Outsiders on the street saw the four martial arts masters sticking to the wall in front of the White House gate constantly yelling and whispering. They all knew that maybe something big would happen today.
"What are you from? How to get in? " A pair of patrol guards saw Zhang Tao’s strange face. They naturally knew that Zhang Tao was not a guest. If the family invited him, it would be impossible to be without company.
These five patrols are all nine-level jack Zhang Tao secretly nodded, and the White House strength was indeed extraordinary. Zhang Tao gently looked at their pupils and five people suddenly flew out.
Some people smashed the tree, some people smashed the rockery, and the front yard became a mess. "Enemy invasion!" The last nine-level warrior issued a warning before close contact with the ground
Although this impact can’t make them lose their combat effectiveness, Zhang Tao is just an experiment. When they rushed again, they were fixed by Zhang Tao.
"Who are you?" For these guards, Zhang Tao smiled, "I’m just a friend of Miss Bai Qiu." After that, Zhang Tao went straight to the inside for a moment. Three giant wolves appeared in front of Zhang Tao. These are all animals and green wolves, and behind them are three innate guards.
"It’s bold to trespass on the White House Pavilion, and now let bygones be bygones." People who know mountains and tigers are inclined to go to the tiger mountain are generally skilled people, and the White House naturally doesn’t want to establish a strong enemy, so it’s better to bury the hatchet.
"I’d love to, but I must meet Miss Bai Qiu today unless you can lead the way," said Zhang Tao.
"In that case, let’s stay in the pavilion." The three innate conditions are all five qi, but Zhang Taogen, a martial artist at this level, doesn’t need to make efforts. As soon as the spirit is combined with their animals, the walls are tightly fixed, just like an iron tongs holding them. If you struggle, it will be futile to make the true qi.
Animals also sobbed, and their limbs struggled constantly, but it didn’t help. Zhang Tao walked slowly along the corridor, but all the guards who blocked Zhang Tao’s way were trapped on the ground or wooden pillars by the spirit.
"Bold fanatics dare to break into the White House." At this time, Tianshi Venerable Zhang Tao finally appeared, and his eyes narrowed slightly, so that he could make his spirit opponent brazenly.
Tianshi level four peak innate condition is not satisfactory, but it is also enough. "Don’t talk nonsense. I must see your householder today. Since you want to stop it, come on." When I heard Zhang Tao’s words, the four innate conditions at the same time shot at the same time. The ghosting is like a fallen leaf floating around Zhang Tao.
Zhang Tao can clearly feel that the four of them have instantly come to Zhang Tao’s side with their eyes closed and surrounded by attacks. Zhang Taoke can avoid all routes.
Suddenly, Zhang Tao opened his eyes and suddenly a powerful spirit filled out. Four innate masters were like being hit by huge waves and flying backwards with a stuffy hum.
Boom this time Zhang Tao spirit didn’t show any mercy. Suddenly, four congenital conditions were injured. The impact of the spirit will do harm to the human body. If Zhang Tao intends to attack, it can also directly invade the other side’s brain and destroy it. Zhang Tao didn’t want to be a white house.
This type of political marriage is common to Zhang Taosi, who can’t change it by himself, because it is human nature. They don’t know that it is best to release the situation and enjoy the happiness of their families. They are just stubborn.
"Sure enough, there are some things." Seeing this Tianshi’s right hand grasping Zhang Tao, he felt the gas distortion. Not only that, he also took out a broadsword. Zhang Tao smiled and released his spirit like a shock wave. Tianshi also felt a wave impact and was hit by the front because he was too quick to escape from his roots.
After several turns, the Celestial Master landed hard, and then he moved the broadsword and suddenly turned the animal into an attack on Zhang Tao. When his eyes stared, the animal screamed and was bounced out. "What magic did you do?" Never seen such a thing before, Tianshi made a panic sound.
"The spirit control and attack called black magic? I forgive you for knowing that "Zhang Tao stepped forward step by step from Tianshi Venerable Master to the White House to inquire about the root method of Wushu all the way."
Soon the whole White House alarm sounded. "Big Brother, you said someone was invading?" A bearded strong man with only one right hand and a face of ShaQi asked.
"Bailong, don’t be so impulsive and lose your hand. Are you still good at law?" Aside, a beautiful young woman took a charming white look at this big fellow. "The second sister is not my white dragon impulse, but when will someone dare to break in in the White House?" I don’t care if he is sacred, he is dead. "
Hearing Bailong’s words, the middle-aged man nodded his head. "The three elders will bring them here, and the saint wants to see who is putting his foot in the ground." One of the three old men really took Bai Qiu away from the saint and attacked Qi Zhengsheng, while the other two were both Tianshi secondary.
"White rain and white dragon, please be calm. Soon we will know the truth, Bai Mo." Suddenly, the middle-aged man said to a young man, wearing a metal mask and full of gloomy atmosphere.
It turns out that this middle-aged man is Bai Qiu’s father and Bai Jia’s master.
"Let out the purple eagle and inform the dark emperor’s adult" said the white master.
"Does Big Brother need to be so careful?" Belle Bai Yu asked
"Be careful to sail for ten thousand years. We can’t be negligent because it’s not easy for our White House to create such an inheritance," said Bai Jiazhu
White dragon and white rain looked at each other and then nodded their heads. From the fifth stream family, they accidentally met the dark emperor of Wanmo Tower, which was also a turning point of fate.
In front of Zhang Tao, there was a Tianshi second-class "I remember you. You were the first person who wanted to take Bai Qiu away at that time." Hearing Zhang Tao’s words, the Tianshi’s face changed. "Are you the mysterious person who forced us back in the dark?" The kind of sound that can make the brain explode is unforgettable
Chapter 77 Don’t listen to advice
For Tianshi’s questioning and answering, Zhang Tao nodded without hesitation. "Yes, it is so [ka~]. Zhang Tao now has no need to hide his identity. He secretly forced Kowloon Yin to retreat. There is nothing to hide.
Otherwise, this Tianshi took two steps back, with a dignified face and some slight fear in his eyes. Soon, it will be a slight sigh of relief to break this Tianshi in the distance.