"I cried for a night when he got married." Qiu Xiaohan smiled.
"Ma Liang, please do one thing, okay?" Autumn slight cold suddenly blinked, and the hazy tears still lingered like stars reflected in the blue lake.
"What is it?" Ma Liang wondered.
"Try to make me love you" Autumn slight cold looked straight at Ma Liang:
Chapter 37 for you
"What’s the meaning of this?" Ma Liang’s skimming is not white, and he is in a mess now and doesn’t know how to deal with things.
"You didn’t listen to me before" asked Qiu Xiaohan.
"Yes, but what does this have to do with me? I can’t help you." Ma Liang said it was a faint guess and always felt a little messy.
"You can help me, because first of all, you liked me and I am a high school classmate, and I know you better."
Second, you are that only one who know about me.
"The third point is that I don’t dislike you."
"The fourth point is that you have even caught up with Su Yuyao. I think you are still quite powerful."
She listed four reasons and waited for Ma Liang’s answer.
It’s Ma Liang who feels it’s a little weird. How can a woman take the initiative to let others chase him and then love him? She shakes her head and says, "That’s no good. I already have Su Yuyao. If so, I will."
"Ma Liang, we are not playing a game between men and women, but you are saving me. I have been troubled by this problem for a long time. I will be a freshman. If I can love another person, I won’t be so painful." She said that she always had a smile on her face, but that smile was not because of deep self-mockery in her heart.
"If I have feelings for you and forget him, then I will be free. No matter what will happen to my home company, at least I won’t hide in the bathtub and cry late." She curled up.
"I won’t destroy you and Su Yuyao. Although I don’t like her, this matter is related to her."
"What do you want me to do?" Ma Liang asked. Maybe I just need to help others in my life. If Su Yuyao is not involved, I can still help myself. Now that I know what happened to her, I feel a lot of pain.
"Of course, it makes me like you." She seems to have a better spirit and a little more luster in her eyes.
"I don’t have a standard for liking this." Ma Liang thought about it and decided to take it seriously. If Su Yuyao is his opponent, he must feel very painful and would rather let her win. But if he has to win again, the entanglement is not difficult for people to understand.
So this is actually a very necessary thing.
"I feel that my heart is racing and I want to be together all the time. It should be enough for the other party to sacrifice these things, mainly because I will notice that feeling when I have it." Autumn slight cold is also serious
"Then what should I do?" Ma Liang asked awkwardly. There is nothing to experience in chasing women’s roots.
"Then how did you catch up with Su Yu Yao? Don’t say she chased you." Autumn slight cold moved to make yourself lie more comfortable.
Because she told her secret, Ma Liang also told her about Su Yuyao, from picking her up in the village, and then a series of misunderstandings accidentally bumped into her body, which was a passion, but also said that they were sure.
"That’s it. I don’t know what to do." Ma Liang said Naidao
"What would you do if you wanted to chase me when you were in high school?" Qiu Xiaohan finally sat up straight and asked.
"I don’t know" Ma Liang answered truthfully.
"As a man, you should think more about it. Besides, I will give you some special things." She was in a good mood and seemed to be full of expectations.
"What’s special?" Ma Liang looked at his pants and was wet with her tears. There were also some fluctuations in his heart.
"Like this" Ma Liang suddenly felt that her face was touched by something soft, only to find that she kissed herself, and her eyes were sparkling, beautiful and moving as if she were back in high school.
"It’s getting late. I’ll go back first." Ma Liang got a little distracted by her kiss and said quickly.
"Remember to try your best. I will arrange a copy of my personal information for you to study." Autumn slight cold didn’t continue to stay, probably because people felt relaxed after crying.
"By the way, give me some hot water before I leave. I want to take a bath later." She yawned and lay down on the bed. Ma Liang nodded and went out. I have to send Pepe here later.
When boiling water, Ma Liang touched his face, which is a bit ridiculous to think of, but her pain is not true at all, and she can find a way to help her. Anyway, it’s like an agreement that nothing will happen and Yao won’t know.
I have to chase my secret crush in high school for so many years. This is probably because God gave me a chance to dream. Ma Liang checked the water in a pot and found that Pepe had come.
"Elder brother, there you are." Pepe was very happy to come over and look at her pretty but innocent and beautiful. Ma Liang also felt gratified and always hoped that people around him would have a better life.
"I was just going to pick you up, so you came by yourself." Ma Liang continued to squat down on the hearth and add firewood.
And Pepe is squatting beside her, and there is a unique girl fragrance.
"Pepe, when I go to town, you should also go and buy some shoes together." Ma Liang looked down at her feet and couldn’t help saying that she always felt a little out of place
"I can’t help wearing these shoes. Sister Shu Xiaohan asked me to try on her high heels. I almost fell when I was not used to walking in them." Pepe wrote in a novel, and the flashing fire in the stove reflected her face and looked red
"But" she hesitated and didn’t speak.