He Ming said with a smile, "Leshan Giant Buddha is located in Leshan. Like this giant Buddha, it stands by the mountain, but it is not magnificent. There is a Lingyun Cave next to the giant Buddha. Flooding the foot of the Buddha, burning Lingyun Cave. I wonder if there is a Lingyun Cave next to this giant Buddha? "
He Ming said, "Look to both sides. There really is a cave next to the Buddha statue. When they went to the cave, they saw the inscription on the cave wall: Lingyun Cave. Three fiery red characters. He Ming eyebrows a wrinkly first walked into the hole, the Monkey King immediately follow up.
When they entered the cave, they soon met a fork in the road. He Ming chose one at random and met a fork in the road after walking for a while. Go all the way inside. When they met hundreds of forks in the road, He Ming suddenly stopped. Stand there with your eyes closed.
The Monkey King said, "What are you thinking?" He Ming opened his eyes and said, "This is Lingyun Cave, and Blood Bodhi should also be here." Say and walk forward.
The Monkey King said, "What is that blood bodhi? Is it related to sarira? "
He Ming regardless of the Monkey King walked quickly forward, and soon they saw a vine. He Ming stepped forward to pluck a small red fruit from the vine and put it in the mouth to taste it slowly.
When the Monkey King saw this, he also picked one and tasted it. He only thought that the fruit tasted ok, but the aura attached to it was too little. Eating it was equivalent to not eating it. the Monkey King was discouraged: "My old grandson thought what you were looking for was a good thing, but it was just an ordinary fruit, which was boring."
He Ming said with a smile: "If this blood bodhi is given to mortals, it will also make a martial arts master. Unfortunately, there is too little aura, which is worse for you than the peaches in Huaguoshan, but for me, this thing is a treasure."
The Monkey King said, "Come on, don’t fool me with this wild fruit. Don’t forget that we came here to find a Buddhist relic. Now you have come to find this blood bodhi, but you haven’t even found any clues about the relic."
He Ming Dow: "Blood Bodhi has been found by me now, but it is still short of fire unicorn. Let’s find the fire unicorn first and then find the relic. Maybe we can find the clue that fire unicorn can find the relic."
The Monkey King said, "There are countless forks in the Lingyun Cave, and the caves are winding and entangled. How can you find the fire unicorn?"
He Ming Dow: "Flooding the foot of the Buddha will burn the Lingyun Cave. As long as the foot of the Buddha is flooded, the fire unicorn will naturally come out." Say and fly to the hole, the Monkey King followed.
He Ming stood on the sea and reached for the sea with a wave of his hand, and a huge wave immediately lifted. This huge wave was directed at the giant Buddha, and it hit the giant Buddha for a moment, directly washing the lower body of the giant Buddha. He Ming waved again, and the big wave lifted again. He Ming kept waving, wave after wave, and endless sea water washed the giant Buddha. Lingyun Cave had long been submerged, but the legendary burning Lingyun Cave did not appear.
The Monkey King said, "Your boy has washed the giant Buddha, but the Lingyun Cave hasn’t been burned yet. I’m afraid there is no fire unicorn at all. If I don’t destroy this Lingyun Cave with a stick, the fire unicorn will definitely come out. "
He Ming shook his head and said, "The legend of Lingyun Cave leads to the underground, and the cave is even more unfathomable. Even if you destroy the hole, you can’t force the fire unicorn out. Since this big wave can’t force it out, I have to do my best."
He Ming said that he slapped his hand toward the sea, only to see that the sea water was slapped open by He Ming, exposing the bottom of the sea, and then the sea water came back and washed up huge waves. He Ming took out the five-element stick and constantly stirred it toward the sea water. The sea surface immediately rose, and the foot of the giant Buddha was slowly submerged by the sea water. The water surface flooded into Lingyun Cave, and endless sea water flowed into the cave.
The whole foot of the Buddha has been submerged, Lingyun Cave has been submerged by seawater, and there is a huge whirlpool on the surface of Lingyun Cave. He Ming frowned at the whirlpool, but after waiting for a long time, he never saw the situation of burning Lingyun Cave.
The Monkey King said with a smile, "I’m afraid that the fire-burned Lingyun Cave you’ve been looking for for for a long time will never appear. Now this Lingyun Cave has been submerged by seawater, and the fire unicorn you’re looking for is probably turned into a water unicorn."
He Ming ignored the Monkey King and still carefully observed the changes in Lingyun Cave. Slowly, the whirlpool on the water surface of Lingyun Cave disappeared, only to see the sea churning like boiling. He Ming was overjoyed and said, "Flooding the foot of the Buddha and burning Lingyun Cave really has the legendary fire unicorn, haha."
He Ming stretched out his hand and grabbed it in the direction of Lingyun Cave, only to see a flash of fire on the sea surface, then a fireball rose into the sky, and only a spark was caught under He Ming.
He Ming was overjoyed and said, "Little animals dare to play with fire with me. Don’t you know that this young master is the ancestor who played with fire?" He Ming said and grabbed at the fireball in the sky that day. The fireball flashed left and right in the sky, but this time He Ming was determined to catch the fire unicorn, how could he let it escape? The fireball never escaped He Ming’s palm and was caught by him.
He Ming looked at the struggling fire unicorn and smiled: "You play with fire, too. You will be my mount in the future, and I will not treat you badly." Then he put his hand in the position between the eyes of the fire unicorn, and the fire unicorn struggled, and finally surrendered helplessly and lay at He Ming’s feet.
The Monkey King said, "Now that you have soothed the burning unicorn, it’s time to find the relic. I don’t want to spend time here with you. He Ming said with a smile, "Monkey, why are you in such a hurry? The relic is on the Buddha statue." Say fly up and fall on the Buddha’s chest, He Ming stretched out his hand toward the Buddha’s chest, and a golden light flew out. When the Monkey King saw this, he immediately flew up and grabbed the golden light.
The Monkey King spread out his hand, and a relic lay quietly in his palm. He Ming smiled and said, "Come on, we should go and find the other three dragon kings."
Chapter ninety-two Four Seas and Five Relic
Soon after they left the Foguang Island, the whole Foguang Island immediately collapsed and slowly sank into the sea and disappeared.
When He Ming and the Monkey King arrived at the Dragon Palace in Dena, the Dragon King in the East China Sea saw them and said, "I wonder what the Great Sage and the Crystal Palace where the immortal came to Xiaolong are doing?"
The Monkey King took a cup of green tea and took a sip, saying, "Old Dragon King heard that all the dragon kings in the four seas have a relic. I wonder if you can give it to my old grandson?"
The Dragon King of the East China Sea paused and said with a smile, "The Great Sage is joking. How can Xiaolong have a Buddhist relic? Besides, the relic belongs to a monk’s nirvana. How can Xiaolong have this treasure?"
The Monkey King said with a smile, "Old Dragon King, there are countless treasures in your sea stash. At the beginning, you even had a needle to fix the sea. How could there be no Buddhist relic? You’d better take it out, or we can look for it in your sea stash."
The Dragon King of the East China Sea quickly waved his hand and said, "Great Sage, the little dragon really doesn’t exist. Don’t push the little dragon."
He Ming Dow: "Are there too many treasures in the Dragon King’s Sea? Don’t you want us to go in and have a look?"
The Dragon King of the East China Sea was frightened: "Xiaolong suddenly remembered that there might be a relic in the sea that you are looking for. Xiaolong will take it out and show it to you." Then he goes to the back, and when he leaves, he doesn’t forget to wipe the sweat on his forehead.
The Monkey King said with a smile: "It seems that your boy still has a way to let the old dragon king voluntarily take out the relic in one word."
He Ming Dow: "There are still two Dragon Kings in the Four Seas that we need to find. The next thing depends on your cooperation."
The Monkey King said, "I understand."