree just now, her coat was cut by pine branches. A ray of moonlight gently shone on her towering chest, and a charming and soft Cui * * flowed not far from Duan Qingyun for a moment.
At the same time, Duan Qingyun doesn’t hate Hu Xinger, the first wife. At this critical moment of life crisis, Hu Xinger thought of her own personal safety. Let the fifth wife save her at the expense of my old section to get her sympathy!
Duan Qingyun was disappointed at the thought of this question, so how dare a woman like me?
Just thinking about seeing the other three tigers across the street, Brother Tiger seems to have discussed it with each other. Brother Tiger gently approached Leng Xiuyun and re-opened his maw, biting his fifth wife’s skirt and pulling her fifth wife on the winding mountain path towards Lingxian Town.
The fifth wife turned her head and looked at Diao Zhi Diao Wei and Hu Xinger. Three people got up immediately and followed Leng Xiuyun. They dare not move too far behind Leng Xiuyun. They also dare not face up to the three tigers next to them. They are afraid that the three tigers will take them away from behind and flee to the mountains.
There was a trace of regret in the eyes of the three tigers. How delicious it would be for the three living people. Unfortunately, the meat reached its mouth and flew away.
Duan Qingyun watched the three tigers naively turn their bodies towards the deep mountain of Lingshou Mountain and secretly came to the conclusion that Brother Tiger was actually the King Tiger in Lingshou Mountain! Otherwise, why would the three tigers listen to Brother Tiger? You know, in the animal kingdom, that’s the real law of the jungle. You have to have a certain strength to command the pack!
Looking at Brother Tiger leading his fifth wife in the direction of Lingxian Town, Duan Qingyun breathed a sigh of relief.
But Duan Qingyun is still not going to show up at this time. He doesn’t want Diao Jiewei and them to see himself. At the same time, he also regrets that his fifth wife is too kind to blame for his father’s escape from this disaster.
Brother Tiger sent Diao’s father, Hu Xinger and Leng Xiuyun to a mountain pass, loosened Leng Xiuyun’s skirt and watched Leng Xiuyun go away.
Leng Xiuyun turned around and approached Brother Tiger again. She crouched down and hugged Brother Tiger’s head. She buried her face in fluffy fur and kept stroking Brother Tiger’s body, especially when she touched the injured part. Leng Xiuyun’s face showed a trace of joy.
Look at the east. It’s getting brighter. A few people dare not stay a lot, so they hurried along the winding mountain road.
Tiger Brother looked at Leng Xiuyun’s back from mountain pass to mountain pass, and Leng Xiuyun kept looking back at Tiger Brother, waving his arm like jade.
Finally, several people turned several mountain passes and stepped over several peaks. Finally, they saw a morning mist hanging over the dawn. The ancient town of Lingxian unconsciously touched his forehead and found that it was already covered with sweat.
Diao Jiewei drew a cigarette from his pocket without saying a word, and his face was very complicated. From time to time, Leng Xiuyun swept around with an incredible look.
And ambitious Hu Xinger escaped from the jaws of death, but his face still couldn’t hide his deep fear. The two young people looked back and looked back, endless and full of mystery. Lingshou Mountain sat down on the ground with his hands over his chest in the grass and tried to calm his breath.
"Hey, Wu Mei, you’re amazing. It’s strange that you still dare to touch the tiger’s head and the tiger won’t bite you." Hu Xinger calmed his shortness of breath and pulled Leng Xiuyun’s skirt to say that he was not excited.
Leng Xiuyun’s heart suddenly showed a little relief. The intimate contact with Brother Tiger that night was not in vain. At the same time, she felt that the tiger from the depths of Lingxiu Mountain was a tiger full of human feelings. At least it knew how to be grateful!
Ambitious at this time has come out of the limited fear. This night, their father and son suffered great fear and strong psychological pressure. Now that the crisis has dispersed, he hey hey smiled with an imperceptible smile. First, he turned to look at the mysterious Lingshou Mountain behind him, and then he turned around and stared at Leng Xiuyun with a smile. "Leng Mei, can you tell me how you know that tiger? Why doesn’t that tiger bite you? "
Paused and added, "I wonder why a man-eating tiger would not bite you but specifically bite us." If you can tell me, I’ll give you 10 thousand yuan. Do you think it’s ok? "
As soon as the ambitious words came out, the Diaojiewei immediately turned around and shot a cigarette butt in his hand. "How can you do it with 10,000 yuan of bullshit? I think we have to give 100,000 yuan!"
Diao Zhi-zhi nodded at once and said, "Yes, yes, dad said we gave you 100 thousand yuan."
Leng Xiuyun was shocked and drummed in his heart. They are so eager to ask about the tiger, so don’t tell them! If they know, it may be difficult, big brother!
The thought of here LengXiuYun service road "I I don’t know …"
When Diao’s father and son saw Leng Xiuyun speak hesitatingly, their faces became more and more fascinated. They were about to ask Diao Jiewei for further information. They held him back and said with a smile, "Ambition, since people don’t want to talk about it, let’s not talk about it. Don’t force others to do it!"
Diao Zhi looked back at Torre’s eyes flashing with that usual hint and shut up and stopped talking.
At this time, roosters crowed one after another in Lingxian Town, and it was already dawn.
Diao Gewei smiled and said, "Let’s all go home and have a good sleep after a long night."
With that, Diao Gewei turned to Hu Xinger and said, "Xinger, you should go home quickly, too. If you didn’t come home one night, your parents will spank you!"