Yueqin song once again roared at Yubo, and his anxiety and worries filled his cheeks, and the joints that had been whitened were constantly tightened!
A little while, Yu Bo sighed heavily and asked him to speak slowly in the face of Yueqin Song. "It’s too energy! Lost the emperor’s grandson eleven years ago … "
Yubo’s tone is obscure. He knew that things would come out one day!
But I never thought this day would come so soon!
After all, it’s not that important for Taitai that their father hasn’t seen his grandson for nearly twenty years!
Yueqin Song breathes and her eyes flash with a struggle and stare at Yubo. "What did you say?"
His tone is deep and cold, word for word!
Even with his breathing began to faster and faster!
"Too damn, please forgive me!"
As soon as Yubo broke free from the Yueqin song, this time he knelt down firmly in the snow!
The strength is so great that Su Ling is slightly tongue-tied in the distance!
And after such a change, Su Ling squinted with relief and saw that May had come to the middle of the distance between the two sides!
Su Ling suddenly didn’t want to flicker out in his meager strength!
She is quick and anxious, and her physical strength will explode in an instant!
It’s like Ling Bo’s pace in May, and she also hurriedly performed her work. Finally, when the piano song was discovered that month, Su Ling had already hugged May, and Huang Lao also timely flicker to the mother and daughter!
At this time, due to the reason of welcoming May, their distance from Yueqin Song is much closer than before!
Looking at Su Ling and Huang Lao’s gloomy face through the eyes of Yueqin Song Yin, he was also worried!
One side knelt on the ground and Yubo suddenly found that Yueqin Song looked gloomy and looked at Su Ling to detain her mind!
While his attention was still on Su Ling’s body, he suddenly jumped from the ground and shouted, "I will make amends and take the golden key!"
Yubo tried to make Li Suling temporarily put the Yueqin song on his bad feelings, so he shouted all over the old palace!
At the same time, on the occasion of Yubo’s departure, Yueqin first flashed dangerous light to raise his palm, but suddenly!
In the end, he stood still and watched Yubo move!
I have noticed that Yueqin Song indulges in this attitude, and Yubo is more and more eager to take off in the process!
He also quickly flashed a smug sneer at the corner of his lips!
At the same time, when Yubo rushed to Su Ling and Huang Lao, everyone behind him was watching with cold face!
Only …
Su Ao is still dressed in a dark green brocade robe. When Yu Bo moves, he will follow him instantly without saying anything!
And followed by ghost Yan!
Su Ling was holding May when she saw Yu Bo coming over, and her lip corner was still a little disdainful!
However, Su Ao and Ghost Yan attacked Yu Bo from both sides at the same time, which made Su Ling calm!
"You two restrain him!"
Yu Boling gave orders to Su Ao and the ghost Yan Fa, and the direction he was referring to happened to be to burn Lao San!
Because the distance is very close, Yubo has deceived himself in the blink of an eye!
Su Ao and Ghost Yan did rush to burn the old one after a circle in the middle of the fight, as Jade Bo said!
At that time, Su Ling and Huang Laosan were definitely looking at the people ahead in May. After hearing what Yubo said, Su Ling looked at Huang Laosan’s eyes with a smile and an obscure light intertwined with a whisper, "Be careful!"
Even so, I said that I didn’t move!
Standing on Su Ling’s side, his thin lips are cold and his disdain radian is as calm as if he had answers!
"The dragon rides!"
After an order, the old man suddenly hugged Su Ling’s toes and flew back in an instant, and suddenly he opened the distance with Yu Bo!
Burn the old flying skill, especially in a crisis situation, and he will be the highest level!
Seeing that Yu Bo’s resentment is just around the corner, Nai suddenly rushed out of the old palace and two rooms, and the black armor guards blocked them from moving!
The Dragon Rider appeared and followed Yubo, and the team of 100 people rushed into it!
Just like the scene the day before, the two sides suddenly caught fire!
But the only difference is that Yubo has no way out this time!
Especially not far away, there is a yueqin song, and his momentum is wide open, and he will shock the melee soldiers back several steps in a flash!
His ruddy cheeks were covered with furious and ferocious corners at this time, and he saw Huang Lao holding Su Ling and slowly setting his elite eyes a few tens of meters away to detain him and saw the ghost Yan and Su Ao!
His vigorous voice suddenly exits, and in an instant, his Gangfeng scattered around ten meters, shaking open a piece of land, and then he and Su Ao looked at each other for an instant, and suddenly it was like flying out of the sky, and the speed was many times faster than before!
And Yubo rushed out of the circle in the right direction where Huang Lao and Su Ling were!
Later there will be more chapters 635 Sue pride!
At that time, many dragon riders saw this scene and stepped out, but because Yubo was too fast, they moved too late!
Because Yubo is too fast, including Su Ao and Ghost Yan, they are also following behind him like dharma protectors!
A few ups and downs jade "and Su Ling distance only a few steps away!
After landing firmly, Yubo narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Su Ling and Huang Lao, but deliberately regarded her arms as May’s little face!
Then Yubo sneered and said, "Call out the golden key!"
Although this tone is a sigh, it seems to be full of strong gunpowder!
Wen Suling sighed and shook his head. "Yubo, when you spent nearly half your life, it turned out that someone else made the wedding dress. Do you think it’s worth it?"
"Su Ling! Cut the crap! It’s not up to you to talk about what I do! If you call out the golden key now, I will spare your life! Otherwise … "
"Or what?"
There is no panic in the face of Yu Bo’s aggressive Su Ling!
And her side burn old although didn’t say anything, but firmly protect Su Ling in the side!
However, his eyes came to Su Ao and Ghost Yan with cold eyes. He regarded those clear eyes of Ghost Yan as a flash, but he didn’t look at Su Ao instantly!
Su Ao couldn’t help but want to look away when the former brothers and now the enemies meet!