Meng Muyu just came out. He dashed up again. At this time, he was also a little panicked. He never thought that he would suddenly be taken to the deep sea.
However, at this time, it was Heinong who jumped down and waited for him!
Moreover, at this time, Xiao Wen once again locked the water surface around Meng Muyu with Dinghaizhu!
The sea is 40 miles away. If it weren’t for special detection methods, Meng Muyu couldn’t even see where the sea was. At this time, if he only looks into the distance with the naked eye, it is completely dark.
Fear, at this time Meng Muyu deeply felt the fear!
The old man finally couldn’t help it. Temporarily gave up the upward rush, and twelve burning swords quickly entered the female sword!
The sword of heaven is synthesized again. Meng Muyu held back, and the sword went straight towards Hainong!
This time, the latosolic red heavenly sword has been as long as ten miles, whether it is the most powerful one or not, at least it is the biggest one!
Both inside and outside, with such a huge sword light cut, Heinong also felt that there was no hiding.
However, Heinong didn’t want to hide!
After a loud roar, Hainong’s figure instantly became bigger, fifty feet, one hundred feet, one mile, three miles …
When the figure rose to three miles, the crimson sword had already been cut, and Hainong raised the same storm and stopped it!
"When! ! ! ! !”
After all, Hainong rushed to take it. Even though his body size has risen to three miles, it is far less than the latosolic red heavenly sword, but he was chopped off by this sword. Moreover, there was a gap in the halberd pole of the sword in his storm seafood halberd.
A sword hit Fei Hainong, but Meng Muyu was not happy at all, because he suddenly felt something was wrong.
The strong pressure around him is gone!
At this time, he seems to go wherever he wants …
But how is that possible?
Then, he saw a ten-mile-long blue Se crystal sword light cut towards him …
That’s a sword that goes back to nature!
His terracotta-cotta-colored heavenly sword just flew away from Hainong, and it was too late to stop this ten-mile-long sword light.
The black shield is getting bigger and bigger, meet it!
"When" there was a crunchy sound, the black shield flew away directly, and the sword that returned to nature continued to cut.
Why do you have a feeling that you can’t hide?
Is it that the other party has learned the true meaning of his own Tao?
At this moment, in the face of the blue Se sword, Meng Muyu’s only defense has left the silvery white barrier!
Taiyi Juhuayuan Magnetic Symbol, its real strongest defense means, can prevent attacks from all directions, and it is especially effective when used in Du Jie. However, there is another feature of this symbol, which is stronger in all-round defense. If the other side only attacks a little …
Above, Zhuang Jiuling, who was chasing down, suddenly saw this scene. He stopped without hesitation and then rushed to the sea!
He has given up Meng Muyu!
If we don’t leave now, it’s very likely that his life will be explained here!
At this time, he has regretted to death, why do you want to launch a decisive battle in the deep sea? ! !
Below, Yashen Meng Muyu watched the blue Se sword finally cut on his Taiyi Juhuayuan magnetic symbol.
The blade of such a huge blade is as thin as cicada’s wing, even thinner than cicada’s wing and extremely sharp. First, it gently touches the silvery white barrier, and then it presses down. It can be clearly seen that the part of the silver-white barrier that was resisted by the blade began to sag inward, and a straight trace appeared.
"Lindsey …"
After a small sound, the depression was restored to its original state. This is because the blade has cut it open …
The blade of the sword is like a kitchen knife for cutting salted duck eggs. After breaking the shell, it continues to move inward, gradually approaching Meng Muyu …
At this time, Meng Muyu still kept the action of chopping with a sword. Holding your arms above your head, it’s like deliberately letting that blue Se sword chop him. After all, all this is very slow, but it actually only happened between crackles. When he split Hainong with the sword of latosolic red and heavenly sword, Xiao Wen had already split him with the sword of setting Haizhu to condense.
Silently, the blade has cut into the abdomen of Meng Muyu …
Then. Keep going!
When more than a foot’s blade crossed Meng Muyu’s body, his whole body had been cut in half. The upper body is above the blade of the blue Se sword, and the lower body is on the other side of the blade …
However. The blue Se sword is Xiao Wen’s all-out swing. At this time, it can’t be closed at all, and it is still splitting forward.
So, when the thicker and thicker blade comes behind the blade. Meng Muyu’s physical separation is getting bigger and bigger.
That blue Se sword is ten miles long. About a mile wide, the thickest part of the blade is four or five feet, so the scene that followed was quite cruel. The upper body of Meng Muyu was like climbing a gentle slope of blue Se, and it was rolling and climbing …