Ha ha ha ha … It’s really … to see that Zhang Jun’s face changed from black to blue and then from blue to white, and that expression of being hit by a plane.
How funny!
Leng Ruixi’s corners of the mouth evoke a Gherardini expression that charms a circle of salespeople around her …
"Look at such a handsome man! It seems that I am not old enough to have children … How can I … "How can I have children? How handsome and rich you look …
"Oh you don’t understand! What time is it now! It’s so early to have children! It’s all normal! "
"Well … that’s what a handsome man! How can I be preempted by others! "
Whispering around, Han Yiqing heard it, and then they fixed their hunting eyes on Leng Ruixi …
She is not afraid to stretch out her hand to Leng Ruixi’s mouth and smile, "Two daddies hug!"
All the women around are thunderstruck. What’s there? ! Let’s just kill them with a lightning strike! What? One handsome man was stared at and the other became the second father of that child!
How easy virtue that child’s mother is! How come so many men will bend her pomegranate skirt!
Leng Ruixi’s mouth twitched mercilessly, even the corners of his eyes twitched. He never thought that Han Yiqing would come up with such a trick to deal with them both!
So … He didn’t take her hand and didn’t want to hug her at all.
"Hum two daddy proved to be two! Let you not hug! " At this time, she is really not afraid of death. Anyway, she has become so small that she knew that they would not bully her!
There are three black lines behind everyone’s heads …
They don’t understand why this is a two-year-old talking! This is … unscientific! It is not scientific at all!
Han Yiqing!’ LengRuiXi completely nu "are you you smaller can behave in such a way? !” And he took her from Xiao Cheling’s arms and let her go directly.
Xiao Cheling also angry didn’t want to help …
As a result, two people looked down at the bottom and one-inch glared at her. When they looked up, they could see two different color eyes staring at her intensely …
"You you …"
"We what? ! Yi Qing, we are your daddy, huh? " Xiao Cheling’s mouth smile was suddenly magnified, which made her shudder, not to mention seeing Leng Ruixi’s expression!
That root is an iceberg! And still want to eat icebergs!
"No, no, no, not my brother … not my father …" She was bullied by them when she was about to cry, and even her body became smaller now, so she couldn’t make her own decisions! Or bullied by the two of them!
She’s about to cry! When those dark eyes flashed with tears, their hearts melted. When they just wanted to reach out and hug, they were picked up by Yin Yuhao in an instant. "I asked you to take care of her, not to bully her."
"Daddy … they all bully me!"
"…" Yin Yuhao mouth twitching the other two Gherardini looked at him "now you finally know what we want to bully her? !”
Chapter 81 Remember that men just come to swipe their cards!
Han Yiqing has just enjoyed being picked up, but now she has been put on the ground. Three men are looking at her with their heads down. She is so wronged!
Where’s her real dad! Show up quickly! There are three men bullying your daughter!
"Did you admit your mistake?" Leng Ruixi finally stopped talking. She nodded. "I know I was wrong."