See slap will fall the nangongshan obsidian also don’t hide his bet …
Seeing that he didn’t dodge the emperor, his hands were stunned but he fell with trembling. "Get out!"
It was unusual for Nangong Obsidian to turn away from the manager’s heart and admire such irreverence and not be executed by the emperor.
The nangongshan obsidian came to the nangongshan Sandy residence and I don’t know if I really want to hold that person in my arms.
When I sleep, I feel that the bed is heavy and frightened. When I open my eyes, I will see the Zhang Jun face that often appears in my dream. The Nangong Sandy leng leng muttered, "Even when I sleep, you have to run into my dream …"
The nangongshan obsidian one leng eyes emerge a little love gently took her into his arms.
The nangongshan Sandy finally awake.
She rubbed her sleepy eyes to make sure that the man in front of her was him, and then she was grieved and cried, and her fist fell on his chest with tears in her eyes, complaining, "Where have you been? Do you know that I am worried about you?"
Nangong Obsidian chuckled at her beating "I’m here silly girl go to sleep."
He is very tired, and his nerves will relax only when he sees her.
But the nangongshan Sandy how also can’t sleep, afraid to sleep and then wake up to find that all this is a chapter 1844 1844 that beauty seems to favor you!
The handsome side face shows the Nangong Sandy’s fingers depicting his outline with a black rim of the eye, which makes her feel a little pain in her heart. Although I don’t know what he does these days, it must be not a simple thing to make him so tired.
"Brother, I will grow up beside you."
After whispering a few words, Nangong Sandy went into his arms and fell asleep.
After she fell asleep, her closed eyes slowly opened with a trace of warmth at the bottom.
His sleep is very shallow, especially in recent years, no matter how tired he is, he will wake her up when he moves. His words are warm and moved by his heart. Does she have the conditions to believe him?
In the morning, when the first ray of sunshine came in, Nangong Sandy had a stretch and immediately sat up beside the bed. The residual temperature still vaguely told her that yesterday was not a dream …
Although depressed in the heart, Sandy was a little excited after making sure he was safe.
Jun Fengwen was worried that she would be careless, but she was surprised to find that today she seemed different from a few days ago and raised her eyebrows. "Yo, what’s going on? Why do you look in a particularly good mood today?"
Sandy of Nangong squinted and didn’t talk, but teased the meat bag. "Will Aunt Meat Bag take you to play?"
Small meat bag felt a little dangerous breath. Every time mother wanted to do something bad, she would say this tone to him and shook her head firmly. He was not an idiot! Absolutely not!
Sandy, the Nangong, bulging his mouth and dissatisfied with the tunnel, "Sister Fengwen, your little meat bun is so unlovable. You haven’t inherited anything. You are the iceberg face of your teacher!"
What does Lin Jingxuan have with him?
Jun Feng Wen Nai said, "Well, well, it will be two days before we attend the party, and then we can leave. Are you relieved?"
The nangongshan Sandy is not as faint as she expected. Oh, a couple’s eyes flashed a trace of doubt. When she came, this girl didn’t want to talk about leaving. She didn’t want to?
Sandy of Nangong noticed their sight and explained with a smile, "I found it is not bad here today!"
Two people nodded, no matter how to make her mood better slowly.
"Well, well, let’s go out shopping. I don’t know when our next visit will be."
The nangongshan Sandy feel limited power today as if I haven’t been so heartbroken for a long time.
Jun Fengwen saw that she rarely had a request, so she took her out shopping and observed an exotic customs by the way.
A couple just passed by Sandy in Nangong, holding hands, and watching them leave, they couldn’t help exclaiming, "Sister, they are so relaxed here!"
Jun Fengwen has long heard of the Japanese folk custom, but he didn’t expect it to be like this.
"Sister, look at that woman ogling your teacher!" The nangongshan Sandy suddenly specialty pointed to the attic female forehead three black lines all over the cold to see the woman face rough ogling is disgusting than …
"Poof …"