Brother gan walked slowly over without persuading him. He smiled and said, "Hey, buddy, why are you watching the scenery here?"
The young man was thinking about his sadness. He didn’t notice the arrival of Brother Gan, but when Brother Gan said this, he realized that the stranger was a rescuer. He excitedly said, "I told you not to come over! I’ll jump if you come over! " Said and made a ready posture.
"Hehe, buddy, what’s going on? It depends on the scenery. Why do you want to jump off a building? What happened?" Dry elder brother didn’t go forward, but there still smiled and asked.
"What are you looking at? I still look at the scenery. There is no scenery in my life. I am here to commit suicide!" The young man said with despair and excitement
"You are such an interesting buddy. How many people are desperate for their lives and have their heads broken? Why do you still want to die if you want to live a few more years?" Dry elder brother still asked peacefully.
"What’s so boring about living …" The young man still replied with a dull expression and eyes.
"Well, you’re going to die anyway, so just tell me what’s going on in the end, or let yourself die white …" Brother Gan said.
"Ah, a man who loves his woman has run away. Do you think it’s fucking meaningful to be alive? ! For five years, we have been in love for five years since the second year of college. I have been taking care of her all the time for fear that she will be wronged, but she told me yesterday that she has a new boyfriend and wants to break up with me. Why? ! Because that man is richer than me? ! But how to calculate these five years of feelings! Why? ?” The young man cried when he was talking. Brother Gan found injustice and anger in his eyes.
When the young man cried, Brother Gan slowly moved a few steps forward and stopped three or four meters away from the young man and said, "You are really right because you don’t have money! Can she leave if you have money? ! It’s been five years since we talked about it. It’s a piece of ice that should be warmed up, but living is not a love affair! You have to have money. Can you support that girl? There is nothing wrong with people wanting to make themselves better! " Brother gan continues to stimulate
"You his mama give me shut up! I am still young, I still have money and no money, I can earn, I can fight and fight! " The young man cursed
"Ha ha, what are you fighting for? You are dying. Can you still fight?" Dry elder brother asks
"I … I …" The young man was asked by the dry elder brother to be speechless.
"All right, buddy, I’m going back to struggle after watching the scene. You can jump if you want, but I advise you not to jump so hard because your parents are waiting to pick you up. If you hit them, you will die and won’t forgive yourself! Listen to your mother cry and think about who is the most important person in your life! " Brother Gan said and turned to leave.
The young man listened to the words of the dry elder brother and came to his mother in the distance. He was heartbroken and familiar with the sound surface. The anxious figure walked around and slowly withdrew his feet. These dry elder brothers saw that everything was expected by themselves. The dry elder brother turned and asked with a smile, "What’s the matter? Why don’t you jump? "
The young man didn’t speak, but he also said cruel words, soft words and dirty words all over again. That’s the effect, so he reprimanded him, "You listen to me clearly. There are your parents in this world from the time you came to this world to the time they left this world." Everyone else can compare with them. Think about it. Have you ever washed your mother’s feet since you were so big? Did you rub your father’s back? What about them when you’re dead and gone? What if they get old? ? How do you want them to live? ! If you want to die, die quickly. You are a fucking unfilial and coward! "
After scolding, Brother Gan left without looking back. Not Brother Gan, regardless of whether the young man is alive or dead, but Brother Gan has been convinced that he will not die again. Brother Gan has been convinced since he just retreated! Brother Gan went downstairs from the stairs, and the young man followed him in a hurry. The young man has disappeared. He came to his parents and kowtowed three times. He said, "My parents are unfilial and worried you. You can rest assured that you will never do stupid things again …" Then he cried with his mother in his arms, and his father shed a few turbid tears in the corner of his eyes, which made him old for a moment. Many onlookers sounded warm applause and sirens were getting closer and closer from a distance …
No one knows how this young man suddenly had an epiphany, but this young man knows that he let his mother dry her tears and shouted at the distance, "Eldest brother, you are great in kindness and I will never forget me. You can rest assured that this life will be alive …"
And dry elder brother at this time a LouDaoKou window on the third floor looked at all this after listening to the young man’s words. Dry elder brother shook his head and smiled happily, and then the building disappeared in the stream of people. Chapter 185 Municipal Committee remembers his daughter.
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"Xiaotian his niang what are you still leng leng to pour tea for the guests ….." Dry elder brother father looked at his wife stood there giggling hurriedly woke up.
"Oh … yeah, yeah, you see, I’m too busy to remember …" Brother Gan’s mother was so called to return to absolute being immediately and went into the house to get thermos flask and a teacup to pour water.
Actually, Zhang Xiaoyan was chatting with Xiao Di about learning things when her mother looked at Zhang Xiaoyan, but she also stole a glance at her mother from time to time. She was very nervous and excited. She was a teacher. Teachers know how to talk and communicate with others, which can make others more happy. Now that she has identified herself as a dry brother, of course, she has to please her future "mother-in-law". Before she studied to get rid of her mother-in-law, she was afraid that she could not get rid of her son. This is called the curve pursuit of beating cattle across the mountain, but it can save a lot of effort. So when Zhang Xiaoyan heard that Brother Gan’s father told his mother to pour water, she quickly smiled and said, "Aunt, I’ll pour you …"
"Ha ha, don’t, don’t, don’t, just rest the girl and aunt …" How can I let a little girl work when she comes to their house? Besides, I still want to turn her into my daughter-in-law. If people just come, they can’t scare them away. Rural work can’t be finished.
"Ha ha, aunt, it’s okay. I’ll just come. It’s not a heavy job. You’re resting …" Zhang Xiaoyan was determined to behave well, so she rolled up her dress sleeve, picked up thermos flask and the teacup and started to work.
The more she looks at this performance, the more she likes it. The more she looks at it, the more pleasing she feels. First of all, she doesn’t deserve this head, this face and this head. Don’t say that Dawangzhuang Village is Shili Township, and she can’t find such a beautiful girl. Second, she is a high school teacher. Regardless of her family situation, she is also a formal worker again. Besides, looking at this dress, it is estimated that the family conditions are not bad. As the saying goes, "I’m as scared as I don’t know." Look at yourself. If you want a family, no family, no important people, no people, you can support yourself in this family, that is, the village is of medium level, while your own son looks, that is to say, in the past, those boys who were put in the current view were white and tall, and they belonged to the kind of people who couldn’t find them in the crowd. How can they deserve others?
The more I think about it, the more frustrated my mother is, but I’m not willing to try it anyway. Maybe radish and cabbage have their own tastes, and girls just like it! I’d rather be killed than scared to death. Brother Gan’s mother is thinking about it here. Zhang Xiaoyan has already poured water for several gentlemen.
Brother Gan’s father looked at this girl and liked it, especially when he just poured water for himself. The "uncle" called the kiss to warm his heart. When he saw that his daughter had finished pouring water, she was there, so he quickly said, "What are you doing, my daughter? I have to sit all the way from the county and come here to see the little land. It was only after taking a lot of blessings that I met a good teacher like you …"
"Yes, yes, Mr. Zhang sat down quickly …" After listening to what his wife said, the dry elder brother mother quickly handed Zhang Xiaoyan a bench and said with a smile.
"Xiaotian, his mother, you hurry to cook today. These are all guests who haven’t eaten for a long time …" The dry elder brother’s father arranged for the boss.
"All right, you guys are chatting. I’m going to cook a meal and go to a small place to help mother kill a chicken …" Brother Gan’s mother replied.
"Oh, brother, don’t be busy. We have work to do later, so we won’t bother …" Zhang Xun quickly stopped Hu Debiao from being an outsider among these people, and among the few officials left, Zhang Xun was the most talkative. Everyone listened to him. He said he would eat if he ate, but he said he couldn’t eat if he didn’t eat, so after what he said, several people also declined.
"Zhang Ji, I know you are all big officials and busy, but no matter how busy you are, you have to eat. Even if you go back, you might as well eat here. We rural people pay attention to this. We are all guests. We can’t let our guests go with their stomachs. That family can’t laugh at Lao Wang!" Dry elder brother father generous said
"Brother, look at this …" Let the dry brother’s father say that Zhang Xun really doesn’t know how to refuse. He has nothing important to do and wants to eat here, even if he gives his baby daughter a chance to stay with Wang, he just feels a little greedy.
"Ha ha, Zhang Ji, what are you polite about? There are no strangers. We have dealt with people twice. If you feel that the rural food is eating poorly, then we can go out to eat …" Brother Gan said with a smile.
"How can I? Well, then we’re welcome …" Zhang Xun was nodded and answered.
"Aunt, I’ll help you cook. You can play in a small place …" Zhang Xiaoyan said, stepping on high heels and coming out. It seems that her feet don’t hurt at this time.
"Oh, girl, you just have to rest. Aunt will come by herself …" The little girl was so happy when her mother heard Zhang Xiaoyan’s words. This girl is simply too sensible, cultured and virtuous. If she marries herself, she will steal a smile for him.
Not to mention that Zhang Xiaoyan is really not built. Although she can’t cook well and has never seen a rural stove, she is also called ingenious. Especially that small mouth is a teacher, and she cooks a meal with her mother, which makes the old lady laugh. I don’t know how many times, one aunt and one aunt tell the old lady not to feel more comfortable. It’s only an hour’s work. If the elder brother can’t see Zhang Xiaoyan, the old lady really dares to beat the elder brother.
Looking at the old lady happy, Zhang Xiaoyan’s little eyes turned, and the ghost elves smiled and took a look at Brother Gan. Hey, hey, you can get rid of your mother, and you can run away. Your good end is half the battle. Today, you have achieved your goal yourself.
"Daughter, how did you come by yourself?" Dry elder brother mother see it’s about time to ask a way
"Oh, I followed my dad to my aunt …" Zhang Xiaoyan replied sweetly.
"Come with your dad. What about your dad?" Dry elder brother mother listened to the doubt and asked.
"That’s not sitting in the house …" Zhang Xiaoyan said and pointed out that there was Zhang Xun talking and laughing.
"Ah …" Brother Gan looked down at Zhang Xiaoyan’s hand and suddenly exclaimed. When that person was introduced just now, she remembered clearly that Zhang Ji, a teacher of the municipal party committee, was right. A surname is not a father and a daughter!
"Aunt, what’s wrong with you?" Zhang Xiaoyan heard dry elder brother mother exclaimed and asked.
"Oh, nothing, nothing … get ready for dinner, girl …" Brother Gan’s mother said with a smile, but her heart was cold. Half of the municipal party committee remembered how her daughter could afford an ordinary people’s home. This is not daydreaming! But I’m still a little unwilling to call my children and say, "Go to the house and call your brother, and say that Niang has something to tell him to go …"
After listening to my mother’s words, I went into the house and called Brother Gan out. Brother Gan was introducing it with Zhang Xun Hu Debiao and others. I came to my mother in the courtyard and asked, "What the hell is wrong with Mom?"
"Xiaotian, I ask you, don’t lie to mom. Is that teacher Zhang’s father that Zhang Ji?" Dry elder brother mother asked.