Chen Senran took the warm wet wipes handed by Little Annie and sat opposite Galen, and casually asked Joey for a good girl.
"So what’s your answer?" Galen has always been a soldier, concise and sharp, and straight to the point.
"But I can tell you every detail that I know, even though your lovely lover tried to kill me," Chen Senran replied without dodging, and even pointed out the contradiction "but I have additional conditions"
"I apologize to her, and you know she can’t help it. What are your additional conditions?" Galen continued to negotiate as if to discuss the marching route.
"I want to take part in all the military activities of Demacia against Noxas." Chen Senran made this request without any hesitation because he knew that he could not directly ask Demacia to do Noxas step by step.
"What?" Galen felt a little itchy in his hand. Today, out of negotiation etiquette, he didn’t bring a weapon to develop the habit of touching the sword when thinking all the year round, so he directly grabbed the glass in his hand. He carefully stroked and thought about Chen Senran’s reason for this request: "Did Master Yi change?"
Although Galen is famous for his bravery and fearlessness, it doesn’t mean that he is an idiot with developed limbs. A fine mind is the guarantee that he can live today. He combined some latest information with Chen Senran’s identity, and he easily guessed the reason.
"Yes," Chen Senran suddenly felt that talking to this former famous ranger and now general was very pleasant, concise and deadly, just like going back to the time of business negotiation.
"Just because he taught you a way? Do you know that your opponent is the whole of Knox Sass? " Galen suddenly became interested in this matter. He had heard of Master Yi’s fame, whether he was Ionia in the past or he ended the battle. Was it amazing to the extreme? I didn’t expect that man’s brother, who was as brilliant as a meteor, was so afraid. "What? Aren’t you afraid? "
"I’m scared, but you know, we once had a drink together. The wine was delicious that night." Chen Senran took a sip of good girl with a smile.
"Just because the wine is delicious?" Galen froze. He had seen several Hawker Rangers in his life. Everyone had a reason to avenge his friends, but this one was the best he had ever heard.
"Hey little" Galen burst out laughing. "Then let’s see who cuts the head of that son of a bitch burnham first."
"De Marcia?" Chen Senran filled his glass with wine.
"No, the wine is delicious tonight." Galen also raised his glass.
Two men who didn’t know each other very well laughed and drank a glass, then punched each other hard, as if they were old friends for many years.
"Oops, oops, it seems that I’m late again today." At this moment, an untimely sound came up. Twisted Fate Drizzt brushed himself with gold and sat gracefully in the third chair.
"Is this … Mr. Drizzt?" Well-informed Galen recognized Drizzt, the notorious king’s egg, at a glance.
"Tut tut … Gai Xia is Gai Xia. I’m so flattered that even a small person like me knows me." Drizzt said one-liners and ordered a cup of crimson blood.
"He is …" Galen gave Chen Senran a confused look, which was not white. How could this guy get involved in this matter?
"I’m sorry I forgot to tell you that this guy is my partner and he wants to work together." Chen Senran shrugged his shoulders apologetically.
"What?" Galen feels that things seem to be far from what he wants.
"Because of the institute …" Drizzt said low.
Secondly, I personally like to write some bloody lines, and I will be very excited when I write them myself.
I hope you will like it, too.
Asking for tickets
On page 14, another big drama begins.
"You mean that Katrina was admitted to the institute?" Galen said that the research institute kept its voice down as if it was taboo for individuals. Of course, he knew what the research institute was. There were many popular young generals in Demassia, and many secret documents flowed in his hand. He also probably knew some fragmented information from those documents, that is, the research institute hid the truth of the world and wanted to know that everyone was dead.
"Accurately speaking, I finally saw Katrina when I left, but what happened after her? I don’t know whether she was alive or dead." Chen Senran told Galen the general situation again, but when she entered the institute, Katrina was injured, but she didn’t mention him. Galen naturally didn’t ask.
"I must go in anyway." Galen’s mind was firm. He glanced at his head again and stopped talking. He shook his glass and listened to Drizzt silently. "So tell me now, why do you want to join?" He didn’t ask Drizzt what he wanted to enter the graduate school, but asked him what kind of strength he could get.
"You should know one thing …" Drizzt took a sip of scarlet wine, revealing a batting practice smile. "You, me, him and all of us are being watched by the parliament at the moment. Those people are watching us somewhere outside the window at the moment. They know very well what color you are wearing pants today." Drizzt took another sip of wine and said that he was batting practice and sold it.
"Get to the point" Galen is a little impatient, although he probably knows what this guy means.
"So how do you enter the institute? Are you alone, Master Gai, with your beautiful and fearless sword, or do you want to transfer your fearless stormtroopers to fight directly with the parliament? " Drizzt didn’t seem to see that Galen had clenched his fist, as if he didn’t care if the other party suddenly broke up and smashed his face.
"You mean you can help us get in unnoticed?" Galen snorted. This is really what he is thinking. Of course, he knows that the parliament has completely discovered it. He simply doesn’t even wear a cloak. If he enters the institute, it is a very headache. This guy claims to distort his fate. Is there really something wrong with it?
"Bingo-Bingo" Drizzt still said witticisms slowly. "I can easily cover the eyes of the big shots in parliament and walk around their hometown when they are at a loss, so you won’t be satisfied with how to cover the heroes."
"So you want to join but also …" Galen didn’t ask why Drizzt came to them since he was so powerful. Drizzt must have come here today to learn about him with the help of Chen Senran. His only worry is …
"Don’t worry, we’ll go our separate ways after going in. I won’t hinder you and you won’t hinder me." Drizzt told Galen the truth before this nonsense, and he didn’t want to save any old lovers for Galen.
"Then it’s a deal." Galen thought about it. If he had no objection, he would be able to get in, so he was sure that he could save Katrina by himself.
Wait a minute. Just as Drizzt was about to raise his glass to celebrate, Chen Senran interrupted him. Dear Mr Drizzt, you seem to have forgotten one thing, that is, what benefits can you give me?
"Ha-"Drizzt let out an inexplicable smile. "Have you forgotten the cute clown who lives in the backyard of this pub now?"
Clown … A contraction of Chen Senran’s pupil reminds him of the upside-down card. Drizzt’s words suggested that he suddenly felt sick when he was led by the nose. I didn’t expect the other party to set up such a game and let himself jump in. Fortunately, there were no consequences. Otherwise ..
"You are a disgusting guy" Chen Senran touched his nose and finally said.
"Oh, oh, oh, thank you for your compliment. I don’t think I’m disgusting enough. Hahahahaha …" Drizzt laughed and thanked Chen Senran for his compliment.
"Actually … you should thank me. That’s a sharp knife to the extreme."
"Knife is too sharp and easy to hurt yourself" Chen Senran did not receive this feeling, and at the same time, he was wary of this devil wears prada at the highest level. He didn’t want to be led into the ditch by him for no reason.
"Then wish us a happy time" has not been said. Galen raised his glass when he saw how things were handled.
"Happy together"
Clink a glass and drink it.
Late at night
At the same time, the parliamentary long table
The three giants of parliament finally get together again. Obviously, Piero is sitting on the right. Some momentum is insufficient. He has been hanging his head like a defeated rooster and dare not look at Livache.
Hudson, who was sitting at the first place on the left, looked at it, and Piero vaguely guessed what happened during his absence. Suddenly, he was more afraid of the first leader who had been holding his head and showing a pair of seemingly gentle eyes