? Chapter 9 Ge Yunfei
The white long rope should be a good magic weapon, which binds Xiao Lingyu to death, making Xiao Lingyu unable to move.
Xiao Lingyu was a little nervous, and the rope tied in the body also made him feel a little suffocated and painful.
"Hey? This boy’s cultivation is not high. He should have just finished building the foundation, but how can he go deep into the deserted forest? " A middle-aged monk in a wrinkled dark blue cassock squinted and looked surprised.
"This child should not have any powerful magic weapon to protect himself, right?" A fat friar with a thief’s smile, and two long beards on the mole beside his cheeks are flying with his smile, like two poisonous snakes.
"Brother Yunfei, this boy shouldn’t be the one who saved your life. With your injury at that time, he just arrived at the foundation period and couldn’t save you." A monk with a cloak that makes it impossible to see his face clearly said in an indifferent tone.
The young man whose life was saved by Xiao Lingyu walked slowly to Xiao Lingyu. First, he walked around Xiao Lingyu, then he smelled it on Xiao Lingyu. Finally, he said positively, "It was he who saved me, and asked Brother Ba to accept the fairy rope."
The fat friar came forward, patted the young man on the shoulder, and said, "Brother Yunfei, you can’t be mistaken, can you? This son has just laid the foundation, and we are all masters of distraction. Can our injuries be treated by a friar in the foundation period?"
"Yes, yes, brother Yunfei, don’t make a mistake."
"Be careful."
"Yunfei bro hasn’t been to the depths of the wild ancient forest before, but I don’t know the danger and something here …"
Yunfei smiled slightly. Although he was pale, he still had a certain grace when he smiled. He said, "Do you doubt that my younger brother will recognize the savior casually?"
"This …"
Everyone is speechless, but there are still some doubts on their faces.
"Please ask Brother Ba to cast a spell and collect the fairy rope." Yunfei smile on his face convergence, tone a little solemnly said.
It is not easy for monks to practice, and it is easy to die halfway. Because everyone has only one life, most monks are very respectful and concerned about their savior.
People often say: the grace of dripping water should be rewarded by the spring! What about saving lives? Only life for life!
The fat monk surnamed Ba gave a dry laugh twice, his fingers twitched rapidly, and then he drank lightly: "Stop!"
Cried, a group of light from fat monk fingers shot out, fell on Xiao Lingyu.
The white rope that was originally tied with Xiao Lingyu was immediately loosened, then flew to the fat monk and finally landed on the fat monk’s cheek.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, the white rope turned into two white beards on the fat monk’s face, and there was also a mole at the root of the beard.
Each cheek has a mole, and each mole has two beards, but the color is divided into black and white, which is symmetrical and strange. Even Xiao Lingyu can guess that the two black beards are also a very powerful magic weapon.
"Hey, little brother, I’m sorry, I tied you up just to be on the safe side … You know, it’s very dangerous here, so we all have to take it easy, forgive me, forgive me." The fat monk arched his two fleshy palms into fists and said to Xiao Lingyu in a seemingly apologetic way.
"Ha ha, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s good to make things clear." Xiao Lingyu is also a man with a lively mind. Although he is angry in his heart, he also sees the contempt in the eyes of the fat monk and the contempt of others for himself, but he thinks he is ignorant and responds with laughter.
"I don’t know what method this little brother used to treat Yunfei’s brother?" Middle-aged monks in cassock also rushed Xiao Lingyu and waved their fists together, and then asked in a seemingly curious and harmless way.
"I used some herbs picked in the mountains." Xiao Lingyu vaguely replied, but his expression was very calm.
Although he is really young, when he was on the earth, he had a lot of experiences, and he also saw a lot of worldly wisdom and social entertainment. He was not a rash fellow, and during more than five years with Jiang Lanyue, he also had a certain understanding of the situation of the fix true world.
"What herb has such a miraculous effect?" The fat monk asked curiously, and his two beards seemed to be dancing more happily.
"You seem to have too many questions. This brother is my savior. Before I can say two words of thanks, you ask questions one after another." The young man named Yunfei frowned and said, his expression was a little unhappy.
"It’s just a little effort, don’t worry about it, and don’t talk about saving lives." Xiao Lingyu said very generously.
Just a young monk who has just finished building a foundation has such tolerance, which makes Yunfei admire very much, but makes several other people very suspicious.
"As for the herb, in fact, according to the knowledge of several predecessors, it should also be known, that is, mixed muscle and bone grass. I was lucky enough to collect two plants before, and then I used one for my own injury, and the other was used on this Yunfei elder." Xiao Lingyu then said very politely.
In front of several distracted monks, it’s natural to call their predecessors just in the foundation period. After all, there are several big cultivation realms between the two sides, which is totally different.
"Mixed musculoskeletal grass?"
After hearing Xiao Lingyu’s explanation, several distracted monks, including Yunfei, frowned slightly and drummed in their hearts, because they had never heard of this herb.
"It turns out that my little brother was lucky enough to get such rare herbs. No wonder he can treat Brother Yunfei." After a moment’s sharp turn of mind, the fat monk looked like an epiphany, as if he really knew about the mixed muscle and bone grass.
The monks in cassock and cloaks also echoed in succession.
"No wonder I smell a familiar smell from you. It turns out that we have all used this herb." Yunfei did not say that he knew the mixed muscle and bone grass, but said very sincerely.
Xiao Lingyu did Sarah laugh in his heart, because he just made it up. He laughed at the hypocrisy of these people who fix the truth and his lies, which seemed to explain another problem for himself.
At this time, Xiao Lingyu’s serpent finally came back, but he was ordered by Xiao Lingyu to keep away from him.
The serpent still looks like a small snake a foot long, and it converges all over the body, looking at Xiao Lingyu not far away.
Next, Yunfei worshipped and thanked Xiao Lingyu, and never let Xiao Lingyu call him a senior again. Perhaps because of saving his life, Yunfei directly asked Xiao Lingyu to call him a brother and introduced himself.
Yunfei, named Ge Yunfei, is an elite disciple of Feiyu Mainland who asked Xu Xianmen. His master is Yu Lingzi, the head of Xu Xianmen.
And ask the virtual fairy gate is also one of the most powerful top fix true fairy gates in Feiyu continent, and the owner Yulingzi is a strong man who has reached the late stage of fit.
The fat monk, the middle-aged monk in cassock, and the monk in cloak are all scattered repairs without doors and factions. They entered the depths of this desolate ancient forest this time, but in order to do an extremely difficult but very attractive thing, but they felt that their strength was slightly insufficient, so they invited Ge Yunfei to help.
Specific situation, Ge Yunfei also didn’t say much, but Xiao Lingyu can also guess that there must be some transactions between the three scattered repairs and Ge Yunfei, and Ge Yunfei must be of great help to the three scattered repairs, so Ge Yunfei can put on airs for them, and they will always smile at Ge Yunfei.
"Well, I still have some other things to do. Let’s leave now and continue to do big things." Xiao Lingyu chatted with these people for a while, but she felt that although she got along with Ge Yunfei, she had nothing in common with the other three people, so she was ready to leave.
Jiang Lanyue told him before that it is extremely difficult to live and practice in a scattered way. They don’t have the protection of the clan, and they don’t have the cultivation resources provided by the clan. Their cultivation path is more bumpy and difficult, which makes them a little less superior and confident than the disciples of the Sect, but much more careful and cautious. They must be careful when getting along with such monks.
"Brother Xiao, your cultivation is still shallow. I’m afraid it’s hard to get out of this ancient forest alone. Besides, there is a very fierce and ferocious snake raging around here. You’d better come with us." Ge Yunfei said very sincerely.
"A few of you have something important to do. It won’t help you in the foundation period of the next district, but it will add chaos to you. If you are in danger, you will have to bother to take care of you. I won’t bother you. I can come in and I will definitely be able to go out safely." Xiao Lingyu said with a wave.
Although together with Ge Yunfei and others, the safety factor will increase somewhat on the surface, but Xiao Lingyu feels that she has the protection of the serpent and is safe enough to go out. After all, didn’t these people join hands and lose to the serpent?
"It’s no trouble, it’s no trouble at all. At present, we are not far from our destination. Brother Xiao would better come with us and have a care when we go back." The name of the fat man first gave a message to the other two scattered repairs, and then he said very politely.
"Yes, if you go back alone, if you accidentally have an accident on the way, it will be difficult for Brother Yunfei to repay his life-saving kindness in the future." The monk in cassock also made a noise to retain.
"Murphy shaw brothers feel will not be at ease with us? Or are there other personal matters to do? " The monk in the cloak asked very directly.
"Er … I don’t have anything important to do. I just came up with this forest at the moment. Since several people invited me, I’d better be respectful and obedient, and I’ll have to bother several people to take care of them a lot in the future." After Xiao Lingyu paused, he agreed, because if he didn’t promise, these people would even doubt themselves.