Blue-gold viper, a powerful beast, is as powerful as a forest giant.
The blue and gold viper is like Optimus Prime, standing high in the middle, with a length of tens of meters, but it can’t be seen. Because it can hold its body together, it really looks like a mountain. It is covered with delicate blue scales like frosting art; Its abdomen is golden yellow with wide and smooth lines; Those blue eyes are shining with breathtaking light, and their appearance immediately changes the current situation.
Blue-gold Agkistrodon halys spurted a thick blue water column-if this is its venom, this blue water column immediately floated in the water, and it was full of orchid-like fragrance everywhere. This gaseous venom is not like injecting venom. They have no form. If you inhale this venom, you will become paralyzed and become stiff and die after a long time.
The army of bone-gnawing ants rushed wave after wave, counting down wave after wave. The bone-gnawing ants stepped forward bravely with their companions’ bodies, but they reached the front of the blue-gold viper by the root method. This poison is extremely rapid, and the person who is in the middle of ten meters will be stiff and unable to move.
There is a fragrance floating everywhere in the air. The army of bone-gnawing ants has spread layer after layer on the grass, and the snakes have already retreated behind the blue-gold viper, and the winged snakes have returned to the snake group. The snakes are mixed behind the blue-gold viper and in front of it. This is a thick body of bone-gnawing ants.
Suddenly, the army of bone-gnawing ants began to retreat like a flood. Just when Cheyenne was amazed, he suddenly felt the ground tremble. Just when he was not there, he found himself moving!
"What’s the matter?" Cheyenne exclaimed that the whole forest seemed to be moving in a blink of an eye. Cheyenne was very close to the blue-gold viper. He clearly saw the delicate golden lines on the abdomen of the blue-gold viper, which were like ravines but exuded charming light.
"Bone-gnawing ants have gone to the ground!"
Cheyenne, it turns out that the bone-gnawing ant is not retreating, but is going to approach the blue gold viper from the ground!
But the ability to travel directly on the ground makes Cheyenne tremble completely. Does he dare to set such a powerful setting as shameless bone-gnawing ants? How can players crack it?
Cheyenne has long known that bone-gnawing ants are stronger than steel. Although it is not too difficult to kill a bone-gnawing ant, the key is that there are too many bone-gnawing ants, and every time there are millions, it is simply unstoppable!
Cheyenne is thinking hard about the future, such as cracking the bone-gnawing ant attack. They are already very close to the blue gold viper. He clearly saw a bone-gnawing ant climb from the ground to the blue gold viper and keep climbing along the tall and strong body.
"Bone-gnawing ants can still move on the ground?" Cheyenne asked in surprise.
"Of course, although they are transformed animals, they still have some characteristics of ants," Katherine said
Just then Cheyenne suddenly felt the foot trees move slowly.
Looking ahead, more and more bone-gnawing ants climbed out of the ground and shot up the body of the blue-gold viper. I don’t know that these bone-gnawing ants lying on the body of the blue-gold viper were not paralyzed by the venom of the blue-gold viper. They were wrapped in the blue-gold viper at an extremely fast speed, and the copper skin and iron bones of the blue-gold viper were really strong. The abnormal condition of the bone-gnawing ants left a trace on it. They could climb along the body of the blue-gold viper.
A large number of bone-gnawing ants have aroused the vigilance of the blue gold viper, and its body shakes violently. Although some bone-gnawing ants have been shaken off, most of them are still crawling.
The blue-gold viper spewed its venom again, but this time it was directed at itself.
However, some bone-gnawing ants have climbed the head of the blue-gold viper. The first bone-gnawing ant soon found the soft eyes of the blue-gold viper. It did not hesitate to drill into the eyes of the blue-gold viper, followed by the second and third …
Although a very small number of bone-gnawing ants got into the blue gold viper, it was enough! The bone-gnawing ant walked through the blue-gold viper, and the blue-gold viper began to shake violently. Its eyes had already begun to shed blood, and the eyes were just shining with blue sky, but now they became two blood holes, and two blood stayed along its golden belly.
The blue-gold viper struggled violently, and its proud head finally couldn’t resist the pain of tumbling down. After a loud noise, the blue-gold viper, the overlord, was swallowed up by the little bone-gnawing ant!
The blue-gold viper’s body is slowly shrinking to stay. It’s still beautiful. The snakeskin exudes amazing charm in the sunshine, but Cheyenne doesn’t feel the sunshine at all. He has a burst of cold-blue-gold vipers in his heart. It’s really shocking that the bully of this generation is folded in the hands of bone-gnawing ants.
Cheyenne, they have come to a complete standstill, and the whole forest has actually advanced to the middle of the green grassland. Thus, the fear of gnawing ants has lost the shelter of the blue-gold vipers, and the snakes have begun to flee in all directions. Even the winged snakes can fly to the middle and far away from this wrong place.
If the guard ants hadn’t entered the door with the army of bone-gnawing ants, the winged snakes would never have escaped.
Cheyenne is now completely shocked by the strength of bone-gnawing ants. The number of bone-gnawing ants entering here through the door is actually less than one tenth of the total number, but even so, they can run amok here.
The battle of the bone-gnawing ant Blue Gold Agkistrodon, although the bone-gnawing ant finally won, was also a disastrous victory. They left a small group, but they continued to March forward like tireless machines. They were still so arrogant and destroyed all the targets they encountered.
"There must be a secret hidden in Desa, which is probably a plot against the elves. Do we need to follow it?" Cheyenne asked Catherine.
Catherine, a very responsible elf, also has this worry in her heart. When she heard this, she replied without hesitation, "Desa has always been scheming. Since we have broken into his secret base, we naturally have to find out!"
Cheyenne secretly rejoiced that Catherine seemed to have completely forgotten that the original intention of their trip was to rescue Caranthir, and he could have been fooled. Moreover, if it was really Desa’s plot against the Elf Village, he could still make a great contribution to winning respect in the Elf Village, which was extremely beneficial to his goal of uniting with the Elves.
Cheyenne has been looking for ways to upgrade her status as an Elf, and this secret base is a good opportunity to send her door.
However, such an important base must not be so easy to break into. Now, bone-gnawing ants have simply become pioneers in Cheyenne’s exploration.
Chapter 67 Insight into the conspiracy
It’s a pity that the number of bone-gnawing ants is a little more.
Xia Anxin first gave birth to this ridiculous idea in the depths of Xia Anxin. There are not enough bone-gnawing ants here, otherwise they will definitely sweep everything here with sweeping momentum. Of course, this idea is also Cheyenne’s hope. If you really let the bone-gnawing ants around the Elf Village come in, can Na Xia Ann avoid the army of bone-gnawing ants in the Woods, let alone smash the Desa conspiracy?
As the bone-gnawing ants moved on, they suddenly lost their figure in front, and Cheyenne looked around and found that there was a thick fog around them unconsciously.
The gray fog sticks to the ground and stretches all the time. The more you go forward, the heavier the fog becomes, and the things around you are blurred. There are strange audio and video images around you. What is eating grass and what is like eating a corpse? Chewing bones makes Cheyenne’s back produce layers of cold sweat and chill.
What’s weird about this fog?
Cheyenne was just thinking about it when he suddenly found something was wrong. Katherine was gone. He seemed to have disappeared as if he had called Catherine and didn’t respond.
In the dense fog, Cheyenne couldn’t see his fingers and could wander around. In this fog, there was a cold breath that constantly wanted to invade Cheyenne’s consciousness, which continued to torment Cheyenne’s body. In just a few breaths, layers of cold sweat broke out, and the innermost clothes had already been soaked by sweat!
"Cheyenne, what are you afraid of!" Cheyenne suddenly patted his face heavily and tried to calm himself down to secretly encourage him, "I am the most handsome and no one can be more handsome than me!" Can this white fog endure me? "
Wait a minute, how similar the dreamland emitted by this white fog beast is! Summer peace of mind in the move suddenly realized what he was about to face.
What didn’t I fall into dreamland again this time? Cheyenne is a little strange, but he clearly remembers killing people in fantasy. It’s terrible. I wonder if the beautiful fairy can survive this?
Cheyenne thought that Catherine knew that she had to hurry, and if something happened to the elf, he could explain to the elf village what would happen to the elf in his colleague even if he had a hundred mouths, so his trip would be ruined.
How can I walk through the fog when it covers my eyes? Cheyenne buried himself in hard thinking, and suddenly his mind flashed with regret and patted his head. Since the ground was blocked by fog, go to the ground!
Cheyenne thought of something in his hand, which would allow Cheyenne to pass through the ground smoothly. If he crossed this fog, he might find a way to save Catherine.
Li dun boots got into the ground. Cheyenne chose a direction and walked quickly. It wasn’t long before he met the current, which reminded Cheyenne that there seemed to be a lake when he met the fog and magic beast.
Cheyenne drilled out of the ground and found himself at the edge of a small lake, and a shadow stood in front of him, which was a familiar fog magic beast.
"Go to hell for me!" Cheyenne rushed at the fastest speed and caught the fog magic beast.
The fog magic beast was frightened, and it seemed that he didn’t understand why this elf would avoid it in front of him. The fog line suddenly emerged from the ground, and it was a moment of stupidity. When it tried to escape again, it was already entangled in death.
Cheyenne began to fight with the sharp call of the fog phantom. It is not a soft persimmon.