Ye Zhun-xing soon drank too much wine. This man went crazy when he drank too much wine, so he helped Tang Ya in. Guo stepped on Lu’s pile and turned over Ye Zhun-xing himself. At this time, it was almost the same. So Xie Cunguan held him away from the results and walked to the gate, but Xie Cunguan blocked his eyes. Looking closely, Xie Cunguan’s face collapsed. It turned out to be a rouge tiger. Sun Shengnan’s big eyes were peeling Xie Cunguan and eating meat at the moment.
"Elder sister! I really don’t know if my opponent is a woman! " Xie Cunguan is busy cleaning himself.
"Hum! What’s wrong with the girl! How dare you look down on women? Your mother is not a woman? " Sun Shengnan gets bigger when he listens to the fire. This girl is famous for her beauty. Nanna Nan is a pseudonym, Nantong Male! The old grandson’s family has no children and two daughters, so one is better than the other. I feel that the male character is too obvious, which makes the male obscure.
"I didn’t mean that …" Xie Cunguan head some sweating, it seems that two people "resentment" is not shallow.
"Then what do you mean! Anyway, I don’t care. I didn’t notice that we played again this time! " Sun Shengnan hasn’t been out this month, and she’s been training hard with her sister Sun Jianan just to get back.
"Don’t! Elder sister, you have a little compassion, okay? I am a disabled person with unhealed injuries … "Xie Cunguan is busy. He is sure that this proud little girl will not take advantage of himself.
"ah! Injured? " Sun Shengnan was really surprised and sympathetic, but the words made Xie Cunguan almost spit out blood. "What a good opportunity! I really can’t find a reason not to beat Reservoir Dogs today!"
Chapter 59 Have a chest full of "wood"
After listening to Sun Shengnan’s words, Xie Cunguan couldn’t help but be surprised and said, "Woman, you are not such a person!"
"Hum! Certainly not to others … "Sun Shengnan gnashed her teeth.
"It’s either you lose or I win this contest in the female Xia field … don’t hold grudges, right?" Although Xie Cunguan is not afraid of this girl, Nai really hasn’t recovered from the injury. At this time, it will affect the injury again and again, and then two or three times. What is the root cause of the injury?
"Tournament is a small matter!" Sun Shengnan’s eyes are a little red. "I’m not a chicken belly. I want to put aside the usual. You beat me. I’ll invite you to dinner and drink. Will you come … but now!"
"What’s the matter now?" Xie Cunguan wants to vomit blood depressed. Why is he different from others?
"Now … you … you’re a bad guy. My sister and my brother-in-law are getting divorced. I can’t wait to beat you up every day …" Sun Shengnan clenched his teeth tightly and his beautiful eyes widened greatly.
"Heaven and earth conscience! Woman-"Xie Cunguan cried," I didn’t know they had this agreement before the contest. I did bad things for my friends! "
"I don’t care!" Sun Shengnan play up the road "my sister cried several times, you give me a good meal first! After I was angry, I asked you to fight! " While talking, the rouge tiger came up with sleeves and tried his best to cramp and peel you.
"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! " Xie Cunguan is busy hanging battle cards. "If you want your sister and brother-in-law to get back together, you can’t hit me …"
"compound?" Sun Shengnan’s eyes widened. "Do you have any idea?"
"Uh-huh …" Xie Cunguan’s eyes have a glance to the left and a glance to the right, but he just doesn’t look at Sun Shengnan. It’s a temporary bubble in his mouth to fool people. What’s the idea?
"Don’t lie to me!" Sun Shengnan’s eyes are wide open, but it’s a little gloomy. "Now, I’ll give you a vent at most, but if I know you’re lying to me, I can’t beat you alone. You can’t come to a class together … and you’ll have to take off your skin!"
"No … no lie to you …" Xie Cunguan crustily skin of head.
"Well, sit down and have a drink and let me hear your idea!" Sun Shengnan is not so easy to fool.
"Can you let me send my friend back first? He is drunk like this … "Xie Cunguan’s sad face is such a fine girl. Who said this girl was reckless?"
"Don’t worry about you for a few minutes! Say that finish idea good my car to send you … "Sun Shengnan expression some not very friendly.
"All right, then!" Thank inch officer good nod.
"Help this’ hero’ to hold that’ drunken man’!" Sun Shengnan told a flat-headed man around him that the flat-headed man really came to help Xie Cunguan help Guo Tread Lu. Sun Shengnan took the lead in finding a Xie Cunguan and the flat-headed man helped Guo Tread Lu and followed him. He looked at a large amount of alcohol, but it was generally only half a catty of white wine mixed with three bottles of red wine and then drunk like this. Xie Cunguan walked and maliciously attacked Guo Tread Lu’s alcohol, but no matter how much he complained that he was drunk, Guo Tread Lu could not solve his own crisis, so he helped Guo Tread Lu. What should we do? What should we do? Hey, I got it! Really came up with a way to fool Sun Shengnan for him.
Sun Shengnan is also a regular bar here. My younger brother and younger sister will soon find a quiet place to avoid people if they don’t curry favor with him. As soon as they sit down, Sun Shengnan will throw the younger brother a drink to Xie Cun’s official road "Drink whatever you like! Then tell your idea quickly. Well said, drink and drink! If you don’t speak well, you can just order something yourself and absorb light through your nose! "
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help hearing this. This girl is really a tiger!
However, I have a "wood" in my heart. Thank you for ordering two drinks generously, and the prices are not cheap. I also want to call you a girl to bully me. I will kill you first and then fool you! I almost sang my smirk. I smirk …
Who would have expected Sun Shengnan to report a drink after he ordered it without even looking at the list, and then handed the list to the younger brother. "These two are your friends, Ye Zong, who ordered something to write down the general ledger!"
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help but talk about this and that! Is it like buying someone a drink?
"Say it now!" Sun Shengnan turned his head and stared at Xie Cunguan.
Xie Cunguan sighed. No wonder saints say that it is difficult to raise a little woman! The in the mind is not without performance but gently cough a clear throat. "In fact, I have been training Ye Zhun Xing recently …"
"Oh?" Sun Shengnan’s eyes showed a suspicious expression. "What does this have to do with my sister?"
"Why did your sister divorce your brother-in-law?" Xie inch officer suddenly asked
"Well … I don’t know. Do you know anything?" Sun Shengnan bowed his head embarrassedly. Tigress couldn’t figure out her feelings.