Looking at her coming XiaoLi smile nai "so let me first convenient as? Otherwise, my hands and feet will be cut off to estimate urinary incontinence. "
Without saying anything, Yan Liang bent over and pulled him up and strode out of the cave.
The smell of wormwood came with the sunshine, and Xiao Li sighed, "The weather is sunny and comfortable."
It seems as if I didn’t hear him talking to himself. Yan Liang pulled him to the side of the cave entrance and obviously let him solve it.
Xiaoli waved her back, her clothes were covered with blood, and the sunshine showed a large area. Although it was dry, you could see how much blood was shed at that time.
"You want to watch here?" She didn’t go and Xiaoli confirmed.
Look at him. Yan Liang suddenly grabbed his right hand and twisted Xiaoli immediately.
"Take a good look at it." The body turns with the arm. If he struggles in the opposite direction, his arm will be broken on the spot.
Look at him coldly, let go slowly and then turn your eyes elsewhere.
Xiaoli rubbed her wrist, and her hands were like pliers to scratch his wrist.
With a sigh, Xiaoli began to untie the belt, but for a moment he turned to look at Yan Lianglue and lifted his robe.
Look away, but you can still see Xiao Li’s body in the corner. There is really nothing mysterious in her eyes, not to mention that it will scare you to see a man undress.
Xiao Li, who was surrounded by a woman, felt uncomfortable. The wind blew through him for a long time, but his body seemed to be out of control.
"You’d better avoid catching the head of Yan. I won’t escape. If I go like this again, I’ll suffocate." He understands the fear of his escape, but he really doesn’t follow it now.
Turned to Yan Liang and stared at him without blinking an eye. Xiao Li’s pants flashed out of his mouth with a curse for her’ eyes are bold’ sight.
After a few seconds, Yan Liang turned and took two steps and turned his back on him.
Looking back, Xiaoli turned pale when she smiled, but she couldn’t stop the bright new color from his eyes and eyebrows.
I can vaguely hear some mountain movements in this silent forest in wormwood.
"Someone in the mountain" has solved his own big problem. Xiao Li buttoned his belt and came over. He also heard the mountain movement.
"I’ll take your arm." Yan Liang turned to buckle his arm and palm like an iron claw and grabbed him.
Xiao Li changed her face as soon as it was beautiful one moment ago.
Glancing at his arm, Xiao Li sighed, "It’s good for you." He gave it away a little before.
Yan Liang’s eyes narrowed slightly and then she twisted his arm. Xiaoli turned around with her strength and her arm was twisted behind her.
"I’ll give you my arm, but after you take it, we’ll go our separate ways and stop following me." Close your eyes and Xiaoli looks like she’s waiting for her arm to be unloaded.
"I’m not interested in following you." Yan Liang doesn’t want to follow him either, but if she doesn’t get something from him, she will feel uncomfortable.
"Fortunately, if you are interested in me, you will probably tear me down." Xiaoli retorted and frowned, but his arm was not him.
Yan Liang, who had a hard time, ignored him and removed his arm. This kind of thing is better than killing him directly.
"There is movement" as the arm dislocates and Xiaoli frowned and whispered.
As soon as the hand stopped, Yan Liang held her breath and there was a sound approaching and more than one person.
Let go, Yan Liang, grab Xiaoli’s skirt and leave the place quickly.