Otherwise LouZhan makes no sense to tell Shinohara that he has been hiding things!
This …
"Have you really thought about it?"
The last time Su Ling solemnly looked at Shinohara Snow and asked.
Then Shinohara snow nodded in Su Ling will all want to talk buried in the bottom of my heart!
She respects Shinohara’s every decision just as she won’t ask what happened to Shinohara and Lou Zhan that she doesn’t know!
Because she believes in Shinohara’s ability, since she has decided to do so, she will definitely have the ability to control everything!
At worst, even if she had an accident, there was a woman named Su Ling who was willing to go through fire and water for Xia Xiaoxue!
So that’s it!
"When are you … going to leave?"
Asking such a thing is Shinohara Snow’s heart feeling the most nai dialogue!
She will come to the White Ling Institute all the time, but it’s not her in Nanxia.
But now she seems to have done nothing. What she did before is still the same, but when she was delayed for so long, she still achieved something.
Even the things that she once hated most were made true by her own hands!
What could be more ironic than this!
Naturally, no matter what Xiao Yu’s snow is like, Su Ling is white, and she will be upset about it.
Without any hesitation, Su Ling gave a hearty smile and said, "I’ve also visited the scenery of the southern summer country in this period, and I can leave whenever I want!"
But if you can attend your marriage … "
"Don’t!" At the same time, Su Ling is deliberately filled with fantasy expressions and suddenly hears Shinohara Snow’s urgent refusal, which is impossible even if Su Ling wants to pretend to be calm!
Shinohara Snow eagerly interrupted Su Ling’s words and then smiled at herself and said, "Don’t attend! This marriage is no big deal! I don’t want you to see Lou Zhan and I get married. Can you promise to leave as soon as possible? Go back to Qi and Chu and pretend that nothing happened! Ok? "
"Ling, please!"
Su Ling nearly burst into tears when Shinohara said the word "beg"!
How much courage does it take for someone who is so proud of her to say this word with a prayer to her?
Can’t bear to let all Shinohara snow hurt this matter again. Su Ling mercilessly forced her eyes to smile with tears and then nodded, "All right! Everything is up to you! I also want to go back and see my mother when I am too long away from Qi and Chu! "
"well! It’s better to be heaven! "
Su Ling "…"
After a simple silence, Su Ling looked at Shinohara Snow with mixed feelings in his heart and then suddenly joked, "What? Are you bothering me so much? You kicked someone out before I said I was leaving! Is there still love? "
Seeing Su Ling as if she had returned to her once stubborn temper, Xiao Xue felt a little down-to-earth in her heart. Then she looked at the eyes of many guardian female officials outside the pavilion and said with a stern voice, "You are waiting here for Tainv to have something important to discuss with Princess Dust!"
"Too female this …"
When the first female officer heard Shinohara’s words, his face suddenly turned to be reluctant.
Then shinohara snow has got up and moved her sneer at eyebrows "what? Are you people still afraid that your wife will run away? "
"Officer dare not! Officials dare not! "
Female officials are cautious in their words and deeds. Shinohara walked to the back door of the restaurant with Su Ling in her arms.
This is the place where she once thought she would be reborn, but now she has set foot in it again, but it has already changed!
Perhaps it is that Shinohara Snow, who is still missing something in her heart, directly pulls Su Ling back to the wing where she used to couch for many days.
Shinohara snow gently sniffed the familiar smell in the corridor on the second floor.
When I reached out and pushed the door of the wing, the fragrance of medicine floated gently in the room, which seemed to turn time back to the time when she was injured!
Someone gave her medicine by hand, and someone accompanied her to Lebanon before the soft couch …
"Those people were sent by your mother emperor to spy on you just now?"
When she entered the room, Su Ling took off her face in disguise.
Feng’s eyes are cold and sharp, and his eyes are staring at Shinohara’s snowy face. The frost looks as cold as burning old three.