"Oh, Mianmian, you really want to grind me to death!" I’m afraid you’re jealous.
"It’s okay, I’m just saying, can I really be jealous with my daughter? Come on, give me a hug, "said Su Mian.
Yan to this just picked up the smile burn.
Actually, it’s good to hold either one, but Yan Gui is not so persistent
After coaxing the children for a while, they went back to the Hall of Music to rest.
It’s even more necessary to take a nap after it’s hot.
"Is Su Wenwu going to the palace?" Yangui avenue
"Yes, I don’t know what to know yet?" Su mian asked
"Hum, Sue and Twilight killed a prostitute." Yan Guidao has already been reported.
"… ha ha, I knew something would happen sooner or later! It’s a pity that even if Su Mu is separated, she still doesn’t know how to scold Su Jia outside! " Sumian airway
"Well, don’t worry about me. No one can say anything. Go to sleep. See Su Wen in the afternoon and see what he means." Yan Gui saw her angry and busy holding the way.
Su Mian, um, closed his eyes and said that uncle wouldn’t be confused. Do you want to keep Su Muer?
I fell asleep thinking about it.
When she woke up, Yan Gui would have gone to the Golden Phase Hall to be busy.
The bluebird came in and said, "Lord?"
"Well" Sue cotton should sit up.
The bluebird was dazzled by a woman in a white coat, and her hair poured down like a picture. A pair of beautiful eyes sat with a little hazy white hands and pale pink Danko looked more and more beautiful.
"The Lord is beautiful!" Qingque avenue
"well? What are you talking about? Don’t pour me saliva? " Sue cotton good laughs
"It’s a handmaiden." Green finch laughed.
Heart, it’s no wonder that no one can see the full harem. How can an empress be so beautiful? If you don’t move, you can’t help but read it!
Tsing Yi brought mouthwash to serve Su Mian. Qing Qiao brought handkerchief to serve Su Mian and wiped her hands and face. This brought her hot water to drink.
Su Mian has a good habit of drinking hot water when she sleeps, no matter what the weather is, she has been used to it for years.
"Would you like some snacks, Lord?" Lunch is not a lot of smoke. I’m afraid Su Mian is hungry.
"Give me a glass of milk soon. Go and see the children. It’s hot. Tell the destitution to watch and drink more water for them. It’s even more important to pay attention to it when people watch," Su Mian said.
"Handmaiden just went to say that she served the Nanny of the Three Halls and the Royal Hall with all her heart. She served the little emperor and the little princess Nanny, too, and served our Three Halls master before, although you can rest assured." Smoke way
"You did a good job my uncle entered the palace? Please, "Su Mian knew that she never said she wanted to meet and told her to wait for Su Wen, who must have arrived.
"Grandpa came in for a while. Where’s the tea in the drawing room? Handmaiden, please go." Smoke said.
Soon Sue smelled "Greet the Empress. Greet the Empress."
"Uncle sit down" Sue cotton waved two people sit down "is Sue dusk? Uncle wants to help them? "
Su mian, get straight to the point. No need to talk.
Su Wen was stunned when he thought about it. This was a bit embarrassing. "It’s not to help … I can’t ignore them when they ask for the door … but I never dare bending the law to see if I can help the empress?"
Su Mian was silent for a while. Su Wen felt it was very difficult … Anyway, he really didn’t care so much … How to care?
"Uncle, in that case, I won’t say much. I’m either cruel or … what kind of uncle Su Mu’s family knows well. Now Su Jia is not an ordinary family. We can’t do anything in bending the law. I’m also a big brother Su Lin. Su Jia’s younger generation is a high wind. Feng Ling is now an uncle of Su Jia’s National People’s Congress. We should all think about" Su Miandao.
"Is I must not bending the law! Sue home honor is the first "Su Wendao.
"Big Uncle feels bad, I know, but … if Su Mu and Hu behave themselves, who will blame them for crying today?" Su mian sighed
"Yes, it’s all my eldest brother who didn’t teach me earlier …" Su Wen sighed 919 Chapter 919 Su Yao.
Su Wen sent someone to Funan County when he got back.
This is the command, but Sue also wants to know what the specific things are.
This Su Mian went to see Yan Gui.
She came in with a plate of fresh litchi.
"Well, have you seen it?" Yan returned to let go of his things and got up to wash his hands.
"Can I talk about it when I see you?" Su Mian peeled a litchi and fed it to Yan Gui.
Yan returned to eat before saying, "First, it is not murder to kill people’s lives, but it is but …"
"But don’t think I’m cruel. No one can blame me for this today. It’s like saving my life. What else do you want?" Su Mian grunted
"Mianmian is not cruel. I know it. Don’t think about it. Capital punishment can also be exiled." Yan Guidao
"Ah, I’m worried that they will be restless in exile. It’s really annoying for my uncle to say that even if they are separated, they are Su family." Su Mian said.