By this time, several RG people had gone a long way and realized that something was wrong, so they went back one after another.
Lin Wankuo felt a little guilty when he saw them all coming back. He asked Xia Lingyao again, "Ling Yao, are you really going to eat with them?"
"It’s good for me to eat with you," Xia Lingyao said angrily. When she saw Lu Exhibition to speak for her, she realized that she was behind Lu Exhibition as if a daffodil was leaning on the branches and leaves.
"Please don’t pester Ling Yao elder sister if you have something sweet words, I will play along to the end" Lu Zhan also said to Lin Wankuo.
Lin Wankuo glared at Lu Zhan and said, "Don’t win the game by luck, so you can show off. You’d better hit the strongest king and talk to me again!"
Lu Zhan did not show weakness and looked at him with tepid eyes and said, "Well, then you can wait for me in the King Group. I hope you will not be ranked lower than me after shuffling S4. Don’t forget that you are not the first in the country!"
It’s early November, and it’s very close to the S4 season. At that time, the position will be reset and the ranking will be settled. The new season will be a new sprint opportunity for the land exhibition.
This sentence of Lu Zhan makes Lin Wankuo’s words want to refute, and he really is not the first in the country when Lu Hong was there, which is also a single sore point in many outstanding countries.
In fact, Lin Wankuo played so many games with Lu Zhan, naturally knowing the strength of Lu Zhan, and he never expected that Lu Zhan would play better and better in three games, and finally defeated the country’s first night watchman.
Lin Wankuo has been waking himself up by this alone, and he must not underestimate Lu Zhan. If he is not good, Lu Zhan will turn from a competition player to a stable player, which will eventually threaten his position.
By this time, the money had already come back. Lin Wankuo gritted his teeth angrily, but he dared not say anything about turning around and leaving alone.
"What’s the matter?" Money look at Lu Zhan and look at leaving Lin Wankuo doubt said
"Nothing" Lu Zhan shrugged his shoulders. He felt that he had caused enough difficulties for them by giving money. Lin Wankuo provoked them and there was no need to say it.
"It’s good to be okay. Let’s go quickly. I’ve booked a room in the building," Qian said.
Lu Zhan nodded and Xia Lingyao continued to follow behind the big troops. Soon the ladder was straight, and there were several members on the first floor of the third floor.
A few people followed the clerk to book the package, but Xia Lingyao deliberately walked slowly, and Lu Zhangu naturally slowed down.
"Thank you just now!" Wait until a few people are out of touch with each other. Xia Lingyao said that at this time, Yang Xi Yuan went to the toilet and now there are two of them around.
"No one can bully you without me," Lu Zhan said lightly.
Xia Lingyao felt a warm heart when he heard this, and said, "Don’t be angry with him. You are not afraid of rising to the strongest king."
In fact, Xia Lingyao has known Lu Zhan’s talent for so long. She knows that it is only a matter of time before Lu Zhan becomes the strongest king, but she doesn’t want Lu Zhan to be too eager for success in the game. Lu Zhan’s training is already fast, which will make his foundation more unstable.
"Don’t worry about my own discretion." Lu Zhanbai Xia Lingyao means not to let yourself pull out the seedlings.
He nodded his head and asked, "By the way, what is going on with Lin Wankuo? What will make you angry?"? “
"I didn’t come. I trusted him very much to let him teach you. I didn’t expect him to let you out as a hero," Xia Lingyao replied.
Lu Zhan suddenly realized that he was aware of something wrong during the game. He was targeted by people for three games. It turned out that Lin Wankuo leaked it.
"In fact, there is one thing I haven’t told you, because my ID is Lin Wankuo, the medicine institute of the undead." At this time, two people have almost entered their bag Xia Lingyao and said slowly.
After hearing this, Lu Zhan suddenly became surprised. The medicine is immortal … Is it a couple’s name?
"Don’t guess that he and I are nothing" as if seeing the expression of Lu Zhan, Xia Lingyao immediately turned white and immediately turned red to stop his thoughts.
"No wonder the elder brother called me so carefully that someone would really leak tactics …" Lu Zhan said that he didn’t expect that the original competitive world was not all open and decisive, and there were some tricks like this.
Similarly, he didn’t expect to sound like such a gentleman in his voice before, and a person’s heart was so terrible. Now think about Lin Wankuo’s claim to imitate Wang Ji’s style of play, but in fact he is still playing very aggressively, which may be part of Lin Wankuo’s plan.
"You’re not in this circle." Xia Lingyao said with a sigh.
"But what good will it do him?" Lu Zhan is still puzzled.
"There are many newcomers in the competitive world. Although there are few people who get such special training opportunities, there will still be newcomers. Lin Wankuo thinks it is probably to suppress other team newcomers."
"So that’s it. I always think that Lin Wankuo is not that simple. He seems to be very ambitious to do these things. I’m afraid I let RG lose the game as part of his plan."
"Maybe, I hope his goal is not to let other teams, even if our ghost team is likely to be destroyed by him!" Xia Lingyao is concerned that she can’t imagine looking up and not looking down in her own work environment to see how to get along with Lin Wankuo.
But she felt very at ease when she didn’t know what Lu Zhan was in front of her.
Chapter 113 The real meaning of RG team name
"Brother, this place is good!" When they entered their private room, they heard the soldiers exclaim.
RG players even know about money and family, and they won’t find a good place to treat them with money. I didn’t expect it to be a luxury hotel at first.