The two men retreated together, and there was the Knight of the Light. Although he had excellent defense, he was the fourth tank in the team. His more important job was to bless the light to restore the life of his teammates.
"The holy light will restore them to the rhythm with me first, so be careful not to u" Cheyenne is not absolutely able to control this behemoth in front of him.
As soon as Cheyenne got close to Okumo, he screamed and vomited, but he had already turned around and sprinted away. Big spiders wanted to attack Cheyenne’s thigh when he just ushered in the storm of the gods.
Venom Okumo is big, but its action is not slower than that of ordinary spiders, and its jumping ability is outstanding. It is necessary to give Cheyenne a Taishan coping. Cheyenne hurriedly rolled over and rolled away. At this moment, Yan deficiency emerged from the strong concealment and faced Okumo with a beating, and she also shared the pressure before she appeared from the strong concealment.
Although Wang Lame is also a thief, his flying thief is too mainstream. He can play soy sauce with peace of mind in this level of battle. Now this cargo is very calm and keeps stealing from venom Okumo.
Venom Okumo has no other frightening force except purple inflammation poison. After the initial chaos, everyone finally stabilized their position and bombed the venom Okumo.
However, after finishing this thin silk, Cheyenne also came to the conclusion that they definitely can’t get high scores this time, mainly because they are not very skilled in cooperating with each other. Cheyenne didn’t relax, but instead exerted his strength to make his treasure everywhere into an absolute offensive and defensive core.
Cheyenne’s move is naturally to lay a good foundation for the pig ring association. The strength of this team is of course an elite level, but the lack of an untrustworthy leader has caused the team to lack cohesion. However, his personality is not suitable for being a leader, and Cheyenne has to come to this job.
Strong strength has always been the best way to make people believe, so Cheyenne still shows his strength in the face of the challenge of knowing the law and obtaining the deputy occupation, that is, to establish his prestige
Cheyenne took a look at the score they scored, which was a long way from his impression that he could get the score of the secondary occupation challenge, but he had found that the tacit understanding and combat effectiveness of the team were rising little by little.
"Let’s make persistent efforts and wait for the next time. We are mainly familiar with each other’s skills and fighting style. I believe we can definitely get the challenge successfully!" Cheyenne out of the deputy encouragement way
"You seem to be very powerful?" An ice-fire teacher younger sister said
"God, why didn’t I hear that we still have a master like you?" Another sister exclaimed.
Cheyenne proudly said, "A master naturally can’t show himself easily, otherwise how can he be called a master?"
Yan Que was the most shaken.
Yan Que, who lost to Zunbao, was always angry. He felt that Zunbao was bullied by powerful hunting pets. After entering level 3, Yan Que was confident that he could surpass Zunbao, but Zunbao’s performance in the vice was really amazing. Even he, a super-class player, could understand the meaning of some exercises, but it happened that the effect was very good.
Yan Que discovered that Huo Ran underestimated the strength of Zunbao before he found him. Go back and think about his battle process of Zunbao. There are indeed many places that he didn’t notice before-such as the wonderful control of hunting pets, which is not something that ordinary players can do!
God storm plane aunt is also jealous in a row. Looking at Cheyenne seems to blame Cheyenne for stealing their thunder.
With a knife that knew the truth early and a calm face, he had an impulse to expose Cheyenne’s identity.
Once again, we entered the vice. This time, everyone’s familiarity with the vice increased greatly. Plus, Cheyenne took the initiative to make a command from the beginning. Everyone was very disciplined and went to war according to Cheyenne’s instructions. Everything went smoothly, but it was still a little short of Cheyenne’s imaginary score.
This time, when a deputy Cheyenne came out, he set his eyes on Wang Lame and said, "Have you realized?"
"What consciousness?" King lame the cheek way
Cheyenne looked at Wang Lame with disdain. "Why are you so fresh? What are you pretending to be? Everyone can see that you are the one who is holding everyone back. If it weren’t for you, we would have broken the score limit directly this time, so why don’t you stay where you are! Knife and call an ice and fire mage. "
Wang Lame was debunked in public, but he also knew that he really didn’t play any role. Just next to him, a deputy team called Wang Lame, who received income, smoothly entered this team and harmed others.
"Is there any idle ice and fire mage who requires a solid foundation to output stable speed and come to the spider forest to close the door?" The knife yelled at the guild.
"Knife boss to brush vice didn’t say we are all in progress …"
"Can I book an opportunity?"
Many active guild members have spoken in succession, but the profession of ice and fire mage has always been the deputy backbone, and there are no idle players after yelling for a circle.
"I’ll do it!" Suddenly, with an excited roar loud, it was President Bai Mengyan.
"This ….." The knife looked at Cheyenne and obviously wanted him to make up his mind.
Bai Mengyan’s skills are famous, which has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of guild members. However, in this case, if Cheyenne openly refutes Bai Mengyan’s face, she will definitely go into a rage.
If you really want Bai Mengyan to join the group, it will definitely be a disaster
Wang Lame didn’t contribute in the battle just now, but his fighting consciousness was there at the key moment, and he could still show some bright eyes. The only advantage of Bai Mengyan’s unconsciousness is probably his output ability.
Cheyenne had to say, "The knife was called wrong just now. We don’t need ice and fire wizards, but we need to be able to control the field and curse wizards or treat natural druids in combat."
"Are you intentional?" Baimengyan roared
The president is angry and people should respond
Cheyenne, however, seems to have never heard of it and said to himself, "curse the wizard for coming. You will wait and see our world announcement in a moment!"
In private, Cheyenne sent a friend message saying, "Don’t make trouble if you want to occupy it."
Bai Mengyan gnashed her teeth and answered, "If you don’t succeed, I won’t let you be an adult …"
Finally, Knife chose a stable curse wizard team from his familiar brothers and entered the vice again.
"Let’s just relax and play normally. According to the performance just now, we can definitely get the challenge of occupation." Cheyenne encouraged his teammates and then commanded the team to go to war
In Cheyenne, squadron Wu kept waking up and marched smoothly. When the final score came out, everyone was shocked. They were twice as high as usual!
What’s going on here?
Looking back carefully, the only common difference in the whole process is that Zunbao has been directing them throughout.
Can it be said that they can achieve such outstanding results because of Zunbao’s command?
All eyes were on Cheyenne.
"I’m embarrassed that you are staring at me so hungrily," Cheyenne said.
Cheyenne’s score is not too good, ranking third, but they all clearly realize that they would never have played so well without Zunbao’s instructions!
Finally, the total score was counted out, and at the same time, they also heard the announcement that they had won a secondary occupation challenge!