The onlookers thought that when a gust of wind blew here and turned around, the hero who claimed to be Huo Yuanjia had disappeared. These people bombed and searched for it in succession.
At this time, Yang Ye has got into the car, and behind Zangnan Ronghuan, he shouted "Express!" to Duffy in front.
The car moved, and Yang night took a long breath and smiled at Nan Rong. "Don’t worry, don’t get into trouble."
"I saw it." Nan Rong Magic also smiled and deliberately avoided Che Dufei’s novel in front of him. "Yang Ye, you are really malicious. I have never seen you shoot so hard."
"Come on, when have you ever seen me shoot!" Yang night curled his lips with a smile.
Also the novel "I am a ghost, even if you have any knife bones, it is not necessarily worse than me. Have you seen it today?"
South glory illusion looked at Yang night shook his head and whispered, "I have never seen you so angry! Tell you what, sometimes you tell me what a country is. I feel that you are just like revenging Yang Xu and Yang Shan. "Nan Rong suddenly remembered something and asked," And the name Huo Yuanjia. I know it seems that there is also a man who is a hero in our history? "
"I told you earlier, the historical trajectory is the same, but the development direction is different. Let me tell you slowly. Now I can see that the two of us are really from different worlds!"
Yang night smiled and stretched out his hand to shoot Nan Rong’s magic shoulder. Suddenly, the car slammed the Yang night and Nan Rong’s magic.
"What’s the matter?" Yang night probe looked at the front and asked
"There is a woman in front of Mr. Lu blocking the road!" Duffy said, pointing back to the front of the car
Yang night and Nan Rong Magic both stretched out their necks and looked at it. Sure enough, they saw a hair behind their heads in a bun, wearing a twisted front, straight sleeves and a long horse-faced skirt. The woman with her arms outstretched slightly stopped a few steps and walked to the back window of Nan Rong Magic. She smiled and bowed first, then looked Yang night straight in the eye.
When Nan Rong Phantom looked at the situation, the horse leaned back hard for fear of blocking the female line of sight. The woman gestured to the outside of Nan Rong Phantom and then reached in. One arm was wearing two bracelets, and the red fish and the jade fingers were really beautiful.
The woman still had a pale yellow silk scarf in her hand, and passed it directly to Yang night across the South Glory Phantom, so she didn’t move.
Yang night tied his hands and held his arms half-way. He also saw the pale yellow silk scarf turned out to be handed to himself. He hesitated to pick it up and looked at the woman inexplicably.
The woman smiled and nodded.
"Hero, this is my lady who has bothered you ~" Then she nodded politely to Nan Rong Huan and turned around and left!
This is Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom, both dumbfounded. They looked at each other for a long time and Nan Rong Phantom remembered to hold the steering wheel in front of them and wait for Duffy to say "Car".
When the car moved, Nan Rong turned to Yang Ye and wondered, "What’s going on?"
Yang Ye blinked and scratched his head and replied, "I don’t know!" Talking, wait for a while looked at the silk scarf in his hand and suddenly found that there was still handwriting in the neatly folded silk scarf, so he shook the silk scarf curiously and looked up.
The silk scarf surface is really delicate and beautiful, and it literally says
Today, it’s not my daughter’s frivolity that makes me feel heroic when I see a hero occasionally. It’s my daughter’s courage and integrity that makes me appreciate the injustice of the road. It’s the virtue of the Chinese martial arts and the fact that the hero didn’t report his true identity, which makes my daughter admire. I know you’re not Huo, but I’m curious about the hero’s surname. If the hero is willing to enjoy my meager sensibilities, please invite Fengmingxuan to get together tonight. My daughter should prepare wine and food, meet you and drink with you.
The signature is Ruyan
"I depend!" Yang night, after watching the silk scarf in his hand, he shouted, "What an affair! Republic of China affair! "
"Let me see!" South glory magic said a grabbed the silk scarf to read through it again and turned to stare at Yang night "RuYan? Really! Look at you! Going out to fight can fool a simple girl! Listen to the tone of the girl who sent the silk scarf just now. She’s still a big lady! You are really you are really … you are sorry for me! "
This jumped Yang night and turned back to look at Nan Rong and asked, "Damn it! This is none of your business! How dare you say I’m sorry? You glass! "
"no! I mean, you’re sorry, Eun-shin! " South glory magic beat his chest and shook his silk scarf.
Yang night with a smile handfuls of scarves from south glory magic hand back "you come on! I think your mind is unbalanced! I regret that you should have gone just now, right? "
Nan Rong shouted in a daze, "What are you talking about?"
"Ha ha! I knew it! " Yang night laughed "eldest brother, you are not so conservative? It’s normal for us to be a little surprised when we are on a business trip! "