"I’ve come here specially from Ancheng to catch up with the moon. This Xie family’s bullshit three emperors’ family is just a rat. Bah!"
At that time, the whole hospital was furious, and all kinds of insults and scorns were hard to hear. Many people have directly punched and kicked the lanterns in the hospital for decoration, and even the green slate has been severely trampled.
Xie An thin lips slightly Ru lips fierce hand violently coughed several times.
"Teacher, do you know that you are bullying the king!" The emperor raised my hand and slapped the table with a hard slap. His eyes half squinted at Xie An and helped him. Gu Jin Sunseeker really reported that Gu Huai’s daughter was really a scourge, and even that deadly poison could be solved by her. It seems that it is time to think about her problem.
Xie anwen looked slightly pale.
Xie Yi bowed his head and chuckled, "From the beginning to the end, we Xie Gu never said that Xie Gu had something to do and asked Huang Jian!" The voice was not high, but he blessed it and spread it. The whole people in the main hospital could hear it clearly. The low voice was like ringing in their ears.
But now those people don’t have the mind to ask what eyes are staring at the room tightly, and their eyes are wide open for fear of missing the slightest bit. These are all living talks, especially those sour Confucianism who don’t blink.
"Oh?" The emperor was already angry in his heart, but his face had to endure his eyes half-narrowed. "I heard a lot of love, and Xie Gu sent a funeral invitation. But you Xie Gu secretly printed it, and you still dare to justify it! Tell me how you can get Xie Jia’s secret seal without your Xie family! " Said the invitation in the sleeve pocket ruthlessly thrown to the next table.
Xie An saw the invitation before he stumbled. He couldn’t believe it. "No, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible, it’s impossible. Although I’m in poor health, it’s not … I’ve always been filial. It’s impossible for us to do such a thing when we were still alive. Please ask the emperor!"
"Oh?" The emperor corners of the mouth slightly hook "don’t tell me this invitation is not your Xie Gu sent out.reads;

! "
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and thought quickly about the countermeasures. The best way is to find out who sent the invitation that day. Those who received the invitation can naturally recognize it. What’s more, it’s a pity that the invitation can be sent to all the dignitaries in Liangdu in just a few hours. Such a figure is by no means a famous person, but now Zhen Niang is not cool, and she has the heart.
It’s true that I told my brother that this invitation was not sent from Xie Gu. Qin Rui was wearing a blue-black brocade robe with dark lines embroidered with auspicious clouds. Where is the "sick king" who smells half weak when walking fast?
John young followed by four guards with a man and a woman; A line of people quickly towards the main courtyard room; When they saw it, they were surprised that "King Rui has been active too frequently recently"
"What do you think also don’t like a lingering sickbed?" Some people looked at King Rui’s absolute beauty face for a while.
"Don’t you ever hear of that?"? This Rui Wang has a deep affection for the daughter of former Gu Guogong. Don’t tell me that you don’t know that Xie Jia and Heng Wuyuan care for their families? " At that time, many people’s faces showed a look of enlightenment.
Gu Jinxi looked at Qin Rui’s pale face and dark bags under his eyes. I felt a little distressed, but now it’s not good for so many people to bow their heads and pursed their lips.
When the emperor looked at Qin Rui, his face was even uglier. "Brother Huang, you have always been in poor health. What are you doing here without a good rest?" Words are with a kind of yelling.
"Lie down for too long and come out for a walk." Qin Rui is not annoyed. He smiled faintly at Gu Jinxi and then said, "But just found something interesting."
"What evidence do you have to prove that this invitation was not sent from Xie Jia?" The emperor’s face was heavy, and he had already arranged things, so that Xie An and Lu escaped this robbery. Why don’t you want him to steal a chicken and not spend money, and not eat rice to provoke a suit of coquettish?
Qin Ruichao made a wink at john young behind him and made a salute to the emperor disguised terms. This time, he took something out of his arms and offered his hands "Thank you, my Lord, can you see if this is Xie Jia’s secret seal?"
"This ….." Don’t say Xie An is Xie Yi and Xie Wei are shocked.
"The day before yesterday, I just watched the two brothers and sisters sneaking around and let john young pay more attention to them, but I didn’t want to just find that they were carrying Xie Gu’s dark seal and there were a lot of invitations that were not sent out." Qin Rui said that john young had thrown the invitations from the two brothers and sisters to the ground with a cold smile. "The two brothers and sisters should not say that they are Xie Gu."
Suddenly, the emperor’s face floated with a bad feeling. Although he was not directly involved in the invitation, he knew at least that when he looked at two people with black hands tied behind their backs, he looked coldly and didn’t speak.
"Actually, these two brothers should be no strangers." Qin Rui bowed his head and said that the black gauze cover of the two heads was uncovered and many people in the college were shocked.
"This … this isn’t …" "Is it Yun Feng and *, the personal bodyguard around Tai?"
When the emperor heard this, he suddenly ground his teeth bitterly and stared at Yunfeng and * "Who told you to do this?"
"…" Both brother and sister kept biting their teeth and said nothing. Anyway, no matter what was caught by Qin Rui, they knew they were destined to be scapegoats at that moment.
"But then again, there is nothing wrong with the Xie family. What about this mourning hall?"
Soon someone in the crowd received the emperor’s eyes and made a fuss. The invitation was not sent out by the Xie family, but it can’t be said that someone else helped them decorate the mourning hall. It doesn’t make sense to decorate the mourning hall for nothing.
The emperor took a deep breath and looked a little better. He turned to Xie An. "How do you explain the teacher?"
"Ah ….." Xie An face heavy face with a somewhat pathetique’s hand will be white twill covered memorial tablet jie bowed their heads "unfortunate family misfortune!reads;